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Big vaccum Jingzhen, DSX321SL quartz crystal oscillating, import Jingzhen, the Jingzhen DSX321SL of tag

Hundred million gold electrons supply Japan with large vacuum, KDS Jingzhen, quartz crystal oscillating, Jingzhen Shaker: TCXO Voltage-controlled Crystal, temperature compensating crystal oscillator series VCXO
SPXO Jingzhen, KDS Jingzhen: 32,768KHZ,DST310S,DST410S,DST520,DST621,SM14J,SM26F,DMX26S,DMX26,DT38,DT26
The Jingzhen of card: MHZ,DT-26,AT-38,AT-49,HC-49,SMD-49
The Jingzhen of tag: MHZ,DSX1612A,DSX211A,DSX321SL,DSX531S,DSX530GA,DSX630G,DMX-38
TCXO temperature compensating crystal oscillator: DSA/DSB222, DSA/DSB211, DSA/DSB221, DSA/DSB321, DSA/DSB535 quartz crystal shakes the son
SPXO crystal oscillator: SPXO whether one take place, shake the circuit, integrate, carry on the temperature controlled simplest crystal oscillator of temperature compensation crystal resonator only
Miniature special DSO211AR used for clock use, DSO221S, DSO321S, DSO533, DSO751, DSP753, DSS753SV in SPXO
VCXO voltage-controlled crystal oscillator is that one kind includes the varactor diode and associated circuit and changes the crystal oscillator of oscillating frequency through the change of the terminal voltage of the diode two.

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FPB biogas fire barrier >>Back fire device of biogas

Biogas fire barrier
Relevant name: FPB biogas fire barrier & gt; > Biogas back fire device & gt; > Biogas fire barrier & gt of cast steel; > Stainless steel biogas fire barrier & gt; > Biogas pipeline fire barrier
Relevant type FPB
The performance parameter of the main frame:
1.Transmit: Automatic
2.Connect: Flange, welding
3.Structure: It is fixer and keeping out glass,etc. to have the exhibition type, make the exhibition type, column.
4.Seal: It is sealed, hard and sealed, lined with the glue, lined with Fluorine etc. that soft.
5.Pressure: 1.0Mpa≤ 2.5Mpa
6.The requirements: DN15≤ DN300
7.Temperature: ≤ 150 ¡æ
8.Valve body material: Stainless steel, cast steel, carbon steel,etc..
9.Applicable medium: Gas liquid of flammable inflammability,etc.
Application: Mechanical equipment, chemical industry equipment, commercial installation, petrochemical industry apparatus, power equipment, mining apparatus, municipal administration, electronics industry,etc.
Biogas fire barrier Product introduction:
The biogas fire barrier is suitable for installing in transporting flammable biogas gaseous pipeline and storage tank, prevent spreading in counter current in the pipeline of flame in abnormal cases, in order to avoid the emergence of the calamitous accident. The fire retardant one adopts stainless steel material to make, it is apt to wash to able to bear corroding. The shell adopts the stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy and cast steel many kinds of materials, can meet demands of all kinds of craft pipelines. The unexplosive ripple biogas pipeline fire barrier of production, compact, reliability is high, hinder fire-core a piece of unexplosive, antisepticizes, the strong, easy advantage of washing etc. of fire retardant characteristic.

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To the clamp type spherical valve known enterprise Q71F of spherical valve Shanghai

To the clamp type spherical valve [Shanghai spherical valve known enterprise ]

Type: Q71F
The requirements: DN15-80
Pressure: 0.6~10.0Mpa
Material: Cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel,etc.

This product is that our factory, in absorbing and consulting the characteristic of the Italian products, ones that researched and developed compared with ordinary spherical valve, have structure length short, light and installing the prominent advantage of convenient, material saving,etc.. The thermal insulation jacket spherical valve thermal insulation of the clash is effectual. In addition, the valve seat adopts the elastic containment structure, it is reliable to seal, open and close it easily. There is fire-resistant construction, when in case the fire takes place, can still operate and have good leak tightness reliably. According to the needs of user, there can be anti-electrostatic structure. Have set up 90& deg; Hole locating tab of switch, can add the lock depending upon need, prevent the fault-operation.

Use: Clash spherical valve and clash thermal insulation jacket spherical valve are suitable for Class150, PN1.0- 2.5MPa, working temperature is 29~180 ¡æ(seal ring is in order to strengthen the teflon) Or 29~300 ¡æ(seal ring is to polyphenyl of location) Various pipe line at,use for not blocking or putting through medium at pipe line, be lasted different materialed, can be suitable for many kinds of mediums such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidative medium, urea separately.

Applicable medium: Water, angry, oil, natural gas and acid-base corrosivity medium.
Applicable temperature: -20- 150- 300 ¡æ
Driving means: Manually, pneumatically, electronically,etc..
Nominal pressure: 1.6- 2.5MPa

Like product: To the clamp type spherical valve, to the clamp type spherical valve manually, to the clamp type spherical valve pneumatically, to the clamp type spherical valve electronically.

To the clamp type spherical valve: To the clamp type spherical valve producer, to the clamp type spherical valve, to the clamp type spherical valve, to the structure of the clamp type spherical valve electronically pneumatically, to clamp type spherical valve brand, Shanghai clash

Shanghai the intersection of butterfly and valve Pu Co., Ltd. professional manufacturer which produce Shanghai valve of the spherical valve, it is main series of products pneumatic without being had spherical valve, spherical valves electronic, last spherical valve, spherical valves V-type, for spherical valves clamp type, last Fluorine spherical valve, half spherical valve, balls fixed, welcome to contact Shanghai Pu’s butterfly’s valve!

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Control valve HDR-U of Shanxi heating

Control valve products characteristic of the heating
The valve bodies all adopt the forging and pressing craft to produce, water disclosure problem of preventing trachoma that the casting technology of moulding causes from causing, each valve passes 25 kilograms of pressure experiments ‘ 4 times of the normal service pressure) ; Have stopped water disclosure problem from craft.
The list head adopts the unique constructional design, utilize the non-contact IC card, the sealing property is high, solve at present the control valve products cause the invalid problem of function of revealing etc. by the fact that the environment is moist on the market.
The whole list head reaches the protection grade of IP68, totally waterproof and dampproof, can work under water for a long time.
It is stable and reliable to run: Because the control valve operating temperature of the heating is high, electronic element is highest refractory 85 degrees, in order to overcome this difficult problem, the products of our company adopt some indirect contact of valve body and control device to design, thus has avoided the heating control valve that the excessive heating of part of a circuit of the control device causes ” Crash ” The phenomenon, has guaranteed the reliability that the control valve high temperature of the heating runs.
Descale the mechanism automatically: 2 times of irregular switch valve every each month, removing because does not use the internal formative scale for a long time, prevent from, heat inside the issue encrusting the intersection of closing in and phenomenon that causing, raise reliability that run for a long time, while maintaining the valve and heating, can’t regard this valve as the valve closing of lock, prevent descaling automatic opening regularly, cause the water logging.
Adopt aqueous vapor intellectual watch specialized lithium cell, cooperate with the power consumptive design of way (quiescent current is 4 microamperes) of the micropower ,Can guarantee the control valve uses for nearly more than 6 yearses.
Fit market’s and customer’s requirement: According to the actual conditions of all area of China, the heating control valve is divided into date type and hour type, greater intensity meets different demands.
The realistic modular design of the liquid crystal, enable user to be ocular to see various important parameters, cooperate with one-key typely to design, use more conveniently and succinctly.
The clock has display function, it is convenient for user to supervise the reliability of deducting time of control valve of the heating, precise as to minute, dispense with a lot of needless queries and dispute.

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NTP network time service appearance DNTS-810-RB

NTP network time service appearance

Support IEEE1588-2008: The time stamp of the hardware, the synchronous precision is superior to 70ns

Item Model: DNPTP-8S

The size of the products: 19 inches of 1U

[Product profile of NTP network time service appearance ]

1,NTP network time service appearance chronometer time agreement (PTP) It is a network based on IP such as IP, IP/MPLS, Ethernet, IP/xPON, IP/xDSL,etc. offers the agreement of solutions of accurate time, another latest international standard of PTP is IEEE1588-2008.
2,PTP V2 accurate synchronized clock server can be from one or more of PTP V2 accurate NTP network time service appearance clock server main clocks (Grandmaster Clock) Get chronometer time, the precision of time to output is less than 70ns.
3,Needn’t install GPS or the Big Dipper satellite antenna alone, does not need expensive atomic clock either in NTP network time service appearance!, so long as there are networks based on IP, no matter transmission media, using IEEE1588-2008 accurate synchronized clock server now can obtain the precision of nano second.

4,As to the stand-alone type clock synchronization system, the fabrication cost of synchronization system of reducible whole time of IEEE1588 precision interval clock server, obtain more high cost performance.
5,PTP V2 precision interval clock server DNPTP-8S applied to industry’s automated system, the spaceflight airline, 2.5G/3G/4G base station, CDMA2000, the digitized converting station, CMMB base station, the digital broadcasting of the digital television, the computer lab of telecommunications,etc. needs the place of NTP network time service appearance precision interval clock service.
6,IEEE1588 precision interval clock server output interface is abundant and available, support 1PPS, 1PPM, 1PPH, 10M, 2MHz, 2Mbit, IRIG-B, NTP/SNTP,etc..

Detailed parameter

Support the agreement: PTP V2,IEEE1588-2008,IP,TCP,UDP,Telnet,DHCP,ITU G.8261 ,ITU G.703,ITU G.704

Time output precision: The precision of the general network traffic average 30ns is exported, the dot pair spot net of the directly connect is superior to 20ns

Input interface: 1-4 1588 ether net mouths of 10/100M PTP

Output interface: 1PPS, 2Mhz, IRIG-B, RS232 TOD exports, the electrical relay reports an emergency and asks for help or increased vigilance to export

Available output interface: 1PPS of No. 4, 1PPM of No. 4, 1PPH of No. 4, No. 10M sine wave 4, IRIG-B of No. 4, 2MHz of No. 4, 2Mbit of No. 4, 10/100M NTP of No. 1-4, RS485/232 TOD of No. 4

PTP Profile: User’s configurated

Operating temperature: -20 ~ +60 C

The size of the products: 19 inches of 1U, the fan-free

Reveal: 20X2LCD +led (power, locks, keeps, the Major, minor alarm)

Power: 110-220VAC, – 48VDC, 24VDC is available, supports the duplicate supply

Contacts: Wen Xin
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The department makes ZKZP/N electronic unexplosive controlling valve ZKZP/N

Controlling valve

The controlling valve is used for regulating the flowrate, pressure and liquid level of the medium. According to regulating the placement signal, the opening of the automatic control flap, thus reach the medium flowrate, regulation in the pressure and liquid level. The controlling valve is divided into electronic controlling valve, pneumatic controlling valve and liquid-operated controlling valve,etc..

The controlling valve is made up of electric actuating mechanism or pneumatic actuator and controlling valve. Regulate and is usually divided into a direct form seated and two kinds of direct double seateds, the latter has the characteristics that flow capacity is great, do unevenly small and operate steadily, usually especially suitable for high flux, lower and let out the occasion lacked under high pressure.

The department makes valve controlling valve staples: The intersection of ZAZP/N-16P and electronic single seat / the intersection of two-seater and controlling valve, ZAZP electronic the intersection of single seat and controlling valve, the intersection of ZKJP/M and precise small-scale controlling valve electronically, electronic single seat / controlling valve of two-seater of ZDLP/N -type electronic formula, ZZWP type relying on oneself automatically controlled temperature controlling valve, ZKZP/N electronic unexplosive controlling valve, ZJHP-16F lines with Fluorine controlling valve pneumatically, ZSQP/M/N-16 pneumatic piston cut-off valve, ZHAS light small-scale pneumatic membrane corner-shape controlling valve, ZJHP precise small-scale controlling valve, Model ZZYP self-operated pressure regulator,etc..

Regulate the application: The controlling valve is used in extensively: Petroleum, oil refining, petrochemical industry, energy, chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, papermaking, beverage food, heating and ventilation, gas burning, environmental control, water treatment, field in environment protecting mode,etc.. So long as there are pipe lines and need the place that the fluid controls, should all use the controlling valve.

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Stabilizator LW-SBW of sliding pillar type

LW-SBW DBW series full automaticity is compensating type to exchange the electric stabilizator and can be applied to the industrial enterprise extensively, places such as the oil field, railway, construction site, school, hospital, hotel, scientific research institutions,etc., use the most extensive stabilized voltage supply at present. For example: Automatic computer, precision machine tool, the laminated layer scans photography precision instrument, test unit, machining center, lift, medical equipment, printing machine, illumination, importing equipping and production line,etc.; Also the users suitable for the low voltage network low in mains voltage, with big fluctuating range and has not carried and the big using the electrical equipment of fluctuation of load, such as elevator, hoist, agitator etc.. Electric stabilizator, it compensate three phases voltage transformer and three phases regulate voltage transformer and actuator mechanism, electric brush exposed to system, container body and analog control system,etc. make up. The outer surface of bobbin winding of voltage transformer of three-phase voltage regulation is processed through polishing, present the sleek conductor surface, so that the electric brush keeps in touch well; The actuator mechanism is made up of servomotor and sprocket link chain; The smooth control of the voltage, export steadily, without waveform distortion, 1- 5% of precision are adjustable, compensate range reachable ¡À 20%, capacity single-phase 1- 100KVA, three-phase 10- 1600KVA, the output waveform is undistorted, does not have harmonic increment, efficiency can be more than 96%, possess all power protection functions, stable and reliable.

Click to enter company’s official site: Stabilizator

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Import the high-pressure electromagnetic valve HW-TYHGHW-TYHG of leading type

Germany has majestic (HW) Chinese Importing the electromagnetic valve of leading type has some characteristics ( 1) Movements are fast, the power is small, the appearance is light and handy. The response time of electromagnetic valve can be short to several, even if the electromagnetic valve of leading type can be controlled in dozens of milliseconds. Because of having the loop of one’s own, more sensitive than its other automatic control valve responses. It is very low in power consumption to design the apt electromagnetic valve coil, belong to the energy-conserving products; It can only need trigger action, no the valve position of the automatic hold, the consumption at all at ordinary times. ( 2) It is limited to regulate the precision, the Applicable medium is limited. Usually there are only two kinds of states of switch in the electromagnetic valve, the valve plug can only be in two limiting positions, can’t regulate continuously, (Germany majestic to attempt, break through Chinese have, at the test, try out stage) So it is sure to limit to regulate the precision and still receive. The electromagnetic valve has great requirements on medium cleanliness, it can’t be applicable to includes the granular medium, if belonging to the impurity must be filtered first. In addition, the viscous form medium can’t be applicable, moreover, it is relatively narrow that the particular applicable medium of products glues the subject brightness range. ( 3) The type is various, have wide use range. Although electromagnetic valve has inadequate natural endowment, advantages are still very outstanding, so design into the varied products, meet all kinds of’s demands, the use is extremely extensive. Technical electromagnetic valve around how about progress overcome inadequate natural endowment too, how to give play to the inherent advantage to launch better.
The high-pressure electromagnetic valve parameter of leading type:
Principle structure: Direct action two times is led pistonly step by step
Working ambient temperature: -The intersection of 20 – +50 ¡æ and 40 – +80 ¡æ
The operating temperature of the coil: < +50 ¡æ, & lt; +85 ¡æ
Control mode: Normally closed, normally open
International standard voltage: AC (380, 240, 220, 24) V, DC (110, 24) V
Fluid medium of circulation: Oil, water, angry, etc
The fluid temperature of circulation: < -40 ¡æ, & lt; -20 ¡æ, & lt; +60 ¡æ, & lt; +120 ¡æ, & lt; +200 ¡æ, & lt; +240 ¡æ, & lt; +300 ¡æ
The fluid pressure of circulating: 50bar – -1600bar
Valve body material: Stainless steel ( 304, 316, 316L)
Valve body connection mode: Unsmooth flange type, whorl ‘ Female screw thread, external thread)
The connection mode of the coil: Iron put on three-core dual boot cable ‘ Lead wire type, closing type)
Sealed material characteristic: Refractory, withstand voltage, wear-resisting and antisepticizing
Spillage: Zero
Containment structure: Awl face seal of wired and of arcuate awl
Characteristic characteristic: The commonability is wide, the sensibility high, tightness is strong, the life-span is long
Operating range: High-pressure petroleum apparatus, medical treatment, food, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, tobacco, fire-fighting equipment, automatic control of the building, power equipment,
Textile, packaging facility, shipping industry, washing equipment, drying equipment, bottles and measures
Note: 1, If contains the impurity in the fluid, the electromagnetic valve must be installed and filtered the valve (30 – - 80 mesh / inch) while entering the end ,And not solidified and crystallization is alike.
2,The electromagnetic valve must be installed horizontally while installing the position.
Import the high-pressure electromagnetic valve of leading type ‘ Fig.)

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Medical switching power supply YSD12V5A 60W

Medical switching power supply technical indicator of YSD12V5A 60W bare board

Input voltage (AC) 120- 260AC output voltage (DC) +12V, specified output current (A) 5A, the line involves the noise (V) 1% of the incoming lines and 1% of the load and specified output power (W) 1% of ¡À of degree of stability of ¡À of degree of stability of ¡À60W has been protected and pressed, excessive load, short out temperature coefficient ¡À 0.04% / ¡æ(0- 70 ¡æ) The withstand voltage type inputs and exports one: 4KVAC operating temperature, 0 ¡æ of humidity – +50 ¡æ, 20%- 90% of the RH storage temperature, humidity – 20 ¡æ- +85 ¡æ, 10%- 95% of RH appearances, size 105*70*35mm safety standard UL1950, EN60950, GB9706.1, EN60601-1

Switching power supply
DC converter DC-DC
Power of adapter Charger power
Medical treatment, medical power
Inverter power isolated amplifier coal power

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CARLO GAVZZI Swiss good happy single-phase switching power supply SPD249603

CARLO GAVZZI Swiss good happy single-phase switching power supply SPD249603
Exterior size: 125*175*123
Output the specification: 24VDC, 20A, ¡À 5%, 48VDC, 10A
Input the specification: Pass the switch: 93-132VAC, 186-264VAC, 210-370VDC
Frequency domain: 47-63HZ
Operating temperature: -10 degree to 71 degree
Authorize: UL, CUL, TUV, CE
Install: The intersection of DIN and guide rail, urgent firm terminal and detachable to fasten terminal (B)
Special parameter: The adjustable of the output power supply, internal disturbance is filtered, short circuit protection, overload protection (110-135%)
LED points out the power incoming telegram: YES
LED points out DC voltage is overlow, YES: 24V takes the electrical relay to export ‘ Only 24VDC type)

Contacts: Han SongKui
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