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KPF manual flowrate equalizing valve KPF

The Model KPF-16 equalizing valve that our company produces is a kind of valve with special function, have flow characteristic of good flowing, can distribute the flowrate rationally, realize the flowrate quantification, may solve heat supply effectively ‘ Air conditioner) Warm cold and hot not even problem of indoor existing in the system. Because open one degree of instructions, opening latching unit and using for the pressure measurement small valve of flow measurement on this valve, so only the equalizing valve of the appropriate specification is installed in every outlet and user’s entry, carry on after the lump-sum debugging locking with specialized intelligent instrument, total the intersection of ink and flow control of system in the reasonable range, thus has overcome” high flux, the little temperature difference ” Unreasonable phenomenon. This product is the ideal products in the heat supply system, the highest medium temperature is 200 ¡æ, orders welcome.

Second, main technical parameter Nominal pressure PN (MPa) Proof pressure (MPa) Operating pressure (MPa) Medium temperature of job medium (¡æ) The shell seals P20P121.62.41.761.51.6 water, steam and is less than or equal to 200 three, material part name valve body of the major part, valve cover, valve clack,
Hand wheel, the packing presses carbon steel of fine quality of packing material of nut collar of seal ring of one set of valve stems, install the type nominal pressure of the size in stainless steel stainless steel cast steel rubber asbestos plate expansion graphite four, main appearance of gray iron
PN( MPa) Nominal size
DN( mm) Size (mm) LHH1DO

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Specialized audio frequency power filter system M1010R

The products are described:

1. SPS domestic without being filled in cleaning system in power for indoor power environmental protection pollution-free blank.

2.Leader of the trade – SPS power cleaning system, integrated surging protector, power purifier, power control unit, surge protector, power supply filter, lightning arrester, surging annihilator, the noise canceller is an organic whole, offer the clean and pollution-free indoor power.

3. SPS power cleaning system adopt and last mode moderate breeze to protect to last technology zero: ” one is hindered, two exists, three is put, four is strained ” ,Carry out and protect hour from damaging the component, does not need to reset, zero offers the most reliable guarantee through technology, absorb all surging, and will not produce the harmful side effect – —If the ground is corrupt.

4. SPS power cleaning system last surging, Peak voltage, EMI noise, RFI noise, the damage of overvoltage and line fault, improve quality and characteristic of your apparatus, and can dispel surging and up to 6KV without damaging the component, 3KA, 1000 or more times.

5. SPS power cleaning system be able to bear if you can’t hinder, resistinged to be combined,EMI filtering device, RFI filter design, it is last power line impedance not to test, allow signal source and load impedance mismatch, it is very strong to able to bear impedance ability for a long time.

6. last field characteristics and reliabilities most stable laterals highest SPS power cleaning system.

7. accord with SPS power cleaning system all products: A grade, one, mode 1.

8. enjoy all of SPSs products guarantee 5 year.

First. Basically prove:

M1010R power cleaning system – -Integrated surging protector, power purifier, power control unit, surge protector, power supply filter, the lightning arrester of the power, surging annihilator, the noise canceller is an organic whole, offer the clean and pollution-free indoor power.

Two. Product introduction:

Leader of the trade – SPS power cleaning system, represent the highest lateral characteristic and most stable reliability of domain of surge protection, adopt, compound, protect power through technology by zero mode, carry out and protect hour from damaging the component, does not need to reset, absorb all surging, able to bear impedance and EMI electric-wave filter, the technology in this field of RFI electric-wave filter is the most advanced. SPS power cleaning system leading particulars: ” one is hindered, two exists, three is put, four is strained ” Protect your apparatus against and is struck by lightning surging, Peak voltage, EMI noise, RFI noise, the damage of overvoltage and line fault, improve quality and characteristic of your apparatus, and can dispel surging and up to 6KV 3KA 1000 or more times without damaging the component, all pollution does not pass the ground wire, offer the pollution-free stable power of environmental protection for power of indoor. Mainly apply to the specialized voice system, specialized video system, broadcast system, industry’s system, banking system, IT system, government department, the computer, the apparatus of the multimedia, the home theater, top-grade civil apparatus, there is apparatus of the sensitive electronic element and need any place of power of high-quality indoor.

All SPS power cleaning systems are authorized: A grade, Is, the mode 1, it is guaranteed that SPS all products are enjoyed 5.

Three. Product function:

1. The intersection of surging and the intersection of cleaning system and technological the intersection of characteristic and ” one hinder, two exist, three put, 4 strain ”
2. Amplitude limiter circuit of moderate breeze
3. The most advanced antijamming capability
4. EMI electric-wave filter, RFI electric-wave filter
5. Self-checking circuit pilot lamp

6. Can bear 6KV surging to lash 1000 or more times
7. Do not damage the component at all
8. The outer cover is the steel of magnetic screen
9. Polarity is connected against the pilot lamp
10. 11 convenience receptacles
11. Have long-range control function
12. Overload protection of circuit breaker
13. Overvoltage and low-voltage protection

Four. Product specification:

Five. SPS power cleaning system operating principle:

1 is hindered: The key to SPS power cleaning system is a high-capacity surging reactor, the absorptive surging of reactor far exceeds the miscellaneous power supply, surging is filtered instant by the reactor in surging and the twinkling of an eye of what the heavily loaded apparatus is produced while making the electronic product turn on or off, surging that power produced on the line dealing with surging and interception of maximum above 90%, and limit the surge current.
2 is stored: SPS power purifies the voltage-limiting of system trace, clamping is dispelled the residual surging energy slowed down by the reactor again, store with the electric capacity first, limit the remaining electric current.
3 is put: SPS power cleaning system, the electric energy storing the electric capacity, filter through the electric-wave filter of SPS power cleaning system, and then release zero line on slowly,but not line,it is last apparatuses other not to prevent from ground wire network.

4 is strained: Cleaning system autogenous to able to bear electric-wave filter, EMI of impedance, through the intersection of SPS and power, RFI electric-wave filter filtered, lead to the wave filter and deal with, the ground wire has never been totally clean pollution, the apparatus connected through the same power is absolutely safe.

Six. Size of the products :

Seven. Service conditions:

1.Working voltage: AC 220V
2.Operating frequency: 50Hz /60Hz
3.Operating temperature: -25 ¡æ- +70 ¡æ
4.Relative humidity: The temperature does not exceed 90% in 40 degrees.
5.There is no gas of corrosivity in the ambient enviroment, without conductive dust, flammable and explosive material does not exist.
6.Not shaking vigorously in the installation site, sleet does not corrodes.
7.The size of the products: 482*250*44mm
8.The height above sea level: Less than or equal to 2500M

Eight. The products carry out the standard:

Surge protector (SPD) of GB18802.1-2000 low-voltage distribution system
YDJ 26- 89 Communication bureau earth design provisional technology to stipulate ‘ Part of the complex building)
YD 5068- 98 Move lightning protection of the communication substation and earth the design specification
YD 5078- 98 Technological regulation of lightning protection of power system of communication engineering
ITU-T K20 local side communication commutation equipment apparatus crosses the pressure flow and protects the standard
ITU-T K21 user network communication apparatus crosses the pressure flow and protects the standard
IEC 61000-4-5 The electromagnetic compatibility is struck by lightning the test criteria of the noise immunity of surging
IEC 1312 Electromagnetic pulsing shelter of thunder and lightning
IEC 61643 Surge protector (SPD) of the low-voltage distribution system
NFC 61740 Surge protector (SPD) of the low-voltage distribution system (France)
UL 1449 Surge protector (SPD) of the low-voltage distribution system (U.S.A.)
VDE 0675 Surge protector (SPD) of the low-voltage distribution system (Germany)
BS 6651 Surge protector (SPD) of the low-voltage distribution system (Britain)

Contacts: Miss Zhou
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Large China DH-NVS0404DH, the large high definition large China DH-NVS0404DH of digital decoder of China

Host processor
Embedded processor of high performance
Operating system
Imbed formula LINUX
Input equipment
The key set of the front panel, fingertip control
Swift function
Hardware interface parameter
Video standard
Standard of the audio frequency
Decoding capability
1080P or D1 of No. 16 of No. 4
1080P or D1 of No. 28 of No. 7
Decoding reveals the definition
Video frame rate
PAL: 1- Frames per second 25; NTSC: 1- Frames per second 30
Yard of flow type
Compound and flow, video flowing
Way of video output
No. 1
No. 4
Output interface of the video
VGA or HDMI and TV assist and export
The audio frequency outputs way
No. 1
No. 4
Output interface of the audio frequency
BNC (level 200-3000 mv,impedance 5K&Omega)
The pronunciation talkbacks
No. 1 is input, 1 route is exported (BNC)
Alarm is input
No. 16
Call the police and export
The electrical relays of No. 8 are exported (30VDC 2A, 125VAC 1A linkage exported)
Interface of communication
M adaptation Ethernet interface of 10/100/1000 of one RJ45
Auxiliary interface
232 interface of standard, DB9
USB interface
One USB and 2.0 interface
A piece of 485 interface
Power supply
Mode DC12V of supplying power of the power adapter
Power consumption
< 13W
Operating temperature
From 0 ¡æ to +55 ¡æ
Working humidity
440mm *300mm *42.1mm (1U height)

Contacts: Ma Jian
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System ABG10000 of Longmen of air bearing

1 air bearing guide rail realizes ultra smooth sports
2 all axles add the load in advance
The axle adopts the servo motor drive of straight line of a pair of non-brush under 3
3 journey reaches 1mx 1m
4 non-contact straight line Coder (grating)
5 available Z axle, vibration isolation, mechanical base and control box
6 suitable for high speed pick up / put, automation assemble, vision measure, glue dropping machine, high precision is measured.
Travel journey & le; 1000mm
Accuracy precision & plusmn; 2.0um

Contacts: Tan offers gently
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OYHS-9801 price 1KVA variable frequency power supply OYHS-9801

Common characteristic of the variable frequency power supply products

1.Enter only and go out of the variable frequency power supply only:

Output power: ( 500VA-120KVA) ,Output voltage ( 0-150V/0-300V) ,Output frequency ( 40HZ-500HZ)
2.Three enters to go out of the variable frequency power supply only:
Output power: ( 3KVA-500KVA) ,Output voltage ( 0-150/0-300V) ,Output frequency ( 40HZ-500HZ)
3.Three stock 3 variable frequency power supply:
Output power: ( 3KVA-800KVA) ,Output voltage ( 0-260/0-520V) ,Output frequency ( 40HZ-500HZ)

4.Single-phase programmable variable frequency power supply: ( 0.5KVA-60KVA) ,Input voltage ( 220V¡À 15%) ,Output voltage ( 0-150V /0-300V) (RS-232 interface, controls the actual output of variable frequency power supply through the computer, frequency, voltage, time. There are many group data that are circulated. )

5.Three-phase programmable variable frequency power supply: ( 10KVA-300KVA) ,Input voltage ( 380V¡À 15%) ,Output voltage ( 0-260/0-520V)

(RS-232 interface, controls the actual output of variable frequency power supply through the computer, frequency, voltage, time. There are many group data that are circulated. )

Application of variable frequency power supply

Used mainly for making or exporting traders, measuring in exporting the electricity consumption of the electric equipment products, debug and the electric power supply used for precision instrument. Extensively suitable for electrical home appliances manufacturing industry, electrical machinery, electronic manufacturing industry, IT industry, apparatus of the computer, laboratory,etc..

Manufacturers of electrical home appliances industry, for instance: Test power of products such as air-conditioning equipment, coffee machine, washing machine, juice extractor, microwave oven, radio-tape recorder, refrigerator, DVD, dust scrubber, shaver,etc..

Manufacturers of electrical machinery, electron industry, for instance: Power supply of switching mode, test power of products such as voltage transformer, electronic stabilizer, AC fan, UPS, charger, electrical relay, compressor, motor, passive component,etc..

IT industry and computer apparatus manufacturers, for instance: Test power of products such as facsimile machine, photoprinter, kneader, LED, scanning device, burn-in recorder, server, display unit,etc..

Laboratory and test unit, for instance: The AC supply tests, life of product, security testing, electromagnetic inclusive testing, OQC (FQC) Test, the product test and researching and developing, best AC supply of research unit.

Aviation / military affairs unit, for instance: Test power of airport land-based facility, vessel, spaceflight, military research institute,etc..

The quality is protected and served

1,Body products quality are protected for one year, the fittings quality is protected for three months. The quality calculates since the day when is dispatched from the factory in duration of insurance, the products present the quality problem, change free in one year.

2,The damage that the products appear because of third party’s transportation, causing the products can’t be used normally, according to the on-the-spot situation, change for the customer free.

3,The products are installed: Please install by oneself according to the installation instruction of the products

Service promise

1,24-hour hot-line service

2,Serve and respond to in 2 hours

3,Accept customer’s business consultation and problem after sale to deal with for 24 hours in 7*24 hours

Contacts: Mr. Ouyang
Telephone: 860755-23088216
Fax: 860755-23088220
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Address: Third industrial area of billow street billow in Baoan district of Shenzhen


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Wade eps, Wade’s dc screen, stabilizator of Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang storage battery, emergency power supply, YJS-2KW

Brief introduction of composition of power system, EPS emergency power supply classification and EPS emergency power supply that EPS meets an urgent need

Fuyang EPS emergency power supply, Tonglu EPS emergency power supply, Jiande EPS emergency power supply, Ningbo EPS emergency power supply, Cixi EPS emergency power supply, Yuyao EPS emergency power supply, Fenghua EPS emergency power supply, Xiangshan EPS emergency power supply, Jiaxing EPS emergency power supply, Haining EPS emergency power supply, Pinghu EPS emergency power supply, Tongxiang EPS emergency power supply, continue and revitalize EPS emergency power supply, Zhuji EPS emergency power supply, Shangyu EPS emergency power supply, Shengzhou EPS emergency power supply, Taizhou EPS emergency power supply, Wenzhou EPS emergency power supply, Leqing EPS emergency power supply, city EPS emergency power supply of willow, Rui’an EPS emergency power supply, state EPS emergency power supply of Qu, rivers and mountains EPS emergency power supply, Jinhua EPS emergency power supply, Lanxi EPS emergency power supply, Yiwu EPS emergency power supply, Dongyang EPS emergency power supply, Yongkang EPS emergency power supply, Lishui EPS emergency power supply, Jinyun EPS emergency power supply, dragon’s spring EPS emergency power supply, Huzhou EPS emergency power supply, Zhoushan EPS emergency power supply, Jiangsu EPS emergency power supply, Nanjing EPS emergency power supply, Suzhou EPS emergency power supply, Changshu EPS emergency power supply, Zhangjiagang EPS emergency power supply, Taicang EPS emergency power supply, Kunshan EPS emergency power supply, Wu Jiang EPS emergency power supply, Wuxi EPS emergency power supply, Jiangyin EPS emergency power supply, Yixing EPS emergency power supply, Zhenjiang EPS emergency power supply, red open EPS emergency power supply, Yang Zhong EPS emergency power supply, Jurong EPS emergency power supply, Nantong EPS emergency power supply, Tongzhou EPS emergency power supply, Haimen EPS emergency power supply, Qidong EPS emergency power supply, Hai’an EPS emergency power supply, such as the east EPS emergency power supply, Changzhou EPS emergency power supply, Jintan EPS emergency power supply, Li’s open EPS emergency power supply, Xuzhou EPS emergency power supply, state EPS emergency power supply of Pi, Xinyi EPS emergency power supply, Suining EPS emergency power supply, abundant county EPS emergency power supply, Feng County EPS emergency power supply, Taixing EPS emergency power supply, Jiangyan EPS emergency power supply, pacify the river EPS emergency power supply, Xinghua EPS emergency power supply, Yangzhou EPS emergency power supply, Huaian EPS emergency power supply, Lianyun Harbour EPS emergency power supply, Suqian EPS emergency power supply, Shu’s open EPS emergency power supply, Si’s open EPS emergency power supply, Si’s big EPS emergency power supply, Jiangxi EPS emergency power supply, Nanchang EPS emergency power supply, Ganzhou EPS emergency power supply, Jilin EPS emergency power supply, Changchun EPS emergency power supply, Yanbian EPS emergency power supply, the Inner Mongol EPS emergency power supply, Huhehot EPS emergency power supply, Erdos EPS emergency power supply, Chifeng EPS emergency power supply, Liaoning EPS emergency power supply, Shenyang EPS emergency power supply, An’shan EPS emergency power supply, Jinzhou EPS emergency power supply, Dalian EPS emergency power supply, Tieling EPS emergency power supply, Dandong EPS emergency power supply, Hebei EPS emergency power supply, Shijiazhuang EPS emergency power supply, Qinhuangdao EPS emergency power supply, Handan EPS emergency power supply, Cangzhou EPS emergency power supply, Zhangjiakou EPS emergency power supply, Chengde EPS emergency power supply, Langfang EPS emergency power supply, Baoding EPS emergency power supply, Shandong EPS emergency power supply, Jinan EPS emergency power supply, Tai’an EPS emergency power supply, Liaocheng EPS emergency power supply, Wei workshop EPS emergency power supply, Jining EPS emergency power supply, Zibo EPS emergency power supply, Rizhao EPS emergency power supply, He’s pool EPS emergency power supply, Qingdao EPS emergency power supply, Shanxi EPS emergency power supply, Taiyuan EPS emergency power supply, Yangquan EPS emergency power supply, Da Tong EPS emergency power supply, Jincheng EPS emergency power supply, Taiyuan EPS emergency power supply, Yangquan EPS emergency power supply, Shaanxi EPS emergency power supply, Xi’an EPS emergency power supply, forest EPS emergency power supply of the elm, Henan EPS emergency power supply, Zhengzhou EPS emergency power supply, Xinxiang EPS emergency power supply, Hebi EPS emergency power supply, Nanyang EPS emergency power supply, Hubei EPS emergency power supply, Wuhan EPS emergency power supply, Yichang EPS emergency power supply, yellow stone EPS emergency power supply, Xiangfan EPS emergency power supply, Shiyan EPS emergency power supply, Hunan EPS emergency power supply, Changsha EPS emergency power supply, Hunan pool EPS emergency power supply, Changde EPS emergency power supply, Yueyang EPS emergency power supply, Anhui EPS emergency power supply, Hefei EPS emergency power supply, Xuan Cheng EPS emergency power supply, Chaohu EPS emergency power supply, Bo state EPS emergency power supply, Fujian EPS emergency power supply? ? Door EPS emergency power supply, Fuzhou EPS emergency power supply, Guangdong EPS emergency power supply, Guangzhou EPS emergency power supply, Shenzhen EPS emergency power supply, Huizhou EPS emergency power supply, Zhongshan EPS emergency power supply, Foshan EPS emergency power supply, Dongguan EPS emergency power supply, Yangjiang EPS emergency power supply, Zhaoqing EPS emergency power supply, Guangxi EPS emergency power supply, Nanning EPS emergency power supply, North Sea EPS emergency power supply, Guizhou EPS emergency power supply, the southeast of Guizhou Province EPS emergency power supply, Guiyang EPS emergency power supply, Anshun EPS emergency power supply, Yunnan EPS emergency power supply, Kunming EPS emergency power supply, Sichuan EPS emergency power supply, Chengdu EPS emergency power supply, Mianyang EPS emergency power supply, Yibin EPS emergency power supply, Leshan EPS emergency power supply, Gansu EPS emergency power supply, Lanzhou EPS emergency power supply Xining EPS emergency power supply Xinjiang EPS emergency power supply, Urumchi EPS emergency power supply, Shihezi EPS emergency power supply Changsha EPS emergency power supply, Wenzhou EPS emergency power supply, Shenyang EPS emergency power supply, Nanning EPS emergency power supply, Guangzhou EPS emergency power supply, Shijiazhuang EPS emergency power supply, Wuxi EPS emergency power supply, Wuhan EPS emergency power supply, Heilongjiang EPS emergency power supply, Heihe River EPS emergency power supply, Harbin EPS emergency power supply, Chongqing EPS emergency power supply, Tianjin EPS emergency power supply, Shanghai EPS emergency power supply, Beijing EPS emergency power supply

The products have function of three proofing, can be used in the basement and some moister environments in the discrepancy place.

Scientific and technological Co., Ltd., Wade of Hebei is a research and development which specializes in the power products, new high-tech enterprise as an organic whole in production, sale, listing service. The company has a high-quality professional group, the apparent mass such as life all the time, before offering to customer and selling effectively in time, sell, after service, and is devoted to products innovation, offer satisfactory products and service to customer lastingly, make the high-quality power supplier, create value for the customer, bear responsibility for the society, march forward hand in hand with the friends from all walks of life, build win-win together! The principal products of business are as follows, EPS fire control emergency power supply.

Wade’s power products: EPS emergency power supply, dc screen, APCUPS uninterrupted power system, stabilized voltage supply, inverter, variable frequency power supply, communication power, non-maintaining lead-acid battery,etc.

Wade’s engineering accuses of the products: Unless it fit Sichuan servomotor, Panasonic servomotor, servo in numerical control in Mitsubishi,touch-sensitive screen, MoSheng Ai, Fez of Lip river,s general /general to spread / Sichuan frequency converter, and PLC,etc. at the time of profit will fit.

Wade’s EPS emergency power supply, dc screen, stabilized voltage supply, UPS power,etc. are widely used in the hospital, important places such as the school, the commercial floor, the hotel, the government building, the industrial and mining enterprises,etc.. Innovation promotes science and technology, the quality of service guarantee.

Company’s idea:

Gao Xiao, energy-conservation, security, the pursuit of the perfect products person;
Unite, struggle, innovate, carry out the practitioners of the group;

Sincerity, enthusiasm, speciality, the server that put in place in time;

Regard customer’s interests as the centre, offer & ldquo with the first-class speed, high-quality service; Surmount the customer and expect & rdquo; Star service.

Wade electron scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Hebei

Wade in Hebei: Mr. Wen 15373637336

Tel.: 0311-80812225

Fax: 0311-6689861

q q : 594287984

Address: Road No. 255 of workers and peasants of west district of bridge of Shijiazhuang of Hebei

The location of network:

The above-mentioned & quot; Producer’s quality guaranteed & quot of Wade EPS emergency power supply in Hebei; Information is offered by enterprise’s proper motion, this enterprise is responsible for authenticity, reliability and legitimacy of the information content. The Home Network does not bear any Guarantee Liability to this.

Contacts: Wen DeGuang
Telephone: 8615373637336
Fax: 86
Web site:
Address: Agricultural machinery street No. 35 of Xinhua district of Shijiazhuang


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Block the switch LZ-01LZ-01 of the flowrate of chip type

Flow switch Block the switch LZ-01 of the flowrate of chip type [the producer sells directly to households ] and supply one from stock. It is a kind of automatic control and protective device that the use of the products blocks the flow switch LZ-01 of the chip type. Make the circuit close one kind of broken switches with change of pipeline midstream quantity. Call the police to the waterflow doing two or control type of the pipeline. This product is suitable for water cooling system or other fluid loops. Two. Products the intersection of characteristic and the intersection of Wuhan and Wan link rich sail electronic LZ- 01 flow switch and adopt advanced science and technology, import microswitches as the actuator mechanism of this product completely, make the working condition of the products not only more sensitive, more accurate; And reduced the nonserviceable possibility of the products greatly. Three. The operating principle, at the time of discharge variation, the waterflow produced a effort to the stop piece, cause levers to rotate, make the permanent magnet produce certain displacement, thus make the circuit in the head of magnetic induction close or disconnect and achieve the purpose of calling the police or automatic control. Four. The ambient temperature of the main technical indicator: -C set point range of 25 – +60 degrees: 20-200L/min withstand voltage: 1.5MPa life-span: 1X105 contact capacity once: AC220V¡À 10% DC24V¡À 10% 0.1A (resistance) Unit: L/min type
The pipeline cooperates with target number
Normally open flow-rate range
Differential gap
Repeatability error
Lower limit
1? ”
1? ”
2? ”


2? ”







Wuhan Wan it links Electronics Co., Ltd. to be whether one specialize in the intersection of fluid and control device and the intersection of flowrate and productive enterprise of detection device.
Agent and producing the American FR series flow switch jointly
The special price supplies various types of flow switches from stock and sells directly to households at producer price with the following products
Contact: Miss Hu

Electron plug-in flow switch: FR-DT10

The segment type flow switch of electronic tube: FR-DT10F
Pipe diameter DN10- DN1600
Flow sensor: HSFT696-ND
Flow controller: HSPD898-ND

Take the flow switch of the display: FR-NR

Mechanical flow switch: LZ-01 (steel is connected)
LZ-01 (copper is connected)

Economy flow switch: RZ-90 costs 4 fen
RZ-90 costs 6 fen
RZ-90 1 inch

Parker electromagnetic valve: PHS510S
Target type flow switch LKB
Quantitative controller XSJDL
LDC electromagnetic flowmeter
Oval wheel flowmeter FR-LC
Float flowmeter FR-FZ
The column liquid level of magnetic turning counts FR-CF
Flowrate pointing out device FR-ZXQ

Digital display pressure control FR-YK0.6C of the microcomputer
Pressure switch FR-YL
Differential pressure switch FR-YC
Transmitter FR-YCF of differential pressure
Float switch FRFQ
Water pump pressure switch FR-HY102

Thermocouple vacuum gauge JC-R
Membrane vacuum gage FR-ZDM
Vacuum gage FR-ZDZ of the resistance
Compound vacuum gage FR-ZDF
Ionization vacuum gauge FR-ZDL
Vacuum gage FR-ZDR of the pressure drag
Vaccum controller FR-ZDK10
Vacuum measurement is regulated

Ship differential pressure switch
Capillary stainless steel tube

Contacts: Hu XiaoRou
Telephone: 86027-87616663
Fax: 86
Web site:
Address: Road No. 3 of Hsinchu of development area of East Lake of Hubei Wuhan


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Burkert electromagnetic valve 5281

5281 type servo auxiliary electromagnetic valve, two two is usually closed

Detailed parameter

Female: 13.0 to 65.0 millimetres
Kv value: Cube 4.0 to 40.0 meter per hour
Connecting interface: G, NPT, Rc1/2 to 2 1/2, Fran (DIN) From DN25 to DN50
Valve body material: Brass, casting iron (from DN25 to DN50 flange)
Sealed material: NBR, EPDM, FPM
Medium temperature: NBR: -10 to +80 ¡æ
EPDM: -40 to +120 ¡æ
FPM: -10 to +90 ¡æ
Pressure range: 0.2 to 16bar
Electric power supply: 24V, 110V, 230V AC 50 or 60Hz; 24VCD
Duty cycle: 100% of the continuous work
Electrically connected: Cable socket
Protection grade: IP65

Contacts: Han DeHua
Telephone: 860532-82573807
Fax: 860532-82573807
Web site:
Address: South spring industrialized country of Qingdao


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YCB25-0.6 arcuate pump YCB

Series YCB ordinary arcuate pump used mainly in transporting the lubricating oil in lubricating system of various mechanical equipment, suitable for transporting the degree of viscosity 5* 10-6- 1.5* 10-3m2/s (5-1500cSt) ,The temperature is in 300 oil with lubricating property of under ¡æ. The arcuate pump of stainless steel, can transport and have no oil, beverage, low caustic liquid of lubricating property. The matched copper gear can transport low some liquid inside, such as petrol, benzene,etc.. This serial arcuate pumps are besides disposing the ordinary electrical machinery, it can dispose with the unexplosive electrical machinery of the specification according to the needs of user.


YCB arcuate pump can be used as transmitting in the oil delivery system, booster pump;

Can be used as sending in the fuel system, inflate, the oil burning pump sprayed;

Can be used as offering the hydraulic dynamic hydraulic pump in the hydraulic power actuating system;

In all industrial fields, can use as lube oil pump.


The YCB series gear pump has been adopted and thought to contact the gear continuously in one of the most advanced points of the delivery pump in the world, namely dual circular arcs add the sine curve sinusoid to compound into a tooth profile, can eliminate the involute gear delivery pump completely. Have obtained the national-level great scientific and technological result project, and obtain the third-class award of State Education Commission’s scientific and technological progress. Arcuate gear keep in touch continuously for one point among two engaged tooth profile, can produce, strand the intersection of oil and phenomenon, it causes the vibration, noise, bearing load of the pump to increase etc. to solve the involute gear pump and strand the oil phenomenon completely. So the arcuate pump has efficiency, noise it is low, and have good energy-conserving results.

This serial arcuate pumps mainly have gear, axle, pump body, pump covering, the bearing carrier ring, shaft end that are sealed etc. and made up. The gear adopts one pair of arcuate sine curve sinusoid tooth profiles to make. Its most overhanging advantage compared with involute gear is that the tooth profile one does not have relative slip in the engaged course of the gear, so the tooth face is non-abrasion, turn round steady, does not have it because of the liquid phenomenon, the noise is low, longe-lived, high in efficiency. This pump gets rid of the traditionally designed constraint, make the gear pump enter a new field in designing, producing and using.

YCB arcuate pump has relief valves as overloading and protecting, the whole backflow pressure of the relief valve is 1.5 times of the specified discharge pressure of the pump. Can also adjust separately in allowing to discharge the pressure range according to the needs of reality. But notice that can’t function as the long term operation of the relief pressure valve with a relief valve, can install separately on the pipe line while needing.

The shaft end of arcuate pump is sealed and designed to be two kinds of forms, one is mechanical seal, one kind is that packing is sealed, can confirm according to concrete operating position and user’s requirement.


Q rotational speed
Discharge pressure
Mpa essential vapour
Excess of losing
M efficiency
Electric motor m3/h frequency
Hz power KW

Contacts: Su JinYu
Telephone: 8603178293100
Fax: 860317-8311828
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Address: Industrial development area of quay city


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