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German KSB butterfly valve

Germany KSB butterfly valve BOAX-B butterfly valve ( Germany KSB) Characteristic: Type: BOAX-B specification: DN40- – DN200 PS 16bar ; DN250- – DN1000 PS 10bar working temperature: -10 ¡æ- -+110 ¡æ material: Casting iron, valve seat: NBR/EPDM, valve board: 304SS connects the form: Clash, propping up the ear, flange are driven: Manually ‘ Handle or turbine) , pneumatic, electronic applicable medium: Water, fuel, the oil, gas,etc.

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Switch CAEM of CAEM temperature

Switch principle:

Liquid bloated type adjustable to make up by the intersection of temperature sensing and wonderful, capillary and umbrella -shaped board while being temperature-controled, as the excellent overheat of temperature sensing, swells via the capillary and expires by the umbrella -shaped board if temperature sensing is in charge of the inner liquid, and then touch the joint and open and close, start or disconnect relevant load by the umbrella shape board swells, thus achieve the goal of controlling the temperature.

The use of the products:

Commercial refrigerator, electric oven, fried pan, boil in the Northeast, ice machine, drinking machine, heating water boiler, cold hot drink machine, constant temperature permanent to be wet to test for case, salt fog last case, mould machines, cleaning machines ultrasonic warm, industrial and cold /hot water, it keeps warm that Tai,etc. is permanent and wet or ultra to control warmly to food.

The selecting type of the specification:


Range of controlling the temperature

Presume the precision

Temperature sensing is excellent and long


-From 35 ¡æ to 35 ¡æ

± 3 ¡æ

6Ø 90mm


From 8 ¡æ to 40 ¡æ

± 4 ¡æ

5Ø 175mm


From 30 ¡æ to 90 ¡æ

± 4 ¡æ

5Ø 115mm


From 30 ¡æ to 100 ¡æ

± 2 ¡æ

5Ø 90mm


From 50 ¡æ to 220 ¡æ

± 10 ¡æ

5Ø 110mm


From 50 ¡æ to 300 ¡æ

± 10 ¡æ

3Ø 190mm
5Ø 80mm


From 60 ¡æ to 150 ¡æ

± 10 ¡æ

6Ø 150mm

Electric apparatus specification: 16A/250VAC

Wire the end son: Unipolar double is thrown / the unipolar form is thrown

Fit the rule to authorize: UL, CE, VDE

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19 inches of TCL liquid crystal monitor TCL monitor KCP19-LTCL monitors KCP19-L

TCL monitor KCP19-L

    Grade designs, satisfy various environments and work steadily for a long time in industry High-resolution, high contrast ratio, extremely wide visual angle Adopt 3D digitized pattern process kernel, reduce the picture truly, control more details accurately Professional OSD menu, the function is abundant The interface is complete, support CVBS, S-Video, YPbPr, VGA, HDMI, DVI signal to input Intelligence in a poor light is regulated, relieve and control watching the eyes brought are tired for a long time effectively, more human orientation automatic temperature-controled system, energy-conserving environmental protection, makes the monitor have higher stability and dependability Adopt the project plastic outer cover of high strength, elegant appearance The mounting hole location of standard VESA, compatible many kinds of installation ways

    Detailed technical parameter


    19” SXGA Color TFT-LCD Panel (diagonal 481.9mm)

    Physical resolution ratio

    1280× 1024(H× V)

    Interval of picture element

    0.294× 0.294(mm)


    350(cd/ m2)

    Contrast ratio


    Complex reaction time


    Reveal color


    Visual angle

    160° (H) /160° (V)

    Screen proportion


    Wave filter

    3D combs the form and strains the wave, digital noise reduction

    Video rule


    The compound video is input

    CVBS(BNC) × 2; S-Video(Y/C) × 1

    The compound video is exported

    CVBS(BNC) × 2

    The computer signal is input

    VGA(DB-15) × 1; 1920×1200@60Hz is downward and compatible

    The high clear signal is input

    YPbPr(RCA) × 1

    The digital signal is input

    DVI(DVI-D) × 1; HDMI× 1; 1080P(1920×1080) Downward and compatible

    The audio frequency is input

    RCA× 1

    The audio frequency is exported

    RCA× 1

    Audio frequency system

    3W loudspeaker & times; 2

    The system upgrades the interface

    USB x 1

    Automatic temperature-controled system

    Working temperature and real machine temperature that the automatic foundation presumes, control operation, stability and dependability reducing the noise, saving energy consumption, improving the monitor of the fan

    Intelligence in a poor light is regulated

    Up to the light intensity of different environments, thus luminance and contrast ratio of the automatic liquid crystal screen, improve the comfortableness that the human eye watches, in order to suit the long-term control of controling personnel

    Operation mode

    Panel button, infrared remote control

    The bus is controlled


    Mean free error time (MTBF)

    50000 hours

    The wide voltage is designed




    Appearance size

    417.3mm× 362.0mm× 75.0mm (wide & times; High & times; Deep)

    Reveal the regional size

    377.8mm× 302.5mm (wide & times; It is high)

    Install the way

    Backing ‘ Apolegamy) , stores pylon ( Apolegamy)

    Location of mounting hole

    100× 100( mm) (Long & times; It is wide)

    Complete machine mao are measured (including packing)

    About 8.5Kg

    The complete machine net weight

    About 5.8Kg

    Store the temperature

    -From 20 ¡æ to 65 ¡æ

    Working temperature

    From 0 ¡æ to 50 ¡æ

    Working humidity


    Outer cover material

    Plastic outer cover of project

    Quality is guaranteed

    The Chinese electric equipment products authorize ( 3C) by force

    Standard in environment protecting mode

    All components and parts and pack adjuvants accord with the international standard in environment protecting mode

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YPB gleitbretter pump / blade gleitbretter pump / petrol gleitbretter pump / edible vegetable oil gleitbretter pump YPB

1. Operation principle: :

YPB gleitbretter pump of our company, blade pump, its operation principle is that a gleitbretter is put in the rotor slotting, rotor off-centre install in pump in the body, when the rotor rotates, the gleitbretter is slipped out the rotor, stick to the surface of body of pump and slip closely, a of body that the rotor, gleitbretter, body of pump form is up to the turning of the rotor, the size of its space presents the periodic change, when a of body increases, sucks mediums, the of body changes hour, discharge mediums, go round and begin again, finish the transport course of the medium.

2.Characteristic of properties of product :

( 1) , a strong one suck ability, use for release to inhale the underground pot, by oneself, it can reach 4 to promote the height. 5m.

( 2) , gleitbretter jointly act on centrifugal force, mechanical thrust, the intersection of liquid and pressure in the high-efficiency pump, stick to the curvilinear motion in the stator closely, thus make the pump have unique high efficiency.

( 3) , the one that keep performance and does not change is slipped out the rotor trough adjusting the gleitbretter gleitbretter, supplementing and abrading constantly, and does not reduce the performance of the pump. There is essential difference between this and gear pump.

( 4) , transport, cut the intersection of strength and the intersection of sensitiveness and the intersection of ability and the intersection of hydraulic and the intersection of gleitbretter and with high capacity and efficiency design of liquid make pump reduce gleitbretter to to cut force and stir fluid during drive, have avoided the change of the fluid properties that is produced because of this.

( 5) , reliable sealing is directed against the characteristics of the viscidity, high-temperature medium, adopt the machinery of the special structure to seal, have safe, durable, reliable characteristics.

( 6) , maintain simple helping, turning on pumping, building, propose old gleitbretter, insert new gleitbretter. Only takes several minutes, your pump can devote oneself to work again. It is likewise easy to check at ordinary times.

( 7) , the safe and sensitive pressure guarantees to set up the safe overflow valve in the pump, while exporting the system to close suddenly, it doesn’t exceed 0 to export the rising amount of the pressure. 15Mpa, this guarantees the security of pump and system on one hand, on the other hand, guarantees the electrical machinery is only year

3.Summary :

( 1) YPB series the intersection of gleitbretter and pump, the intersection of blade and pump, it glues oil pumps to be one volume pump.

( 2) , the YPB series gleitbretter pump is used mainly for transporting the lubricating oil of the viscosity 10- 200mm2s of medium, is suitable for transporting various chemical products with similar property too, transport the medium temperature to be 0 ¡æ- 120 ¡æ, this serial pumps possess sucking ability.

( 3) , the lubricating oil used for transporting the viscosity 10- 20000mm2s of medium, crude oil, chemical industry, thick liquid liquid of food, also suitable for transporting various properties to be similar to mediums. Transport the medium temperature to be 0 ¡æ- 200 ¡æ, this serial pumps possess sucking ability.


Series YPB rotate the gleitbretter pump from the sucking type, built-in overflow valve, adopt the rotor with blade to drive the liquid. Adopt nodular cast iron and cooperate from the blade that is lubricated on the material. Because of its fine performance, can transmit viscidity and volatile liquid, it is lower in power to compare the equal pump. Have advantages in the transmission of the high flux of the low rotational speed even more.

Fast long term administration with low noise;

The blade type structure stablizes its performance, fault-free use.

YPB gleitbretter pump has the above-mentioned advantages, and it is strong, longe-lived to suck ability by oneself, the volume is small, high in efficiency. On condition that transport the petrol, diesel oil or similar medium, the gleitbretter pump has very great advantages, it is from sucking centrifugal oil pump and substitute of the pump of a gear of copper.

5.The range of application:

Oil truck

The vessel refuels

Lubricating oil

Fuel of aviation

Petrochemical industry, petrol, diesel oil, biological fuel, solvent,etc. send

6.Install and use:

It is used for flowing that this pump is extensive or fixture. While cooperating with the univesal shaft coupling or hydraulic motor, this pump can be installed on any oil truck, also can connect with electrical machinery or Diesel engine, according to having in the metal floor, used in the tanker aerocraft or floating refuelling equipment of any high flux. It is a substitute of the pump of a gear of copper.

7.Type and parameter

The type flow lists the rotational speed of pressure and sucks and highly worthy of using the type 50YPB-880.496061.5YB100ML 1-6-1.550 YPB-12120.414506.53YB112M – 4-460YPB-16160.69606.54YB132M 1-6-460 YPB-24240.4145075.5YB132S – 4-5.565 YPB-35350.69606.55.5YB132M 2-6-5.580 YPB-60600.49606.57.5YB160M of electrical machinery of the power by oneself -6-7.5

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Automatic monitoring system DATA-9201 of motor-pumped well

—Products summary – –
It is a key apparatus in the automatic monitoring system of motor-pumped well that the agricultural motor-pumped well of IC card irrigates and charges the controller, it irrigates the controller on the motor-pumped well, exchanges contactor and distribution apparatus to install in a machine case, can gather and irrigate power consumption, water consumption or irrigate time and collect and irrigate the expenses automatically. , and then the management objectives of irrigating that this apparatus not merely makes the administrative department realize and charge first; Also make peasant households achieve the goal of irrigating the fields independently through the IC card. This product has succeeded in solving the agricultural motor-pumped well and irrigating the electric rate / water rate existing in midium or long term in management and measuring inaccurately, in arrears with the difficult problem that irrigates the expenses and wastes the water resource.
—Product classification – –
The agricultural motor-pumped well of IC card irrigates and charges the controller can be divided into the following 5 according to the charge method:
Electricity measuring type: Charge according to electric consumption, need, connect the intersection of pulse and ammeter or bunches of electric energy meter intelligently that mouth export; Can reveal, supplement with money and can also reveal, supplement with money according to the amount of money according to the amount of money according to electric consumption according to electric consumption.
Water measuring type: Charge according to the water yield, need to connect and pass the water gauge or flow meter far; Can reveal, supplement with money and can also reveal, supplement with money according to the amount of money according to the amount of money according to the water yield according to the water yield.
Time measuring type: Charge according to time, does not need to connect the ammeter or water gauge; Reveal, supplement with money according to the amount of money according to the amount of money.
The changing type of electric water: Charges the amount of water converted of electric consumption to according to the water yield, need to connect the electric energy meter.
The measuring type of water and electricity: Water yield and electric consumption are measured at the same time, according to electric consumption (or water yield) Charge, need to connect the electric energy meter and pass the water gauge far.
—Use of products – –
Install the agricultural motor-pumped well of IC card to irrigate and charge the controller by each motor-pumped well, in each village (or each recharging station) Dispose the specialized management machine of a IC card (or supplement the appearance with money) ,Responsible for supplementing with money for peasant households’ IC card of this area. Each peasant household allocates a IC card, peasant households must hold the IC card to go to the recharging station to supplement with money first before irrigating the fields, then can stamp the card and irrigate the fields and irrigate the fields and finish, stamp the card and can shut off the water pump again. How much electricity, how much water or how long is used in this course of irrigating the fields, deduct the corresponding expenses from peasant households Carneys automatically, Carney’s amount of money stops the pump automatically when being used up. One controls terminal station can support a plurality of peasant households ‘ Take turns) Use.
—Products function and characteristic – –
Adopt the non- contact-type IC card and read and write the information in the card wirelessly, waterproof, dampproof and defending attacking.
It is high to gather the precision. Gather electric consumption: Precise as to 0.1 degrees; The amount of water gathered: Precise as to 1 ton; Gather time: Precise as to one second.
If the intersection of Carney and amount of money smaller than set for, lay limit, control the terminal station can send out warning information automatically, point out peasant households to supplement with money in time.
The terminal station of a control is available to a plurality of peasant households; A peasant household can also use many control terminal stations.
The IC card of different villages can’t be used each other, namely the card of a village can’t reach the use of another village.
Have extremely strong electromagnetic compatibility and extremely wide power working range, are suitable for the scene without Line zero.
If cut out while using, control the terminal data inside will not be lost, peasant households can continue using after the incoming telegram.
Prevent the thunder from protecting the function, guarantee to control the terminal station in the safe operation of thunder season.
Different electrical machinery of power ‘ Water pump) ,Only need to change the exchange contactor of different electric current.
Can expand the communication function, the control center can supervise long-rangely with water situation to many eyes motor-pumped wells through GPRS network.
Can expand the motor and protect the function.
Can expand other monitoring functions, such as wind speed, wind direction, evaporation capacity, motor-pumped well water level are monitored etc..
—Technical indicator – —
Display mode: 8 LED numbers are in charge of or 4 lines of LCD panels reveal availably.
Reveal the range: -99999999~+99999999.
The IC card reads the card: Read the time of card and is less than or equal to for one second; It is less than or equal to 5 centimetres to read the distance of the card.
The interface of telecommunication: GPRS, TTL, RS232, RS485 are available.
Power supply power: AC380V/AC220V.
Working environment: Temperature: -40- 85 ¡æ; Humidity: Less than or equal to 95%; Not congealing and revealing, without conductive dust, there are no explosive goods.
Install the way: The hanging is installed.
Install the size: 600*450*250 mm.
—Type of the products – –
—Reference material – –
The examining report of Ministry of Water Resources and certificate download of the qualification
The motor-pumped well irrigates the controller

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Switch EGO500 of EGO temperature

First. The intersection of EGO and getting temperature-controled range of application
Because warm bag and capillary that the toughness can bend of its stainless steel material, the warm accusing of device is especially suitable for the oven of higher ambient temperature.
Series 55. 17 (unipolar warm accusing of device) Specially to using and developing in the standard oven. We offer and used in the multipolar series of products of different functions. Usually the temperature range is 50- 320 ¡æ
E. G. O. Offer the working temperature to be up to about 500 ¡æ of warm accusing of devices, can install in the oven with self- clean function. As to oven these, can offer pole the intersection of form and warm person who accuse of.

Two. The intersection of EGO and getting temperature-controled machinery two the intersection of step and the intersection of control and warm functional comments of accusing of etc.
The intersection of EGO and getting temperature-controled operation principle
The temperature senses the part and is made up of warm bag, capillary, membrane slice and swelling medium. When the warm bag is heated, the medium is heated and begun to swell. Inflation of medium increase, sense part, close pressure in the system while being whole. The increased pressure is turned into the displacement of the membrane slice.
This kind of displacement is called the journey too, can touch the quick-acting switch, this switch can disconnect closed circuit. The ones that can have needing through regulating the pivot move the variable definitely.
Extremely short displacement can start the warm accusing of device. In baking, it is that the temperature presumes to increase 0.01 mm displacement that raises about 3K. This kind of high precision is got the assurance by meticulous and careful manufacturing process.
EGO two step controller
Two step controllers only control & quot; Disconnection & quot; With & quot; Close & quot; These two step movements. In two real step controllers, the disconnection number value of inputting the variable is greater than closing the number value. This is called resetting the temperature difference.
The fluctuation of reference variables produced will depend on the temperature range, resetting the reaction time within temperature difference and system of two step controllers.
Continuous and disconnected control system
We divide the controller into two kinds continuous control system and disconnected control system. As to the continuous control system, the control variable y can be chosen and set up any value in the range in steady and working condition. But disconnected control system can only choose several in the range and separate by the number value.

Three. Daily temperature range
Ego warm accusing of device – the temperature-controled switch – warm accusing of device of bloated type of liquid – the machinery type warm accusing of device
55.13012.390 16A/220V 30-85 ¡æ
55.13214.500 16A/220V 30-90 ¡æ
55.13022.050 16A/220V 30-110 ¡æ
55.13032.010 16A/220V 50-200 ¡æ
55.13043.010 16A/220V 50-250 ¡æ
55.13012.500 16A/220V 50-320 ¡æ
55.13082.010 16A/220V 100-500 ¡æ
55.18012.020 20A/220V 30-85 ¡æ
55.18012.040 20A/220V 30-75 ¡æ
55.10022.010 16A/220V 30-110 ¡æ
55.10032.010 16A/220V 60-200 ¡æ
55.10062.180 16A/220V 50-320
55.34011.040 3× 16A/380V 30-80 ¡æ
55.34022.170 3× 16A/380V 30-80 ¡æ
55.34062.010 3× 16A/380V 100-350 ¡æ

The capillary length can reach as high as 3,000 mm according to the request of customer
The power 250 VAC of the switch, 16 (2.6) A, the supreme ambient temperature that the case allows on the body is 150C
Can offer the pivot of different length

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Flame monitor C7027A1049, C7027A1023, C7035A1064

C7027A – integrated purple appearance flame detector
C7027A1023 uses environment – 18 102 C, the lead wire is 2.4 meters long
C7027A1031 uses environment – 40 102 C, the lead wire is 2.4 meters long
C7027A1049 uses environment – 18 102 C, the lead wire is 2.4 meters long
C7027A1064 uses environment – 40 102 C, the lead wire is 7.3 meters long
C7027A1072 uses environment – 40 102 C, the lead wire is 2.4 meters long
C7027A1080 uses environment – 18 102 C, the lead wire is 2.4 meters long

Contacts: Gao Bo
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KVM extending device KVM long-line driver 200 – KVM of 200 meters of KVM lengthening devices

KVM long-line driver of KVM extending device of 200 meters of KVM lengthening devices
The Model 200M-KVM computer keyboard reveals the mouse (KVM) It is that our company adopts the most advanced technology of the trade, KVM lengthening device new product put out to lengthen the controller, ultra clear VGA video transmission, carry the picture and reduce the result clearly naturally far after lengthening for the products, lengthen from far and the vision result has not obviously decayed, the long-range keyboard mouse is operated and has not delayed time, may be used in computer field extensively and controlling, security protection, multimedia system of teaching many kinds of occasions, KVM lengthening device keyboard, revealing, mouse interface adopting the single root network thread to lengthen the host computer reach 200 meters farthest, increase the characteristic such as being good, with clear picture of preventing thunder anti-interference from designing, having stability.
The characteristic of the products:
Can switch of host computer, keyboard, mouse, video interface lengthen, up to 200 meters far most
On the near end of the host computer of the computer, have offered a set of KVM interface too
Can and carries on the near end far and switches over using through SCROLL key on the button of the telephone transmitter or proximal keyboard
Use the single root network thread ( CAT5,CAT5E,CAT6) ,The cost is cheap
Support keyboard and mouse in PS/2 interface, support VGA video
Can heat insert draw near end and keyboard and mouse carried far
Can start the computer with artificial keyboard and mouse
Support DOS, operating systems such as Windows, NT, Linux,etc.
Do not need the driver, use and install simply and conveniently
The keyboard mouse carried far is shown real-time control, without prolonging, all right grade of antithetical couplets, strengthen and lengthen the distance
Defend the interference-free index of thunder: Can resist the discharge 15KV of air, contact and discharge 8KV KVM lengthening device, KVM extending device, KVM shared device, KVM, KVM lengthens, KVM switching over device, the keyboard is lengthened, the mouse is lengthened, the computer keyboard mouse reveals that lengthens, far distance control computer, the interface lengthens, KVM extend, keyboard long-line driver, mouse long-line driver, KVM interface extending device, long-line driving, paired line transmission equipment.

Contacts: Lillian Huang
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VGA video only person who carry / the intersection of VGA and the intersection of optic fibre and person who transmit / the intersection of video and optic fibre it transmits VGA to be only carrying machine

VGA video only carrying machine | VGA optic fibre transmitting device | The video optic fibre is transmitted
In the extensive field is employed, often need to transport the distant place to deal with VGA signal source. The most outstanding problem is as follows, the signal received at a distance leans towards color, fuzzy, the signal produces the ghost image and hangovers and the wove is interfered with. Many mould / single the intersection of mould and video person who carry serial products specially for solve the the intersection of project and problem design only. This apparatus supports the simulation RGBHV of No. one to input, one group is only exported and monitored and exported a route of simulation RGBHV here, not only can realize transmission (are transmit 1920& times at a long distance of the simulation VGA signal; 1080@60Hz, under the situation of signal, its maximum to transmit distance can up to 2000 meters (large mould) /10 kilometers (single mould) )And support RS232, VGA, PS2 mouth, audio, MIC,etc. interface, also with the long-range switch machine.
1.Support the offering an explanation rate at most to be up to 1920& times; 1080@60Hz
2.The optic fibre can reach 2000 meters (many moulds) to transmit the distance to the greatest extent
3.The optic fibre can reach 20 kilometers (single mould) to transmit the distance to the greatest extent
4 outputting, any compatible system of only supporting one group, uses simultaneously
5.The apparatus supports interface such as RS232, VGA, PS2 mouth, audio, MIC, also with the long-range switch machine
6.Support the sampling frequency, phase place, picture horizontal level, vertical position of vision to regulate, the signal inputs the instruction
7.Adopt two core in the single root optic fibre to transmit, lower costs greatly
The high-resolution only carrying machine series vga of production and sales that the swan makes the science and technology prosperous, can let the VGA signal pictures of users be transmitted dandily, without ghost image, has not taken off the end, totally reach the desk-top result. The high-quality products firmly get the users of broadcasting and TV, military users, telecommunication users, the favorable comment of government’s users. 2 core VGA only person who carry, the intersection of VGA and person who carry only, carry plane only by the intersection of VGA and video in video, RGB only carries the machine, VGA/DVI/HDMI is only VGA long-range transmitting device, single model’s many model’s optic fibre video transmission of carrying machine

Contacts: Lillian Huang
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Qingdao 3KVA normal product mountain special UPS power Qingdao UPS power 3KVA

About products:

Mountain put out a new generation, 1~3K of castle, upgrade edition, meet user to safe, reliable, high-efficient and demand and whole the intersection of solution and key idea that stability raise day by day specially.

Technical parameter:

Adopt DSP digital control technology
The application of advanced DSP digital control technology, makes the performance of UPS more steady, quality is more superior.

The power factor of load is 0.8
Suitable for the intersection of power consuming and development trend of apparatus, bring ability better year.

The active input power factor is corrected (PFC)
Adopt the active power factor controlled in digitization and correct technology, make the input power factor up to more than 0.98, in order to avoid the pollution of the environment of the electric wire netting, reach energy-conservation, has reduced the purpose of the systematic cost of investment.

Green environmental protection type
This product is green environmental protection type products, accord with every requirement and national electronic information products pollution control management for the order RoHS in environment protecting mode of European Union, in cases the products use normally, will not cause danger to human body and environment.

It is wide to input the frequency range of the voltage
Extremely wide input voltage and frequency range, even can supply power in the remote area where the electric environment is very abominable normally, have reduced the number of times of the battery discharge, has improved the service life of the battery.

Can match the use of generator
It is wide to input voltage and frequency range, can isolate the bad electricity that the generator produced effectively, offer the clean, safe, steady power for load.

Zero is switched over
City, when electricity unstable, UPS supply power conversion time of mode for zero, guarantee security and dependability that load run effectively.

Strong expansion function
The expanded function that the intellectual slot can offer the abundant one, can choose to install Winpower CMC and control card, SNMP card, RS485, AS400 card, EMD environmental monitor.

Contacts: Yang WenLong
Telephone: 860532-82773386
Fax: 860532-83729980
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Address: Rooms of years mansion 1201 of gold No. 88 of No. one of An’shan of the district of Qingdao


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