DZ41W-40P adds the long-rod low-temperature flanged gate valve DZ41W-40P

Shanghai the intersection of Confucianism and Ke valve DZ41W-40P add the intersection of long-rod and the intersection of low-temperature and flanged gate valve, adopt, meet at low temperature sealing materialing and dark cold the intersection of low-temperature and treatment technology, feasible ==Accommodate the medium reachable – 200 ¡æ in temperature, such as liquid nitrogen, as putting through or cutting off the control equipment that the fluid uses on medium pipe lines of ultra-low temperature such as liquid ammonia and low-temperature refrigerant,etc.. Extensively suitable for trades such as the heavy industry, vessel, petrochemical industry, electricity equipping, food machinery,etc. pipeline system.

DZ41W-40P adds the low-temperature flanged gate valve main point of the long-rod:

The valve below zero – 40 ¡æ that originally – -The use for a long time between 200 ¡æ, guarantee the safety. It is the optimal control equipment of pipeline system of ultra-low temperature.

Performance parameter:

1.Make the requirements: DN15 is less than or equal to DN100

2.Service pressure: 0.6Mpa is less than or equal to 32Mpa

3.Applicable temperature: -40 ¡æ- -200 ¡æ

4.The main material of valve body: Stainless steel

DZ41W-40P adds the long-rod low-temperature flanged gate valve

DZ41H low-temperature flanged gate valve DQ41W low-temperature ball valve DJ41W closes at the valve DQ641W pneumatic low-temperature valve DQ941W electronic low-temperature valve DY44H low-temperature relief pressure valve DA41Y at low temperature The low temperature safe valve ZJHPP regulates the valve DSG high-pressure valve DJ41W-25P low-temperature needle valve of DZ11Y-25P low temperature of the filtering device at low temperature at low temperature

. SZ41H valve stem lengthening discharge gate. . Lengthening flanged gate valve of valve stem. . SZ61H valve stem lengthening welding neck discharge gate. . Lengthening forged steel discharge gate of valve stem. .

About products: Shanghai Confucianism whether DZ41W-40P add the intersection of long-rod and the intersection of low-temperature and the intersection of flanged gate valve and famous professional manufacturer in Ke, this valve is mainly to adopt the structural process technology of the lengthening of the valve stem, the discharge gate made, or needs lengthening and opening and closing the discharge gate used on the working condition of the valve stem for the buried, the switch principle relies on the actuating device to drive the valve stem to move and spur or promote the movement direction of the damper to be transverse to fluid direction opening and closing the movement characteristics, control the apparatus put through or ended and used of fluid medium, used in the running water extensively, as regulating and damming the device to use on body pipelines such as sewage, architecture, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, light textile, electricity, vessel, metallurgy, energy system,etc..

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