Import the relief valve 4373.2622

Shanghai revitalizes the auspicious commercial installation Co., Ltd. to supply with Germany LESER relief valve

[Product company ]: Series of the German Leser relief valve 437, 459
[About products ]: The relief valve of the compact type, single trim, is suitable for steam, the gas and liquid

Employ: Heat release, compressor, pump, the gas and the carbon dioxide factory, liquefaction petroleum and natural gas of industry transport the car, chemical industry equipment and pipeline, cooling system and oxygen

Characteristic: The compact size has a greater characteristic at the same time

Product specification: 3/8″ – 1 1/2″

Pressure range: 0.1bar- 850bar

Material: Stainless steel, special material

Seal: Soft to seal with hard to seal

Connect the form: Connected sum flange coupling of many kinds of whorls

Contacts: Shen Jie
Telephone: 8602151602012
Fax: 86021-51685158
Web site:
Address: Songjiang new south Road, Lane 1298 No. 55 of Shanghai

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 Power & control products


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