Sewage discharge monitors DATA-9201 in the line monitoring system, discharge of industrial wastes online

Sewage discharge is monitored in the line monitoring system, discharge of industrial wastes online
Sewage discharge monitors the demand of the situation of exhaust of enterprise sewage when it is real that the line monitoring system is satisfied with the supervision department, have solved the problem that blowdown enterprises do not pay even be in arrears with the fee of blowdown actively effectively. This system can realize two following goals:
Monitor blowdown quantity of supervising enterprises and water quality data in real time, can close the blowdown valve long-rangely if necessary.

Realize the intersection of blowdown and precharging, blowdown enterprise need, pay by credit card blowdown after the supervision department pays dues first.

The system forms:
The online monitoring system of sewage discharge is mainly made up of four following parts:
Control center: By the server, switchboard, IC card reader writer, control the software of platform to make up.
Communication network: 4G/GPRS/CDMA +INTERNET network; Non-contact type IC card.
Monitor terminal: The sewage discharge of IC card controls the terminal station DATA-9201.

Site plant: The intersection of COD and analysis meter, electromagnetic flowmeter, electrically operated valve, water quality more appearance ‘ On-demand is disposed) .

Function characteristic:
Gather the RS232/RS485 serial port signal or 4~20mA analog quantity signal that COD analysis meter, other water quality appearances, flow indicators outputted.
Gather reaching the location, closing to the bit status of the electrically operated valve.
Reveal sewage COD and instant, add up to real-time monitoring data such as discharge amount,etc. in situ.
Opening and closing of the electrically operated valve of remote control.
Can supplement the monitor terminal with money through the IC card, after the terminal expenses are consumed, close the electrically operated valve automatically, forbid blowdown; Users continue blowdown after paying the fees.
Support to presume the sewage COD upper value, COD monitoring data prescribe a time limit and turn off the valve automatically, forbid blowdown.
Support the network to supplement long-rangely with money.
When the container door of the monitor terminal is opened, report alert information immediately.
Support in situ, the long-range maintenance equipment.

Reserve the interface of the storage battery, can realize the deenergization warning function after inserting the storage battery.

The software interface is shown:

About key product:
The IC card control device DATA-7218 installs the key apparatus in the blowdown monitor terminal DATA-9201 of the IC card, possess multiple functions such as data acquisition, telecommunication, IC card precharging and valve control.

The control device DATA-7218 of the IC card possesses the following characteristics:
Hand in, D. C. supply will do.
Low power consumption is designed, support the solar energy to supply power.
It is abundant to gather the interface, all kinds of water quality analyzer / sensor, flow instrument of opposing connection.
High-capacity DO exports, avoids the auxiliary relay.
Support logic programming, local automatic control.
Support Mobile APP hairpin, supplement with money, sell the card ‘ With media reader corollary use of flat liter of bluetooth) .
Support the mobile phone APP wirelessly to debug, maintain.

Support the mobile phone APP to download the data.

The control device DATA-7218 technical parameter of the IC card is as follows:

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