The oral question of plasma cutting slope is several kinds of situations SF130

There are oral slopes in plasma cutting, can only reduce inevitably. Classify specifically:
1,The section out of plumb is caused by cut the factoring, for example easy workout part has already been damaged, the atmospheric pressure is too large or insufficient, factors such as the cutting speed,etc., the probably plasma power goes wrong.
2,The ones that cut the straight line and left are not straight, this great majority are because the guide rail of the corresponding direction is not straight, and may cut the position change of setting up in the course, depend on detailed conditions.

Plasma arc cut utilize high-temperature heat of plasma arc make the intersection of work piece and the intersection of cut-out and metal part of melt ‘ And evaporate) ,And borrow at a high speed,etc. the ionic momentum gets rid of the molten metal in order to form and cuts a oral processing method.
Industrial use
Plasma cutting can cut the metal different to cut of various oxygen-cut while cooperating with different job gas, especially to the nonferrous metals ‘ Stainless steel, aluminium, copper, titanium, nickel) It is better to cut the result; Its major advantage lies in when cutting the metal not big of thickness, plasma cutting is fast, especially while cutting the sheet metal of ordinary carbon steel, the intersection of speed and reachable the intersection of oxygen cutting and 5~6, the intersection of cut surface and bright and clean, the intersection of hot deformation and little, fewer heat affected zone of law.
The plasma cut-off machine is applied to the car extensively, all trades and professions such as locomotive, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, common machinery, engineering machinery, steel construction, vessel,etc..

Gas of job
Plasma cutting develops into the gas of adoptable job (the gas of job is the conducting medium of the plasma arc at present, take the hot body, get rid of the molten metal in the cut-out at the same time) There is obvious influence on cut characteristic and cutting the quality, speed. The commonly used plasma arc job gas is argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, air, vapor and some mist.

Cut the norm
Various plasma arcs cut the technological parameters, direct influence cuts the stability, cut quality and result of the course. Mainly cut the norm to sketch as follows:

Idler voltage and arc column voltage
Unless plasma cutting power, it must have high idler voltage enough,could arc ignitions easy and make plasma arc not burnt steadily. The idler voltage is generally 120-600V, half that and the arc column voltage is generally the idler voltage. Improve the arc column voltage, can increase the power of the plasma arc obviously, therefore can raise the cutting speed and cut the metal planking of larger thickness. The arc column voltage often reaches by regulating the gas flow and amount of shrinking while strengthening electrodes, but the arc column voltage can’t exceed 65% of the idler voltage, otherwise will stablize plasma arc no.

Cut the electric current
Can improve the power of the plasma arc while increasing and cutting the electric current, but it is limited by permissible current of maximum, otherwise will make the plasma arc column thicken, the slot width increase, the electrode life-span drop.

Gas flow
It is stronger to increase gas flow and not only can improve the arc column voltage, but also can strengthen the compressed function on the arc column and make the energy of plasma arc more centralizedly, spray strength, therefore can improve cutting speed and quality. But gas flow is too big, will make the arc column shorten instead, heat increases losses, make it subside not to cut ability, until make, cut course to be unable to go on normally.

Amount of shrinking in the electrode
The so-called inner amount of shrinking means the electrode gets in the distance of the end of the cutting tip, the appropriate distance can make the electric arc get good compression in the cutting tip, obtain energy in the centralized plasma arc with high temperature and carry on valid cut. From too big too small, will enable electrode serious burning loss, cutting tip burning off and cut ability to drop. The inner amount of shrinking generally fetches 8-11mm.

The cutting tip height
The cutting tip highly refers to the distances of the surface of work piece to cut of terminal surface of cutting tip. This distance is generally 4~10mm. It is like amount of shrinking in the electrode, the distance does not give full play to the cut efficiency of the plasma arc until being suitable, will make, cut efficiency and cut quality reduction or enable cutting tip burning off.

Cutting speed
The compressed effect of the above-mentioned various factor direct influence plasma arc, that is to influence temperature and energy density of the plasma arc, and high temperature, high-energy of plasma arc determine cutting speed, so various factors of the above relate to cutting speed. On the premise of guaranteeing to cut quality, the cutting speed of improvement that should be possible. This not only boosts productivity but also can reduce the deformation amount of cutting the part and hot range of influence of the slot district. If cutting speed improper, opposite result its, will make it increase not to glue the dreg, cut the quality reduction.

Cutting process
The plasma cutting process is besides general form, the form derived out has water pressure that draws back plasma cutting,etc.. The most frequently used method is general plasma cutting and air plasma cutting.

Generally cut
General plasma cutting does not use the protecting gas, the gas of job and cutting the gas to squirt from the same spray nozzle. At the arc ignition, squirt stingy to shed ion gas as the ionization medium; Cut, squirt atmosphere, shed gas in order to exclude from melting the metal at the same time.

The air cuts
It is angry to generally use compressed air as ion the plasma cutting of air, this kind of method cuts the low cost, the source of source of the gas is convenient. The compressed air heats in the electric arc, decomposing and ionization, the oxygen produced cuts through the metal and produces the chemical exothermal reaction, accelerate the cutting speed. The heat content value of air plasma body of abundant ionization is high, therefore the energy of the electric arc is great, it is fast to cut.

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