U.S.A. GRACO firm Ruiker GBL7500 compressor lube oil pump ManzelGBL7500

U.S.A. GRACO firm Ruiker GBL7500 compressor lube oil pump
ManzelGBL7500 pump

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GRACO lube oil pump Firm Ruiker lube oil pump Firm Ruiker plunger pump Import the lube oil pump
GBL lube oil pump The compressor lubricates the pump Maintain GBL7500 with plunger pump
GRACO plunger pump

Characteristic and advantage
Each GBL 7500 single plunger pump is driven in mechanical way through storing the camshaft in the pot. According to the ram
The difference of specifications, every journey of these pumps is instilled and counted and can be regulated between 1 to 27, maximum pressure is reachable
7500 psi. All working parts are totally sealed, can be dustproof, waterproof and preventing the impurity from entering, at the same time
Use and store the fluid in the pot to carry on the self-lubrication at any time. The structure of these pumps is firm, therefore the characteristic is outstanding, pass
It is long and durable, in addition the output of pump is easy to regulate.
Typical application:
The typical fluid of processaable:
Mineral oil or synthetic oil

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Web site: http://www.szgraco.com.cn
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