WZ641H pneumatic high-temperature flanged gate valve WZ641H

The pneumatic high-temperature flanged gate valve utilizes compressed air, drive the pneumatic piston actuator, drive the valve clack, achieve the goal of opening and closing the valve control fluid, realize remote control and automation control. The discharge gate adopts the containment structure of the corrugated pipe, change and seal it for static seal, the sealing property is improved greatly. The discharge gate of corrugated pipe has been realized and sealed doubly, the stainless steel corrugated pipe is protected and sealed, the packing of valve stem is protected and sealed, if the corrugated pipe fails, the packing of valve stem will avoid letting out. Guarantee the valve has not been revealed in a situation that it is strong to permeate in high-temperature high pressure, medium. The intersection of sealing surface and the intersection of build-up welding and stainless steel or the intersection of cobalt base and carbide or the intersection of person who adopt the nonmetallic material and many kinds of associations, it is wear-resisting, corrosion resisting and resisting and rubing the long sealed association of life time of good performance to make up in order to meet various working condition requirements. Guarantee the valve lets out the phenomenon in not having without leaking promptly. Suitable for the air, steam, heat conduction oil and flammable, explosive, poisonous, medium of radiating etc.. Apply to fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, nuclear industry,etc. extensively.

The main performance parameter of the pneumatic high-temperature flanged gate valve:

The name of product: Pneumatic ripple discharge gate

Item Model: WZ641F/H/Y, WZ611F/H/Y

Nominal size: DN15-DN450

Nominal pressure: PN1.0MPa-PN4.0MPa

Connection mode: Flange, whorl, welding (welding neck, SOCKET-WELDING)

Driving means: Pneumatically

The pressure of source of the gas: 0.4MPa- 0.7MPa

The mode of action: Double-action (the air to open, air to close) Or single function is (normally open, normally closed)

Pneumatic high-temperature flanged gate valve valve body material: Carbon steel, stainless steel

Applicable medium: Air, steam, heat conduction oil and flammable, explosive, poisonous, medium of radiating etc.

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