Blade BUSCH of general brilliance of the rising sun

Supply Germany with a general brilliance of the rising sun Busch vacuum pump, vacuum pump fittings: Oil mist separator

Supply the vacuum pump of German general brilliance of the rising sun, the vacuum pump speciality is maintained, vacuum pump fittings, blade of the vacuum pump

Supply RA0160 vacuum pump, the blade part of the vacuum pump is numbered: 0722000452

Series RA: RA 0100/0063/0160/0250/0302/0630 R5 series R50100/0250/0302/0305 vacuum pump fittings, for instance: Oil mist separator / oil and gas separator / exhaust gas filter, the blade, carbon slice, import the carbon one, the by-pass oil filter / oil separates, the air filter / air filter element / wind separates, the air assembly, import the vacuum pump specialized oil, cooling-down fan, fan blade, the fan cover, grease nipple, oil seal, the bearing, moistening the bearing, the bearing carrier ring, style / air inlet filter element, exhaust valve, evacuation transfer plate, check valve, against transfer plate, gas-ballatsing valve, look at the oil mirror, sealed kit, even axial organ, even the axial organ cushion, axial organ even resist shock the glue, the vacuum meter, pressure gauge, controlling valve.

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ZZYP self-operated pressure regulator ZZYP

The Model ZZYP self-operated pressure regulator does not need any extra energy, utilize the spontaneous actuator products that regulated of medium adjusted. The self-operated pressure regulator maximum characteristic of the Model ZZYP, can work in electroless, airless place, while the power saving, the set point of the pressure can adjust in operation at will. Adopt and make the flowrate characteristic quickly, movements are sensitive, seal and of good performance, therefore it is applied to the petroleum extensively, chemical industry, electricity, metallurgy, food, light textile, machine-building and resident building group of buildings,etc. various gas, mediums liquid vaporized reduce pressure, voltage regulation in various commercial installation ( Regulate after being used the valve) ,Or releasing press, hold press ( Used and regulated in front of the valve) Automatic control. It can be in & le to set up the air conditioner; Use under 350 ¡æ temperature.
[Technical parameter ]

Nominal size DN (mm) 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
Nominal pressure PN (MPa) 1.6,4.0,6.4
Control band of pressure (KPa) 15- 50,40- 80,60- 100,80- 140,120- 180,160- 220,200- 260,240- 300,280- 350,330- 400,380- 450,430- 500,480- 560,540- 620,600- 700,680- 800,780- 900,880- 1000,600- 1500,1000- 2500

Use mediums Hot water, steam, various gas and low-viscosity medium
Use the temperature & le; 80 ¡æ& le; 350 ¡æ

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Sri Lankan sends one gram of 25P relief pressure valves 25P of sha

Sri Lankan sends one gram of 25P relief pressure valves of sha
Telephone 021-51877139 QQ 1958130450 mobile phone 18717750063 forest policies Welcome to call to consult
· The products advantage: Stock advantage Advantage of the reasonable price

Sri Lankan sends one gram of 25 serial master valve type diaphragm type controlling valves of sha

Sri Lankan sends one gram of 25 serial master valve type diaphragm type controlling valves of sha, through to the pluralistic association of the same master valve, different type master valve, vaporized temperature and/or pressure of very valid control

Sri Lankan sends the demands of the complete basis user of engineering of one gram of 25 serial controlling valves of sha, its pluralistic association can have any other controlling valves to match in excellence or beauty with it in the industrial circle. In order to realize independence and economy of the multi-objective control equipment, can make many kinds of control up on the same master valve, no matter the temperature control, pressure governing or two can react fast, control is accurate, safe and reliable together

Meanwhile, all parts of 25 serial controlling valves can be decomposed and checked or maintained, do not need to move the main valve body in the pipe line. The accurate lectotype is maintained with installing. Can guarantee its long-term unfailing service even more.

Operating principle

It start lead the way spring valve in white by at the time of state,there are in closing state on master valve and master valve. The master valve is applied and open by spring force, the steam enters the main diaphragm room via the master valve, some steam is flowed out via the control orifice, as the steam that is flowed into by the master valve is greater than the operating pressure in the main soil diaphragm room of steam that is flowed out by the control orifice to increase, open the master valve. Flow through the master valve with the steam, the increment of the downstream pressure is feedbacked via the reaction tube, act on the master valve diaphragm, equilibrate the overhead spring pressure of diaphragms, make the master valve close and reduce expenditure gradually, the pressure that keeps in the main diaphragm room, control the opening of master valve to send right amount of steam. Regulate the spring namely alterable downstream pressure on the master valve diaphragm.

Key feature

Master valve spring: The spring of three kinds of colors: Can offer from. Different pressures are controlled accurately in 2-1barg range.

Temperature control dial: Required temperature of fast accurate settlement.

Temperature reactor: Do not need compensatory liquid, the change of the instant temperature of reaction in the Temp.-controlling component, offer accurate control.

A hundred per cent test: Every 25 the intersection of regulation and sections of valve of series try by side before not dispatching from the factory, so as to ensure failure-free operation.

Relief pressure valve of Model 25P

When the relief pressure valve of Model 25P is in the upstream pressure and variation on load, still very accurate control downstream pressure, maximum its reduce pressure ratio to be 10:1 reachable. Accurate lectotype and installs and maintaining, the long term operation made without reason that 25P relief pressure valve can be safe and reliable

25T -type Temp.-controlling valve

Very accurate delicate control temperature of the 25T -type Temp.-controlling valve. Debug and installation is simple and convenient, do not need outside pressures such as electricity, compressed air,etc., the work is safe and reliable.

25TE -type Temp.-controlling valve, take electromagnetic valve control

The 25TE -type Temp.-controlling valve has all characteristics of the Model 25T valve, can use accurately and control the temperature of steam systems. While can be realized remote on off control by the electromagnetic valve.

The relief pressure valve of Model 25PE, take electromagnetic valve control

The relief pressure valve of Model 25PE has all characteristics of the Model 25P valve, can use the accurate pressure of controlling the steam system. While can be realized remote on off control by the electromagnetic valve

Controlling valve of the Model 25PT

The controlling valve comprehensive Temp.-controlling valve of the Model 25PT and characteristic of the relief pressure valve, can realize the control of temperature and pressure at the same time, have avoided installing relief pressure valve and Temp.-controlling valve separately. 25PT valve normal working hour functions as relief pressure valve, the Temp.-controlling valve does the moon from when the temperature is close to the setting temperature, obtain required control temperature.

The controlling valve of the Model 25PTE, take electromagnetic valve control

The controlling valve of the Model 25PTE has all characteristics of the Model 25PT valve, while can be realized remote on off control by the electromagnetic valve.

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Power NES-150 of bright latitude

Type (Enclosed Type) Handing in 늒s sacrificial ware of sources
Series G3

Function characteristic
• Miniaturization, PFC function
• Gao Xin Ù‡ degree, can bear 5G and shake Åc’s operation high ­h at 70 ¡æ
• Can bear 300VAC abrupt-wave Ý” to enter, the whole series use the high life ëŠ of 105 ¡æ to hold
• ßm is used in Ý{ severe job ­h border jointly
• RID series Ý” appears 2½M separates ëx
Type ÙY material
RS-15 / RS-25 / RS-35 / RS-50 / RS-75 / RS-100 / RS-150
RD-35 / RD-50 / RD-65 / RD-85 / RD-125
RID-50 / RID-65 / RID-85 / RID-125
Three ½M
RT-50 / RT-65 / RT-85 / RT-125
Four ½M
RQ-50 / RQ-65 / RQ-85 / RQ-125
Series NE

Function characteristic
• ½› type series of PFC function
• Miniaturization, protect ×o’s function completely
• Low tile of ½›set up Gui’s according with series the most
Type ÙY material
NES-15 / NES-25 / NES-35 / NES-50 / NES-75 / NES-100 /
NES-150 / NES-200 / NES-350
NED-35 / NED-50 / NED-75 / NED-100
Three ½M
NET-35 / NET-50 / NET-75
Series SE

Function characteristic
• PFC function, protects ×o’s function completely
• High tile set up Gui’s according with series in the ½› type
Type ÙY material
SE-200 / SE-350 / SE-450 / SE-600 / SE-1000 / SE-1500
Series PFC

Function characteristic

• Because ³C’s straight function (active PFC) of building main fact power
• The whole ¹ ëŠÝ” is entered, the function is intact

Type ÙY material
SP-75 / SP-100 / SP-150 / SP-200 / SP-240 / SP-320 / SP-480 /
SP-500 / SP-750 / PSP-600
Three ½M
TP-75 / TP-100 / TP-150
Four ½M
QP-100 / QP-150 / QP-200 / QP-320 / QP-375
ï@ shows and rejects using

Function characteristic
• Because ³C’s straight function (active PFC) of building main fact power
• A ëŠ of Ý”:
HSP series 2.5V, 3.6V, 3.8V, 5V½M·N
HDP series 2.8V / a ·N of 3.8Vëp½MÝ”
• ßm is shut to show and reject using in ï@ with high capacity and efficiency
• PCB adds dampproofly
Type ÙY material
HSP-150 / HSP-250
HDP-190 / HDP-240

Series SPV

Function characteristic
• Ý” produce ëŠ the intersection of Õ{ÔO and Yu Yuan the intersection of îa nd 20~110% of definite value
Type ÙY material
SPV-150 / SPV-300 / SPV-1500


Function characteristic
• 1U lower altitude
• Because ³C’s straight function (active PFC) of building main fact power
• ïL’s fan ÔOÓ‹
Type ÙY material
USP-150 / USP-225 / USP-350 / USP-500

Series RSP

Function characteristic

• Because ³C’s straight function (active PFC) of lower altitude, building main fact power
• 750W is 3000W high tile, the function is intact
• 1000W 3000W builds “’s function

Type ÙY material
RSP-320 / RSP-750 / RSP-1000 / RSP-1500 / RSP-2000 /
RSP-2400 / RSP-3000

Series G5

Function characteristic
• Because ³C’s straight function (active PFC) of building main fact power
• With high capacity and efficiency, empty Ýd waits to consume the tile & lt; 0.5W
• Protected firm one in 5
Type ÙY material
HRP-75 / HRP-100 / HRP-150 / HRPG-150 / HRP-200 /
HRPG-200 / HRP-300 / HRPG-300 / HRP-450 / HRPG-450 /
HRP-600 / HRPG-600

Series MSP

Function characteristic
• át¯Ÿ spend person who put, build main fact type power because ³C’s straight function (active PFC)
• MOOP,etc.? ?
• With high capacity and efficiency, empty Ýd waits to consume the tile & lt; 0.5W
• Protected firm one in 5
Type ÙY material
MSP-100 / MSP-200 / MSP-300

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ZCS-300F solenoid valve for water ZCS-300F

ZCS-300F solenoid valve for water

Supply the electromagnetic valve price of ZCS liquid: Supply ZCS liquid electromagnetic valve producer, ZCS liquid electromagnetic valve introduced:

First. Use of the products

This valve is suitable for regarding water or other air liquid as the job medium, but workers such as automation control or remote control air, water, oil liquid,etc.

Make the make-and-break of the pipe line of medium.

Two. Structural features

Diaphragm-type two-shot valve opening structure of the guide

This valve adopts rubber seal, so the cleaning degree requirement for the job medium is lowered greatly

Open and close fast, highly reliable

Small, it is of good performance to seal, it is convenient to install and maintain.

Three. Technical parameter

Working condition

Closing type – energization to open, normal open type – shut off while being energization

Job medium

The oil and other that air, water, degree of viscosity are less than or equal to 4 degrees of E is not corrosivity fluids

Medium temperature ¡æ

Less than or equal to 70

Nominal pressure Mpa


The work presses difference Mpa

0.05~1.0 0.1~1.0 0.15~1.0

Mains voltage

AC220V other specifications can do the special order

Coefficient KV of rated flow

According to JB/T7352-94 regulation

Letting out amount ml/min

According to JB/T7352-94 F regulation

Nominal to lead to the foot-path mm

10 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300

The work consumes VA

AC< 36V DC< 20W

AC< 50VA DC< 35W

Unexplosive sign


The unexplosive card is numbered


The outlet line port is connected

Female screw thread M20 * Lead wire of unexplosive of 1.5 or 1.5 meters

Ambient temperature

-5- +40 ¡æ(not freeze)

Keyword: Solenoid valve for water Casting iron electromagnetic valve ZCS liquid electromagnetic valve producer

co? ? rd? ? 8? ? ? ? Eager to break the valve producer Supply ZCRB gas burning urgent cut-off valve products

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In front of installing the electromagnetic valve, the pipeline must be washed. Installed the filter in front of the valve, the steam conduit installed and dredged the water valve

Can’t install the valve on the low scoop of the pipeline, so as not to hinder movements because vaporized condensed water, impurity,etc. are precipitated in the valve

Keyword: The stainless steel electromagnetic valve ZCNG of high-pressure electromagnetic valve of high-temperature electromagnetic valve, ZCNH high-temperature high-pressure electromagnetic valve

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Huo Ni Weill HercuLine 2000 serial actuating mechanism HERCULINE 2000

/Programmable electron and electrical relay were exported, the non-contact type position is sensory, have not braked designing without carrying driving, input / export (4 mA to 20 mA, 1.0 V to 5.0 V, the figure) .

The products are described
Herculine™ The actuator offers the high reliability and low demands of maintenance for required environment. Stable structure and uniform load motor have reduced the overall maintenance cost and dispelled the unexpected accident. These characteristics guarantee the accurate and repeatable characteristic in the running life of the actuator in conjunction with electromic unit of grade of art.
Herculink™ PDA software can be visited and is regarded as Herculine™ 2001,2002,10260S and 11280S actuator canonial procedure and communication function, but does not need to increase the keyboard in situ and reveal the expenses of HMI. Use one Palm™ PDA and Herculink™ Software and one RS232/485 can be in situ or to the remote configuration of the actuator in the intersection of converter and you, standardization and visiting information.

Herculine 2000
The opening/closing is controlled
P control of position
Self-locked / unlocked the gear drive chain
90 ° And 150 deg; Adjustable journey
As to 150& deg; From 16.0 second in journey to the intersection of 75.0 second and journey time
Last key feature Herculine 2000 Herculine 2001 and:
The figure, programmable electromic unit
The electric current or voltage sets up point control long-rangely
The available one reveals and the keyboard in situ
Modbus RTU communication
Herculink™ Palm™ PDA software compatible
The available programmable electrical relay is exported
Herculine 2002 – Herculine be belonged to that 2001 key feature and:
Non-contact position sensing non-contact type position is sensory
Programmable relays programmable electrical relay
Auto/Manual switch is automatic / the craft is switched over

Typical application
Dampers flapper
Butterfly valve
Rotating shaft valve

Huo Ni Weill floor accuses of the series of products, include the motor driven valve, the electronic butterfly valve, fan coil unit thermostat, DDC, the filter, the dynamic equalizing valve,etc..

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Oxidize the power / hard oxidizing commutating machine 15000A

Hard to oxidize the characteristic of the power

First, high reliability: On the application foundation of electric plating trade for many years, being innovated constantly, the complete machine is reasonable in design, main spare part adopt, import the device while being good, the key part adopts the international patented technology products, the controlling circuit adopts the proprietary technology, it is complete to protect, it is extremely good to isolate and antisepticize the measure. Second, high stability: The system meets an emergency fast, has extremely strong adaptability as to the network electronic and variation on load, output precision is reachable 1%. Third, electric-saving is effectual: Can economize on electricity by 15-30% than the silicon controlled rectifier, will play an important role to lower costs definitely in electric plating enterprises. Fourth, small, light: Volume and weighing 1/5-1/10 of the silicon controlled rectifier, the convenient your planning, enlargement of the factory moves and installation.

Hard to oxidize the application area of power

Apply to device of all kinds of materials and surface treat extensively, the electrophoretic anodic oxidation of electric plating, electrolyze the heat treatment, electrolyze defatted deoiling, electrolytic polishing of eliminating rust of alkali wash of acid cleaning, coloured rare precious metal and rare earth material are solved and smelted, a kind of waste water is electrolyzed and dealt with and the electrolysis of the waste is retrieved in industrial water treatment, the electrolysis of the spare part of precision optical machinery is processed, storage battery and polar plate are charged and discharged to melt to measure and weld, the diamond, carborundum and fire resisting material heat power and ultrasonic plasma and weld and cut the power. Product specification: 1. Input voltage: AC220/380V 2. Export the DC current: DC0- 10A,100A 1000A is optional; 3.Export the direct-current volts: DC 0- 6V, 12V is optional; 4.The precision of voltage regulation: Less than or equal to 1% 5. The precision of current regulator: Less than or equal to 1% 6. Overall efficiency: Greater than or equal to 90% 7. Ambient temperature: -20 ¡æ- 45 ¡æ 8. Working condition: Long term operation of full load. 9.Operation mode: The box voltage of the long distance control, the electric current reveals 10. Panel display: Output voltage, the electric current reveals 11. Insulation class: B-staged

Hard to oxidize the main function of the power

The main function of the system includes job mode switching, overvoltage protection, low-voltage protection, open-phase protection, overheat protective, overcurrent protection of current regulator / voltage regulation,etc.. Current regulator / job mode switching of steady voltage. Under current regulator and voltage regulation operating mode, system accuracy reachable ¡À 1%. Pass low-voltage protection. The system allows excursion of electric wire netting to be 380¡À 10% V, passes the network electronic change of automatic supervision of protective circuit of voltage shortage, when network electronic to go beyond the admissible range instant, the automatic pulse width of the system, guarantee the normal operation of the apparatus. Open-phase protection. When the trouble of the electric wire netting causes the open phase of the apparatus to run, systematic automatic shutdown. Overcurrent protection. When the excessive load phenomenon takes place in the working phase of the power, the system can be effective the protection device is booked completely. Overheat protective. As extremely worsening, adhere to situations such as foreign matter,etc. seriously on stopping up, surface of the internal fault of the ventilation system, heat-dissipating part of ventilation system, when the causing machine wind temperature exceeds the setting temperature, the automatic inoperation of the power, send out the alarm signal at the same time. Cooling way: Water-cooling.

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Variable frequency power supply / AC stabilized supply / variable frequency power supply DPS1010 of the exchange

Output capacity: 1KVA; Output voltage: 2V- 150V is (low-grade) ; 2V- 300V is (top-grade) (1¦µ) ,Voltage stability: Less than or equal to 0.2%;
The voltage, basic precision of ammeter: ¡À (0.4% of the reading and +0.1% of the quantums and +1 words) ,
The basic precision of the power meter: ¡À [0.4% reading + () +1 words of %’s quantum)
Maximum output current: 9.2A is (low-grade) /4.6A is (top-grade) ;
Output frequency: 40.0Hz- 65.0Hz; 65.0Hz- 450Hz (select) ; Frequency stability: Less than or equal to 0.03% of the reading and +1 words
Harmonic distortion: Less than or equal to 0.5% (40.0Hz- 100Hz) ; Less than or equal to 1% (101Hz- 450Hz) Resistance load is fully loaded with
Power efficiency: 80%;
Self-protection function: Export shorting out, excessive load, over load, internal protective circuit of excessive heating of power device and know the automatic break to export, sound and light alarm.
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Active reactive power compensation INAS-A-150A-03-380V of electricity

Type: iNAS-A-150A-03-380V

Mains voltage of power supply

380 x (1± 15%) V

Can apply to 6kV, 10kV and 35kV system through the voltage transformer

Interstar connection way

Three-phase the strategic hinterland of China

Mains frequency of supplying power

50 x (1± 2%) Hz

The single machine is filtered effectively

Electric current ability RMS


Can filtrate the harmonic order

2-50 times (dispel all or harmonic wave selecting the number of times)

The harmonic intensity is presumed

Can presume every subharmonic alone

Harmonic compensation rate *

¨R 95%

Total response time

¨Q 5ms

Compensate the way

Harmonic compensation, reactive power compensation or the harmonic idle work, with mending

Switching frequency


It is be combined with other handset the running ability

N platform is parallel, propose 10 at most in speciality

The effective power is consumed

< 3% of nominal capacity

Display function

(user interface)

Power of the electric wire netting, power factor, current value of every phase voltage, total distortion of the electric current, spectrogram, electric current waveform reveal, support total current value, the intersection of filter output and total the intersection of current value and revealing, setting for, dry node setting up, failure message and run time inquiry of run mode

Guard mode

The electric wire netting passes voltage shortage, wrong open phase, excessive load of the device, excessive heating of the device, direct-flow bus wire of electric wire netting and passes the voltage shortage, automatic currentlimiting protection of over load

Cooling way

Force the cold wind


¨Q 65 dB(A)

Protection grade

Ip 43 (higher protection grade is customizable)

Install the size

W x D x H(mm)

800 x 800 x 2200

Only if can produce to dimension according to the client requirement

Weight Kg



RAL7032 (can offer other colors on request)

Incoming line direction

Enterprising line /lay incoming line


The intersection of indoor and installation, propose, install height above sea level less than 2400m to be (high-altitude to take, lower, hold, use)

Ambient temperature

-20 ¡æ- 40 ¡æ


Long-range RS485/RS232 / communication function of Ethernet is available; Upper computer monitoring software ( Apolegamy)

Second, active electric electric-wave filter definition

Active electric electric-wave filter (APF, Active Power Filter) Insert the electric wire netting in a parallel way, sample CT and monitor the load current in real time through high precision, convert to the readable signal of the digital processor, pass a series of operation, by way of PWM modulation, control the central IPM to output with the electric current with equal harmonic component, with opposite phase place, achieve and dispel the purpose that the harmonic wave purifies the electric wire netting.

Third, employ the target

The intersection of Frequency Conversion Equipment and the intersection of steady load and steel plant, coloured metallurgy, the intersection of port and machinery, spot welder and the intersection of electric arc furnace and the intersection of chemical industry equipment and high-accuracy various automatic production line all kinds of? ? The apparatus flows, commutate the voltage transformer All kinds of thermostatical apparatus, microwave oven Intermediate frequency stove Base station of the communication system Lighting load such as the computer, copying machine, lift, fluorescent lamp, electricity-saving lamp Uninterrupted power system ( UPS ) Frequency conversion AC and central air conditioner.

Fourth, overall advantage

1.Fast ability to respond

The advanced algorithm makes this product calculate the output of the next switching frequency within 100us time, so the speed of response is less than 100us, can implement fast compensation in changing the comparatively frequent harmonic wave.

2.High-level reliability

Have output current, the frank flow side voltage, frank flow side are under voltage, many kinds of protection functions of exchanging the electric current of side, exchanging the integrated protection of inert zone protection of side voltage, IGBT and IGBT etc., guarantee when the system or apparatus runs unusually, making the apparatus backout run reliably or protection system and apparatus.

3.High-capacity compensation ability

The compensation ability of the active filter is limited by IGBT capacity, difficult to compensate for high-capacity harmonic wave, product this accomplish, carry on the intersection of Combined cabinet and dilatation unrestricted, make, become possible to the intersection of high capacity and harmonic compensation, and lowered costs greatly.

4.Simple operating method and structure

Easy to operate, only need to enter the system with load in parallel, does not need to carry on miscellaneous operation. The internal structure is succinct, change flowing device into the modular construction, it is apt to install and safeguard, after the access system, needing manual intervention can be operated normally.

5.High cost performance

Domesticize technology in an all-round way, respects such as control device, converter and product structure,etc. have autonomous intellectual property rights.

6.Energy-saving and cost-reducing ability

But the speech of comparing with the passive filter, the active filter is not filtered through setting up a harmonic thorough fare, so active filter can economize to come down harmonic the intersection of distortion power and these part completely, therefore guarantee the user gets the direct energy-conserving income.

Fifth, technology compare

Passive filter (PF)

Great Britain receives bodyguard’s active electric electric-wave filter (APF)

Construct and the principle

The device composed of dull electric-wave filter and high-pass filter carries on harmonic compensation

Have adopted the electric electronic device to go on

Harmonic compensation is required

The compensation result that only has on some subharmonics, compensate the result badly while changing to the harmonic wave

Not limited to the compensation of some subharmonics, and compensate fast dynamic tracking to the harmonic wave changed

Resistant influence of the electric wire netting

Compensate the characteristic and is affected greatly by impedance of electric wire netting

Compensate the characteristic and is not influenced by impedance of electric wire netting

Syntony phenomenon

Under the particular frequency, connect series resonance in parallel between impedance and LC filter of electric wire netting, thus magnify the harmonic current or voltage.

Do not have syntony phenomenon with the systematic electric wire netting

Energy-conserving result



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Manual pressure regulator LW-TDGC

Pressure regulator series LW-TDGC2 are the 14th batch of energy-conserving products of electromechanical industry. In fields such as voltage regulation, Temp.-controlling, speed governing, adjusting luminance, power control,etc.. It is very extensive to employ, LW-TDGC2J, Model TSGC2J pressure regulator products appearance take the form of hexagon, belong to the old products; LW-TDGC2, Model TSGC2 pressure regulator appearance take the form of four corners, belong to the new products. Pressure regulator – -Use the occasion Industry Light industry Household electrical appliance Lighting system Pressure regulator – -Properties of product Input voltage Single-phase 220 Three phases (three-phase four-wire) Single-phase three-phase 0-430V working frequency 50Hz/60Hz efficiency 0-250 and 90% of the wave distortion 380V output voltage has not added distortedly and warmly and promoted & lt; Single-phase 5M¦¸ three-phase 2M¦¸ pressure regulator the intensity 2000V/min insulation resistance of 60 ¡æ electric-resisting – -Lectotype brief 1 on and the intersection of pressure regulator and products this can’t many to use 2, the intersection of three-phase and products must can insert zero line normal 3 work, product this indoor use only in parallel only. –It is safe and reliable to use.

Click to enter company’s official site: Stabilizator

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