Line with Fluorine butterfly valve Q371

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FEP(F46) , PCTFE(F3) It line with it is applicable in butterfly valve in Fluorine until – 50 ¡æ150 ¡æ chlorazotic acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and various organic acids, strong acids, oxidizing agents strongses of different density, FEP is still suitable for strong alkali organic solvent and other corrosivity gas, pipe line of the liquid dielectric of various density to use.

D371F46, F3- – 10, 10C, 10P
D371F46, F3- – 16, 16C, 16P
ANSI 125Lb 150Lb

Major part and material
Part name
Upper and lower valve bodies
Casting iron, cast steel, stainless steel, lining with F46, F3
Valve seat
Cast steel
Take the pole butterfly’s board
Cast steel, stainless steel, lining with F46, F3
Silicon rubber
Hand grip of the worm gear
OT400- 1 5 ductile iron

Line with the standard of Fluorine butterfly valve
Design criteria
Structure length
Flange standard
JB/ T79- 78
GB9113.1- 26
Inspection test
GB/ T1 3927
Driving means
Worm gear, manually, electronically, pneumatically

Contacts: Huang Jie
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Electromagnetic flowmeter CHLDCHLD

CHLD intellectual electromagnetic flowmeter has especially designed the wide thermal Chinese liquid crystal display in a poor light of bringing, multiple functional and practical, reveal ocularly, it is easy to use to operate, can reduce needless trouble and mistake that the English menu of other electromagnetic flowmeters bring.

The main performance index of electromagnetic flowmeter of the Model CHLD:
Nominal size: DN10- DN2600
Nominal pressure: 0.6MPa( DN1200- DN2000)
1.0MPa( DN200- DN1000)
1.6MPa( DN65- DN150)
4.0MPa( DN10- DN50)
Medium electric conductivity: Greater than or equal to 5¦Ì s/cm
Measurement limit: 1500:1 The velocity of flow presumes & lt; 15m/s
Electrode material: Includes the alloy C, titanium, tantalum, platinum / iridium alloy, stainless steel in alloy B, Kazakhstan in stainless steel of molybdenum, Kazakhstan and coat the tungsten carbide
Lining material: Gather the chloroprene rubber, teflon (PTFE) , F46, PFA, polyurethane rubber
Medium temperature:
Split type: The cube rubber lining of chlorine, polyurethane lining: -10 ¡æ- +80 ¡æ
The intersection of PTFE and lining, the intersection of PFA and lining, the intersection of F46 and lining: -10 ¡æ- +160 ¡æ
Integrated: -10 ¡æ- +80 ¡æ
Ambient temperature:
Separate type: -25 ¡æ- 60 ¡æ
Integrated: -10 ¡æ- 60 ¡æ
Precision: ¡À 0.5% of indicated value, ¡À 0.3% or ¡À 0.2% of available indicated value
The outer cover is protected: IP65, IP68 can be selected(IP65: DT, anti-spraying; IP68: DT, can be continuously soaked with water. )
Unexplosive marks: Exmb¢ò T4
Connection mode: Flange

Contacts: Cheng Yu
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Big Rocco’s DP series high performance has no spring to force down and press the diaphragm valve 6LVV-DPHBW4-P-C high generation

DP series high performance does not have spring diaphragm valve that is suitable for the ultra-high purity use

316L VIM-VAR stainless steel valve body

Undervoltage and high pressure are two kinds of valve types

VCR® ,Clutch welding neck of card and module surface mounting head joint

Or pneumatic actuator manually


Valve seat

Include PCTFE valve seat and design offering completely:

The superior one resists bloated and pollution prevention strength

Improved helium is tried the leaking

The few particle is produced

Long life


Elgiloy® The material, there are intensity and anti-corrosion strength

Long-lasting optimum design

Valve body

316L VIM-VAR stainless steel valve body

The material, is suitable for the ultra-high purity use

Can totally clean the runner

Make the damming area minimum

It is easy to purify

Maximum of flow capacity

Various piecings, valve, stainless steel tube and American MOTT series filter of the a full range of agent South Korean TK’s, welcome to negotiate.

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General Luo’s special measurement pump CONC of the pump

General Luo’s special measurement pump, with the brine measurement pump product introduction & gt; > Electromagnetic measurement pump & gt; > CONCEPT C serial accurate measurement pumps

General Luo’s specially CONCEPT C series measurement pump is by microprocessor control, short stroke, diaphragm type measurement pump of solenoid drive. The CONCEPT C series measurement pump has received the favorably noticing unanimously of the masses of users for many years with its exquisite structure, reliable characteristic, superior cost performance. Have the good one that is able to bear chemical corrosion behavior because of the pump head material, can measure nearly all chemical liquid in various technological processes accurately.

General Luo’s special measurement pump is with measurement pump CONCEPT C serial accurate measurement pump characteristics of brine:
Positive discharge capacity measurement pump, compact, reliable and durable of solenoid drive.
Many kinds of alternative types, measure the range from 0.7- 23 l/h, the pressure is 1.5- 16 bar.
It is available that the multi-type has good pump head material able to bear chemical corrosion behavior.
The intersection of stroke length and the intersection of nationality and from 0 hand knob- 100% are regulated(best control band in 30 continuously- 100% )
It is superior to ¡À 2% to repeat the metering accuracy
The stroke is various informative in alter-cycle control:
Hand regulation realizes three kinds measure the frequency fixedly: 100%, 50%, 25%
Signal control of external passive contact and 100%, 50% two kinds fixed frequency are available
Outside simulation 4- 20mA electric current signal control and 100%, 50% Liang plant fixed frequency availably
Liquid level protects auto-lock: Time as connecting with the liquid level of the medical kit systematically, according to the alarm signal of liquid level, the measurement pump can be stopped automatically
Stop working, avoid dallying.
General Luo’s special measurement pump is with measurement pump CONCEPT C serial accurate measurement pump working conditions of brine:
Ambient temperature: -10 ¡æ- + 45 ¡æ
Power: 220V, 50Hz
Power: 12W/16W/24W
Protect the grade: IP65
Insulation class: F

General Luo employs with measurement pump CONCEPT C serial accurate measurement pumps of brine special measurement pump: Can measure nearly all and common chemical liquid in trades such as water treatment, petrochemical industry, hygiene, beverage,etc., for example the lye, acidic liquid, solution, disinfectant, agglomerating agent, cooling column including chlorine use chemical medicine etc..

General Luo’s special measurement pump is with measurement pump CONCEPT C serial accurate measurement pump performance parameters of brine:
Type Maximum carries the measurement ability depressed Stroke frequency Interface size
External diameter * Internal diameter It allows to suck the end
Inlet pressure Power Weight
bar l/h ml/stroke
1600 16 0.7 0.125 90 6*4 8 12 2.5
1601 16 1.0 0.14 120 6*4 8 16 2.5
1602 16 1.5 0.14 180 6*4 8 24 2.5
1201 12 1.21 0.215 90 6*4 5.5 12 2.5
1202 12 1.7 0.24 120 6*4 5.5 16 2.5
1203 12 2.5 0.24 180 6*4 5.5 24 2.5
1001 10 1.63 0.29 90 8*5 3 12 2.7
1002 10 2.3 0.32 120 8*5 3 16 2.7
1003 10 3.4 0.31 180 8*5 3 24 2.7
0703 7 2.66 0.47 90 6*4 3 12 2.5
0803 8 3.4 0.48 120 6*4 3 16 2.5
0806 8 5.3 0.48 180 6*4 3 24 2.5
0306 3 6.08 1.08 90 8*5 1.5 12 2.7
0308 3 7.8 1.08 120 8*5 1.5 16 2.7
0313 3 13 1.20 180 8*5 1.5 24 2.7
0212 1.5 11.5 2.05 90 12*9 0.8 12 2.9
0215 1.5 14.8 2.05 120 12*9 0.8 16 2.9
0223 1.5 23 2.13 180 12*9 0.8 24 2.9

General Luo’s special measurement pump, with some materials of measurement pump CONCEPT C serial accurate measurement pumps excessive load of brine

Pump head Suck / kick-off the valve body seal valve ball

PP1 propene polymer Propene polymer Ethylene-propylene rubber Pottery
PP2 propene polymer Propene polymer Viton Pottery
NP1 resin glass Polyvinyl chloride Viton Pottery
NP2 resin glass Polyvinyl chloride Ethylene-propylene rubber Pottery
NP6 resin glass Polyvinyl chloride Viton Pottery
NP7 resin glass Polyvinyl chloride Ethylene-propylene rubber Pottery
PCT polyvinylidene fluoride Polyvinyl chloride Viton Pottery

‘s general special measurement pump stock trader Luo of Germany: Good open mechanical & electronic equipment corporation, Ltd. of Guangzhou

Contacts: Jiang YanQun
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Electricity-saving lamp glue dropping machine SEC150C of the Chinese toon of generation of glue dropping machine of glue dropping machine LED electricity-saving lamp of the electricity-saving lamp

Technical parameter: (the glue dropping machine SEC-150C of electricity-saving lamp)



Maximum speed

5 revolution per seconds

Can keep the data

30 groups

Control mode

Pedal on off control is started

It is regulated that glue amount happens

Atmospheric pressure + rotational speed

Operating system

PLC + display screen

Transmission form

Step-by-step motor


AC220V 50-60HZ 60W

Machine size

450* 390* 615


About 50KG

Work environment

Humidity: 20-90% degrees, degree of 0-40 ¡æ of temperature

Mainly dispose: (the glue dropping machine SEC-150C of electricity-saving lamp)








The automation of the Chinese toon is researched and developed independently generation

Glue -supply system



300CC presses glue device

Transmit the motor



Step-by-step motor

Some rubber valves



Some high-accuracy rubber valves

XYZ fine setting



Take the air cylinder lifting gear

Machine characteristic: (the glue dropping machine SEC-150C of electricity-saving lamp)

The electricity-saving lamp glue dropping machine of the Chinese toon generation, dispose the high sport control device, adopt the liquid crystal screen + button way to be operated, possess programming fast and real-time display function, but syzygy glue angle and inverted angle self-contained control, prevent the glue wire drawing phenomenon effectively, it is easy to use to operate.

Contacts: Shi Sheng
Telephone: 860755-29724991
Fax: 860755-29724996
Web site:
Address: It is sent to the industrialized country that the Celastrus orbiculatus Thunb. sea of Luotian village of garrison post of loose sentry of Baoan district of Shenzhen is wide


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Import the filter Import the level basket type filter RBT

Import the level basket type filter Brand, RBT of Germany, :
Germany (RBT) Import the basket type filter main performance norm of level to describe: Import the level basket type filter mainly by take over, cylinder, strain basket, Fran, blank flange and fastener,etc. to make up. Installing can remove bigger solid impurity in the fluid, enable the machinery equipment (including compressor, pump etc.) on the pipeline , the instrument can work and operate, reach and stabilize the technological process, ensure the function of the safety in production normally.
After the liquid enters to strain the basket through the cylinder, the solid impurity particle is stopped in straining the basket, and clean fluid put through to filters the basket, discharge by the intersection of filter and export. When needing washing, unscrew and is in charge of the screw plug of the bottom, arrange the net fluid, dismantle the blank flange, wash, pack into again. So, it is extremely convenient to use and safeguard.
1,The key placement of the filter is the filter core one, it is made up of filter frame and stainless steel wire stripper to filter the core, the stainless steel wire stripper belongs to and should decrease one, need to especially protect;
2,After the filter worked for some time, have precipitated certain impurity in the core of the filter, the pressure is lowered and increased at this moment, the velocity of flow will drop, need to remove the inner impurity of core of the filter in time;
3,While washing the impurity, the stainless steel wire stripper paying special attention to being filtered on the core can’t be out of shape or damage, otherwise, the filter reloaded, the purity of the medium can not reach the designing requirement after filtering, apparatuses such as the compressor, pump, instrument,etc. will be destroyed;
4,If find the stainless steel wire stripper is out of shape or is damaged, will need to change at once.
Specification range: DN15-DN300
Temperature range: -20 ¡æ¡Ö is 425 ¡æ
Pressure range: PN16-PN100
Valve body material: Carbon steel / stainless steel
Screen material: Stainless steel
Connection mode: Flange coupling
Applicable scope: Mediums such as water, oil, steam, natural gas, liquefied gas, gas, liquid,etc..
Order notice:
First, import level basket type name of product of filter and type Import the basket type filter requirements of level The level basket type filter brings the attachment so that we are your correct lectotype to import.
Second, have already been selected the imported level basket type filter type of the Luo ‘s of Germany by the design unit, please place an order with our sales department directly according to importing the basket type filter type of level.
Thank you for visiting our websites [], if have any doubt. You can send a telegram to us, we are sure to make all-out efforts to offer high-quality services to you.

Contacts: Chen XinRong
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Fax: 86021-51697436
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Address: Lotus flower South Road of Minhang district of Shanghai


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Offer 24V1.2A water purification machine power RO machine power 24V1.2A water purification machine power

Offer 24V1.2A water purification machine power, the RO machine power from stock
The intersection of Foshan and city a dose of straight power Science Technologies Co., Ltd. prepared to establish in 2006, put operation into production in 2007, the area of the factory is more than 3500 square meters, specialize in the electronic power supply products, collect technology research and development, the products are produced, sell, serve an organic whole; Produce factory in the intersection of Guangdong and Shuande, city of Foshan, from 40 of Guangzhou, from 30 of Zhongshan, about 150 kilometers from Shenzhen, the main roads and quays are very convenient.

Our company has 5 main product series at present: The water purification machine RO pump specialized power, industrial switching power supply, LED drives the power ( waterproofly and not waterproof) , the intersection of power and adapter, battery charger,etc., it is more than 60 specification styles altogether, output power can meet different customers to the products difference demand from several watts to 360 watts; The factory buys advanced production checkout equipments such as automatic Crest Welder, automatic tester, aging cupboard, high-temperature oven, ultrasonic welding machine,etc., in order to meet customer’s requirements for production cycle, product quality; The company has engaged many reputable power engineers, technicians, develop the optimum power products according to the customer’s different demands at any time.

We, in high-efficient development, some products are authorized through CCC, CE, UL, SAA, FCC, PSE, CB, our products are being applied to the water purification machine RO pump by the extensive one, electromechanical device fabrication, communication, electrical home appliances, medical treatment and health care, security control and direct current machine and LED light in the trade.

We inherit ” human-oriented, sincerity is managed ” Management theory; Carry out ” make guest a priority, keep improving ” Service aim. We shoulder the responsibility, shoulder the responsibility, shoulder the responsibility to the customer to the products to the staff, make the first-class service group, create the first-class power products, offer preferably power products and service to customer wholeheartedly, welcome old and new customers to patronize.

Contacts: Cheng LinZhi
Telephone: 8618924837620
Fax: 860757-22228516
Web site:
Address: The human relations of Shuande district of Foshan teaches industrial South Road of Yongfeng


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Voltage transformer SG

Dry voltage transformer series DG, SG:

1,The internal insulating way adopts H grade insulatingly, U.S.A. Do pont high temperature resistant Nomex insulating material, the heat-resisting coefficient is high, safety performance is strong.

2,The internal material adopts high-quality 0.35mm coiled silicon steel sheets and hard glass silk covered wires, it is low to loss, high in efficiency.

3,The design is rational, voltage regulation is low, can be fully loaded with using for a long time.

4,Many kinds of types, the specification, many kinds of capacity, the voltage is available. It is cold-rolled around having no orientation to cut the core to choose, use high-quality insulating board as the skeleton, it is of good performance to synthesize, is used in SMT, apparatuses such as CNC, the printer,etc. ordinarily.

Technical parameter

1,Input the nominal voltage: 380V

2,The nominal voltage of the output: 220V

3,Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
4,Efficiency: ≥ 98%
5,Wen Sheng: < 75 degrees
6,Waveform distortion: < 0.1%

7,Insulation class: B-staged

8,Working form: Dry and auto-coupling

9,High pressure testing: 1500V, has not punctured for one minute

10,Interstar connection way: Y type

11,Cooling way: Air-cooled

12,The appearance is elegant in appearance

Service conditions

1,The applicable height above sea level: ≤ 5000m
2,Ambient temperature: -15 ¡æ- +45 ¡æ
3,Relative humidity: ≤ 90%
4,There should not be gas influencing the voltage transformer insulating strength seriously, steam in the installation place, getting chemical deposition, dirt, conductive dust and have other explosive flammable easy corrosive materials

Application area

PCB laser boring machine, shaping machine, exposure machine, only painting machine, SMT apparatus, printer, CNC / spark machine, machining center,

Medical equipment, fairing attachment,etc..

Contacts: Mr. Tang
Telephone: 860755-29536619/295333
Fax: 860755-29533479
Web site:
Address: Green residential district of triple jade of Medulla Junci of Baoan district of Shenzhen


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What is that eps meets an urgent need the power box / power cabinet YY-YJS-18.5KW EPS

What is eps Emergent power box | eps Emergent power cabinet

The producer sells directly to households Shanghai heals the wing
Green consumption, have you taken action? Eps meets an urgent need the power box compares with diesel engine generator one

Green consumption, have you taken action?

World Environment Day in June 5, enviromental protection portion the intersection of press spokesman and the intersection of pottery and the intersection of Germany and field 16 inform media that on April: China’s theme is & ldquo on World Environment Day 2012; Green consumption, have you taken action? ” Aim at emphasizing the idea of green consumption, arousing the public changes consumption idea and behavior, choose the green products, save the resource energy, ecological environment protection. Eps meets an urgent need the power box compares with diesel engine generator one

Eps emergent power box

Adopt the centralized mode, does not need special lamps and lanterns;

The power auto-switch of the double-channel, reliability is high;

Longe-lived, more than in 2 0 years of life-span of host computer:

Adopt CPU to control, guarantee every movement point is accurate;

L E D reveals and the sound reports an emergency and asks for help or increased vigilance, the working condition – eye is clear:

Pressing, voltage shortage, passing the warm, excessive load, shorting out,etc. protects the function;

Intellectual battery charge supervisory function, can realize the automatic change-over of floating-charge, lengthen the battery life-span;

The battery working condition of automatic monitoring, automatic protection is put rapidly to have batteries;

Have linkage function of fire control, the interface of permeable RS232 or RS485, can realize and control long-rangely;

The constructional design of modularization, convenient maintenance.

Diesel engine generator
The diesel generator set is that most projects adopt at present, because the capacity of the diesel engine generator is relatively large, be combined with other handset ran and supplied power for long time continuously, so had a history of five, 60 years so far, however, with the progress of the society, the improvement of the demand, such traditional method exposes a lot of questions, as follows, mainly
1,The noise of the diesel engine generator is great, produce the public hazards.
2,There is a large amount of sulfur dioxide in exhaust fume, pollute the atmosphere, influence environmental protection seriously.
3,In the skyscraper, & mdash of diesel generator set; Like place by basement on,heavy when lasting difficulty, high in fabrication cost, last wind, cooling, exhaust fume, shock attenuation, facilities of amortizating etc. all need fully considering.
4,Routine maintenance must be put in place, work capacity is great.
5,The hidden danger of the fire exists. Because oil tank such as a extremely dangerous one, in case catch fire, the consequence is difficult to imagine, but use C02 to put out the fire, the expenses are higher and higher. EPS fire control emergency power supply have the above-mentioned problems.

Contacts: Old five continents
Telephone: 8602167156254
Fax: 86021-67156254
Web site:
Address: West floodgate highway No. 1118 of Fengxian district


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Japan SHIMADZU island Tianjin SGP1A gear pump SGP1SGP2

Tianjin SHIMADZU SGP1, island of Japan, SGP2 PUMPS / scientific and technological Co., Ltd. speciality supply of beauty automation of Kunshan Jiangsu.
SGP1, SGP2 seriesSGP1 and SGP2 series high pressure gear pumps are an advanced version of conventional gear pumps using specialized cast iron body. They can withstand any adverse conditions of surge pressure, wide temperature and wide speed range with long life. Especially they maintains high performance during high temperature and low speed operation. Ceramic coating in SGP2 pump realizes invented step in sealing device for leakage loss

Arranging amount mL/r of the theory
Rated pressure MPa
Top pressure MPa
The highest rotational speed r/min
The most low-tach r/min


Top pressure
Rated pressure
Discharge capacity
Piping size
Permit the revolution rpm
Weight (kg)
( MPa)
mℓ /rev

L profile
F type
L profile
F type
It is the lowest
The highest
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19
Ø 25
Ø 19


Japan SHIMADZU island Tianjin SGP1 some types:
SGP1A16F1H1AR, SGP1A16F1H2-L, SGP1A16F1H2-R, SGP1A16F1H5-L,
SGP1A16F2H2-R, SGP1A16F2H5-L, SGP1A16F2H5-R, SGP1A16D1H1AL,
SGP1A16D1H1AR, SGP1A16D1H2-L, SGP1A16D1H2-R, SGP1A16D1H5-L,
SGP1A16D2H2-R, SGP1A16D2H5-L, SGP1A16D2H5-R, SGP1-18F1H1-L,
SGP1-18F1H1-R, SGP1-18F1H2-L, SGP1-18F1H2-R, SGP1-18F1H5-L,
SGP1-18F1H5-R, SGP1-18F2H1-L, SGP1-18F2H1-R, SGP1-18F2H2-L,
SGP1-18F2H2-R, SGP1-18F2H5-L, SGP1-18F2H5-R, SGP1-18D1H1-L,
SGP1-18D1H1-R, SGP1-18D1H2-L, SGP1-18D1H2-R, SGP1-18D1H5-L,
SGP1-18D1H5-R, SGP1-18D2H1-L, SGP1-18D2H1-R, SGP1-18D2H2-L,
SGP1-18D2H2-R, SGP1-18D2H5-L, SGP1-18D2H5-R, SGP1A18F1H1AL,
SGP1A18F1H1AR, SGP1A18F1H2-L, SGP1A18F1H2-R, SGP1A18F1H5-L,
SGP1A18F1H5-R, SGP1A18F2H1AL, SGP1A18F2H1AR, SGP1A18F2H2-L, SGP1A18F2H2-R, SGP1A18F2H5-L? ? SGP1A18F2H5-R, SGP1A18D1H1AL, SGP1A18D1H1AR, SGP1A18D1H2-L, SGP1A18D1H2-R, SGP1A18D1H5-L, SGP1A18D1H5-R, SGP1A18D2H1AL, SGP1A18D2H1AR, SGP1A18D2H2-L, SGP1A18D2H2-R, SGP1A18D2H5-L, SGP1A18D2H5-R, SGP1-20F1H1-L, SGP1-20F1H1-R, GP1-20F1H2-L, SGP1-20F1H2-R, SGP1-20F1H5-L, SGP1-20F1H5-R, SGP1-20F2H1-L, SGP1-20F2H1-R, SGP1-20F2H2-L, SGP1-20F2H2-R, SGP1-20F2H5-L, SGP1-20F2H5-R, SGP1-20D1H1-L, SGP1-20D1H1-R, SGP1-20D1H2-L, SGP1-20D1H2-R, SGP1-20D1H5-L, SGP1-20D1H5-R, SGP1-20D2H1-L, SGP1-20D2H1-R, SGP1-20D2H2-L, SGP1-20D2H2-R, SGP1-20D2H5-L, SGP1-20D2H5-R, SGP1A20F1H1AL, SGP1A20F1H1AR, SGP1A20F1H2-L, SGP1A20F1H2-R, SGP1A20F1H5-L, SGP1A20F1H5-R, SGP1A20F2H1AL, SGP1A20F2H1AR, SGP1A20F2H2-L, SGP1A20F2H2-R, SGP1A20F2H5-L, SGP1A20F2H5-R, SGP1A20D1H1AL,
SGP1A20D1H1AR, SGP1A20D1H2-L, SGP1A20D1H2-R, SGP1A20D1H5-L, SGP1A20D1H5-R, SGP1A20D2H1AL, SGP1A20D2H1AR, SGP1A20D2H2-L, SGP1A20D2H2-R, SGP1A20D2H5-L, SGP1A20D2H5-R, SGP1-23F1H1-L, SGP1-23F1H1-R, SGP1-23F1H2-L, SGP1-23F1H2-R,
SGP1-23F1H5-L, SGP1-23F1H5-R, SGP1-23F2H1-L, SGP1-23F2H1-R,
SGP1-23F2H2-L, SGP1-23F2H2-R, SGP1-23F2H5-L, SGP1-23F2H5-R,
SGP1-23D1H1-L, SGP1-23D1H1-R, GP1-23D1H2-L, SGP1-23D1H2-R,
SGP1-23D1H5-L, SGP1-23D1H5-R, SGP1-23D2H1-L, SGP1-23D2H1-R,
SGP1-23D2H2-L, SGP1-23D2H2-R,

Products picture

Choose the picture

Relevant products

U.S.A. HUMPHREY pneumatic component

South Korean F.TEC pneumatic component

KYB hydraulic buffer

U.S.A. FAIRCHILD relief pressure valve

Contacts: Miss Zhang
Telephone: 860512-57910267
Fax: 860512-82092939
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Address: Kunshan market Pearl River No. 37 South Road


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