The incoming line prepares and hauls oneself willingly into XJ-1061

A scheme suitable for the single bus section and need to haul oneself willingly into fully insuring and protecting the device XJ-1061 fully of incoming line, suitable for the general industrial places of 10KV and the following voltage. For instance the mine, cement plant, chemical industry, smelting, skyscraper,etc.. Used in the centralized cabinet, ring main unit, box type transformer substation more.
The function is disposed:
1,Haul oneself willingly into fully
2,The incoming line 1 is mainly used
3,The incoming line 2 is mainly used

Leading particulars:
1,Miniaturization design, install convenient, can concentrate group on reject, can the switch cabinet is installed in situ and then too.
2,Case type chassis, strong anti-interference is designed, suitable for the severe environment, reliability is high, accord with IEC magnetic compatible standard.
3,Power, operation loop alternating and direct current are dual-purpose.
4,Exceed low power consumption.
5,Can realize the definite value setting of distant place and revise.
6,And the sequential record of the incident uploads SOE incident.
7,128*64 Chinese character liquid crystal display, key operation.

Contacts: Miss Chen
Telephone: 86057762779600
Fax: 86
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Address: Main road No. 366 of harbour of 3.5 kilometers of market of willow of Wenzhou


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Flashing alarm XXS-02XWP-X803

The name of product: Flash alarm ( Warning controller)
Item Model: ZXWP-X803-0A

About products
Eight loops glisten the warning controller adopts the advanced microprocessor to carry on intellectual control. Can measure the corollary use of the control instrument with various control instruments or other joints of our company type
Can measure the input signals of No. eight at the same time, importing all adopts the photoelectricity to isolate with the host computers
Warning input signal, joint type open a way, call the police, joint type closed path call the police, TTL level signal
Warning input mode: Glisten warning acoustic alarm, relay contact export call the police ‘ Can choose whether to take the warning memory function or not)
Adopt the high light LED nixie tube or long-lasting level luminotron, reveal the current state from various places separately. When the parameter in the production process exceeds to presume controlled variable, embrace alert appearance send out acoustic alarm and relay contact export call the police ‘ Can choose whether to take the warning memory function or not)
Adopt the high light LED nixie tube or long-lasting level luminotron, reveal the current state from various places separately. When the parameter in the production process exceeds to presume controlled variable, the alarm will give out the stereo and glisten and call the police, alarm signal of simultaneous out. Can take the serial communication excuse.

Main technical parameter
Input signal
Switch amount & middot; Various mutual independent contact signals (ON/OFF)
TTL level & middot; Standard TTL level 0-5V, the high level calls the police
Outcoming signal
The switch amount exports & middot; Relay control output – ON/OFF · Contact capacity: AC 220V/3A; DC24V/5A (resistance load)
The communication exports & middot; Serial two-way communication interface & middot of the standard; Communication way: RS-232C,RS-485
· Baud rate -300bps 9600bps ( Freedom is presumed) · Only X803 has a communication function digitally
Measure the passway & middot; Eight No. ( The passway not needed in the digital alarm can presume that close)
Reveal way & middot; Every passway running status of 0.8 inches of high light LED nixie tubes reveals & middot; Every passway running status of the level luminotron reveals & middot; Working situation display of the luminescent diode
Warning way & middot; Acoustic alarm: 220V/8W electric bell (users are self-provided) ,Bee device( Self-carrying in the instrument) · Glisten in the warning present warning passway and glimmer
Call the police and export & middot; The relay contact capacity – -AC220V/3A, DC24V/5A (resistance load)
Amortizate and test & middot; Sound-absorptive button of faceplate and connecting and amortizating to test the button function
The parameter presumes & middot; The touch type key set figure of faceplate presumes & middot; Keep & middot permanently after the set point deenergization of parameter; The set point password of the parameter is locked
Environment for use
Environmental temperature & middot; 0~50 ¡æ
As to the humidity & middot; ≤ 85% RH avoids the strong etchant gas
Voltage & middot of power supply; Regular & middot; AC220V% (50Hz +2Hz, linear power)
· Special & middot; AC90V 265V (switching power supply) · DC 24V± 2V (switching power supply)
The work consumes & middot; ≤ 5W (AC 220V linear power) · ≤ 4W (AC 90V is 265V switching power supply) · ≤ 4W (DC 24V switching power supply)

Contacts: Liu Hai
Telephone: 8613626524881
Fax: 860577-27859252
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Address: West industrial area of toad of Zhejiang Province Leqing willow town


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Power PA-120P-CPS-120P-C of bright latitude of Taiwan

Deal in the power of bright latitude of Taiwan, welcome to call to consult, thanks in first grade of special price! ! S-201

Selling Snide, ABB, Siemens, Omron – -Special price



Contacts: Xiao NianCai
Telephone: 86051387111826
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Address: Nantong mayor’s safe road No. 698


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Import the valve – import mechanical atomization attemperator – X-MDM attemperator – American industrial valve X-MDM

X-MDM mechanical atomization attemperator

X-MDM mechanical atomization attemperator reduces the steam or gaseous temperature by leading the cooling fluid into the hot-fluid directly. The probe type, the heat exchanger of direct contact, is installed by univesal flange coupling. The liquid reaches the spray nozzle through the attemperator executive, drain into the header.

X-MNS many spray nozzle attemperators

X-MDM type generally applies to the working condition of the stable year of wink. Used mainly in the high pressure and steaming inter-stage temperature control of the excessive heating, and offered for using disconnectedly and especially designed it to be very suitable for applying to to spraying valid limited differential pressure. Have more high capacity.

Operate the characteristic:

1.The variable range is compared with minimum controllable CV through the maximum of the apparatus, its change depends on using the quantity of spray nozzle in the apparatus.

The minimum apparatus has two spray nozzles, the range is 13: 1,The maximum apparatus has five spray nozzles, the range is 33: 1.

2.Temperature control is in the 15 degrees Fahrenheit of the degree of saturation ‘ 8 ¡æ) Less than, can keep the public errand of the set point in the 10 degrees Fahrenheit (6 ¡æ)

3.Grade 900, 1500, 2500 of the standard pressure.

4.The maximum water pressure which exceeds the pipeline pressure is 500psi. First spray nozzle (A) Open when 30psi, gush out while being all other

The mouth is totally opened when 230psi. The pressure of 500psi exercises restraint in preventing the assembly from failing under the high pressure.

Contacts: Room gentleman
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Fax: 86021-54971308
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Address: Dragon Wu Long of way 988


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The medium and small river monitors DATA-9201

First, summary
The medium and small river monitoring system is suitable for hydrology department’s monitoring hydrographic parameters such as the river, river, lake, reservoir, channel and groundwater,etc. in real time. Monitor the content to include: Medium and small river water level, flowrate, velocity of flow, rainfall ( Snow) , evaporate, silt, sleet, soil moisture content, water quality,etc.. The medium and small river monitoring system adopts the wireless communication way to convey the monitoring data in real time, can raise the operating efficiency of the hydrology department greatly. It is flat to rise to propose the following solutions in Tangshan:
Second, solution
1,The system makes up
The medium and small river monitoring system is by monitoring center, communication network, forward end monitoring equipment, four parts of groups of measuring device
Monitoring center: By the server, individual line of public network ‘ Or move the individual line) , hydrology monitors the system software to make up.
Communication network: GPRS / short message / the Big Dipper satellite, individual line of Internet public network / movement.
The monitoring equipment of forward end: Hydrology monitors the terminal station.
Measuring device: Rain sensor, fluviograph, industry camera or other instrument transducers.

2,The centre disposes
The monitoring center apparatus is mainly made up of the server and individual line of public network, install operating system software, data library software and hydrology and monitor the system software on the server.
3,Monitor the system software
The medium and small river monitors the system software to carry on receiving, gather, count, an analytic platform to the monitoring point data of hydrology, this software possesses the trends to monitor in real time, historical data inquiry, warning data inquiry, log on daily record and operate the intersection of daily record and inquiry, the intersection of interval of time and statistics, the intersection of curve and analysis, the intersection of user and management, the intersection of measuring point and management, the intersection of historical data and the intersection of person who introduce into and multiple functions. Consulting telephone: 13703241269.
The medium and small river monitors the system software and adopts C/S constructional design, have administrative staff who operates authority, only need install and visit the customer end and inscroll this system, has guaranteed the systematic safety. This software has provided an ocular, simple information-based operating platform for user. Software function:
The overall situation reveals: All displayable monitoring point information and on-the-spot equipment status, users double click the monitoring point can spring the detailed information of this monitoring point.
The tabulation reveals: Users can be chosen city, county, district or single measuring point, the systematic tabulation reveals the detailed real-time monitoring data of the measuring point qualified to presume.
Data inquiry: Users can presume arbitrarily that inquire about the condition, log on the daily record, system operation daily record information and inquire to historical data of the measuring point, measuring point alert data and system. System deposit database into all the intersection of measuring point and data, warning message and the intersection of system operation and daily record that collection get automatically.
Statistical analysis: For time quantum can set foring user,system can by the hour, Japan, moon, ten days produce by interval of time summary report form and interval of time trend curve of monitoring point.
User management: The system manager can change the systematic password, add or delete the system user, and can distribute the corresponding operation authority to other system users. Every system user can operate the system correspondingly under one’s own authority.
The management of measuring point: The system user with authority can add, delete the information of measuring point or edit the information of measuring point, can do the corresponding modification to the information of measuring point as the on-the-spot monitoring point or monitoring equipment alteration in controlling the system software conveniently.
The record is introduced into: System support is introduced into the function of the history record manually. When the measuring point apparatus breaks down to fail to record the hydrology data in time, can be through the system of entering the artificial observation amended record of this function, ensure hydrology to monitor machine format continuity and completeness.
Support to connect with the system at a higher level through OPC interface.
4,Communication network
The monitoring center possesses the broadband network ‘ Type: Optic fibre, mesh wire, ADSL,etc.) ,And bind fixed IP.
The forward end monitoring equipment can adopt many kinds of communication ways such as GPRS, short message or the Big Dipper satellite to the transmit data of monitoring center.
5,Monitoring equipment of forward end
Adopt ultra low power consumption to be designed, the key product chooses GPRS low power consumption and observes and controls the terminal station, can reduce solar energy, power cost greatly, reduce the difficulty of construction at the same time.
Support many kinds of wireless communication ways such as GPRS, short message, the Big Dipper satellite.
Support with polycentric to go on data communication.
GPRS, at the real-time online transmit data, can presume at every monitor machine format, the intersection of lower limit and person who call the police, the data prescribe a time limit and appear in the newspaper voluntarily.
Convenient maintenance, terminal station be supported in situ / presumed by job parametered,it support in situ /remote-distance updating apparatus procedure.
The shelter external box made of iron / stainless steel is available.
Can supply power for the transducer regularly.
But the output switch measures the control signal, realize the remote control of the apparatus.
Can insert the industry camera, timing, abnormal circumstance, to taking a picture live, send the photo to the control center.
Accord with ” whether hydrology monitor data communication protocol “, ” the the intersection of water level and information coding ” and ” the intersection of hydrology and the intersection of survey station and the intersection of code and establishment lead ” norm, trade of hydrology.
6,System function
Supervisory function: Have hierarchical supervisory function of data, functions such as the management of monitoring point,etc..
Gather the function: Gather hydrology data such as water level of the monitoring point, rainfall,etc..
Communication function: The monitoring centers at all levels can be with authorizing the monitoring point of management to carry on the communication separately.
Alarm function: Water level, rainfall report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance to higher authorities voluntarily in monitoring point when the data exceed the upgrade of reporting an emergency and asking for help or increased vigilance.
Inquire about the function: Can inquire about various history records while monitoring the system software.
Storage function: The forward end monitoring equipment possesses the poke function of the large volume data; The database of monitoring center can record all historical datas.
Analyze the function: Data such as water level, rainfall,etc. can produce curve and report form, offer trend analysis.
Expanded function: Support to connect with other systems through OPC interface.
7,Field installation picture

8,Relevant products
Hydrology remote measurement terminal station
9,Related data
Ministry of Water Resources measures the download of certificate

Contacts: Liu XiaoYu
Telephone: 8615930449090,13703241269, 15930953399
Fax: 860315-7746232
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Address: The national high and new technology development zone of Tangshan starts an undertaking in the centre


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ZDF copper stainless steel electromagnetic valve ZDF copper casting iron stainless steel electromagnetic valve of casting iron

One hundred spends & quot; ZDF copper casting iron stainless steel electromagnetic valve & quot; Describe in detail: 1. General at home
2.Spillage is zero
3.The highest motion frequency: Once / second
4.The highest pressure tight grade: 16kgf/cm2
5.Appropriate ambient temperature: -15- 75 ¡æ
6.The kinematic viscosity of the Applicable medium: 25CSt( mm2 /s)
7.The structure of leading type, need differential pressure to act
8.The coil allows Wen Sheng: ≤ 80 ¡æ
9.The installation of very arbitrary angle, install the coil and can up vertically lengthen the life-span horizontally
10.Diaphragm material: Routine –NBR (propyl cyanide jing rubber, the coaxiality: N),Specially need –VITON (fluorine rubber, the coaxiality: V),EPDM (ethylene-propylene rubber, the coaxiality: E)
11.Valve body material: Routine –Copper forged piece ( Coaxiality: T), casting iron( Coaxiality: C),SUS304 stainless steel (coaxiality: B, only for DN10- DN150)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Specially need –SUS316 stainless steel (coaxiality: R, only for DN10- 150) )
12.Voltage routine: AC220/AC230? 50/60Hz, DC24V, allows to fluctuate – 15 – +10%, other voltage are customized

Contacts: Xu Man
Telephone: 8618801801308
Fax: 86021-52751102
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Address: A layer 1013 of 1 road No. 3131 of Spora Lygodii river of Jiading district of Shanghai


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SOLDO limit switch SB01200-1

The modest company of Ya De is the Italian SOLDO Company general agent in the area of China, in situ and the long-range electricity is pointed out dexterously and economically in rotatory valve position and the actuator seat where the SB series limit location switch box offers. It has used a jumbo size 3D trochanter, so the position of the valve or actuator has a high visuality. The SB series product function is various, it is (weatherable) as to IP67 protection grade Applied,it to be ideal multi-purposed limit switch. In addition, this product also has leaktight closure and solid condition characteristic, so are suitable for the application of intrinsically safety type. SOLDO products have maximal flexibility, can customize high-efficient solution according to the concrete demand.
The SB series products can allocate different typological switches, they include: Single-pole double throw or double-pole double-throw electromechanics type gold plating or silver plate contact apparatus switch, V3 or slot type NPN or PNP proximity switch, single-pole double throw or double-pole double-throw magnetic switch. Can also allocate all serial limit location switch boxes that EEx and ATEX authorize at the same time, AS – the intersection of I and the intersection of digital communication and interface card, 3 position control, the intersection of electric current and electric pneumatic converter and angry to work up valve 3 times, 4-20mA of Line 2. In addition, can also offer a kind of 24V to defend the resistance of moisture condensation if necessary.
The outer cover accords with VDI/VDE3845 international size standard, output axis size standard and standard of hole site of ISO F05 bolt. Use the the intersection of installation and way can enable compatibility maximization of part, because the switch / actuator does not need the coupler, this has cut down the cost greatly too. As to the pneumatic actuator ‘ No matter canonicalization) Or operating valve, we can offer SB all serial stainless steel that products are installed and used to install the kit.

Contacts: Sun MeiZhen
Telephone: 860755-88837918 ext. 804
Fax: 860755-88835968
Web site:
Address: 4 the west of 2 storeys in Shenzhen Nanshan District loose beautiful river industrialized country of white way


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IEC socket electric-wave filter TY190, 180,170 serial electric-wave filters

Series TY190C: The common IEC electric-wave filter conventionally, the electric current is from 1 ampere to 10 ampere. Installation way is bolt locking type and embedded two kinds. Adopt RFI electric-wave filter of IE320 input interface. Small, light, it is simple to install. Adopt the high-quality component, accept and customize. Used in consumer-elcetronics devices more, for instance: Display unit, the set-box,etc..

Main specification: TY190C-1; Ty190C-3; Ty190C-6; Ty190C-10

Series TY180C: Integrated electric-wave filter of IEC socket. The electric current is from 1 ampere to 10 ampere. Attach the safety tube ‘ One or two) ,It is safe and reliable. Adopt the high-quality component, the relative elevation of the sexual valence. Accept and customize, offer the medical equipment to support the leakage current type specializedly.

Ty180C-1; Ty180C-3; Ty180C-6; Ty180C-10

Series TY170C: High-performance socket electric-wave filter. The electric current is from 1 ampere to 10 ampere. Attach the switch and one pair of safety tubes, it is safe and reliable. Adopt the high-quality component, excellent common mode, mode suppression characteristic of difference. Accept and customize, offer the specialized low leakage current type of the medical equipment.

Ty170C-1; Ty180C-3; Ty170C-6; Ty170C-10

Contacts: Mr. Zheng
Telephone: 8602039962413
Fax: 86020-39962416
Web site:
Address: The intersection of city and the intersection of Fanyu and the intersection of district and the intersection of stone foundation and town, Guangzhou of China, draw near the intersection of Jiangdong and the intersection of village and the intersection of river and the intersection of city and Luis 17 No.


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Beijing low-temperature stop valve DJ41

Import valve – valve of Yongde of Beijing treasure – stop valve, serial products of throttle valve; Import stop valve, Germany and import stop valve, Britain and import stop valve, Japan and import stop valve, U.S.A. and import the stop valve. Manual stop valve, electronic stop valve J941, J961, pneumatic stop valve J641, pneumatic corner seat valve, exactly gear-driven stop valve J441, bevel gear drive stop valve J541 Stop valve BJ41, BJ45 of the thermal insulation. High-temperature high-pressure hydropower station valve (J61Y-P54/170V) , high-temperature stop valve J41Y/J61Y. High-pressure stop valve J41H, J61H, welding neck stop valve, high-temperature high-pressure stop valve J61, J65, J64, Y-shaped stop valve J45/J65Y, high-pressure stop valve J41, J61 of self sealing of welding neck. Stop valve WJ41, WJ44, WJ61, WJ11, thermal insulation corrugated pipe stop valve BWJ41 of corrugated pipe. Oxygen stop valve JY41W. Vaccum stop valve NKJ41H, NKJ44H, NKJ61, water seal stop valve DSJ41H, DSJ61H. Ammonia uses the stop valve J41B, J42B, J61B, J21B, J11B. Angle type stop valve J44, J64. Line with Fluorine stop valve J41F4, J45F4, line with glue stop valve J41J, J45J, plastic stop valve J41F-6S, J11F-6S. Liquefied gas stop valve, day gas burning stop valve J41N. Low-temperature stop valve DJ41W. Striking stop valve ZJ41H. Vaporized stop valve J41H, WJ41H. Brass stop valve, casting iron stop valve, cast steel stop valve, stainless steel stop valve J41W, forged steel stop valve, chrome molybdenum steel stop valve, chromium molybdenum-vanadium steel stop valve. Throttle valve, high-pressure throttle valve, end, reduce expenditure the intersection of equalizing valve and L41Y/L44Y/L46Y/L86Y/L87Y/L66Y / L67Y/L47Y. Reduce expenditure and close at the emptying valve FJ41Y. Reduce expenditure and close at the blowdown valve TPJ41Y. Valve body material: Casting iron, cast steel, stainless steel, forged steel, chrome molybdenum steel, chromium molybdenum-vanadium steel, brass, sealing surface material: H, N, F46, J, Y, W, T, G. Operating pressure 1.6-32MPA, operating temperature – 40 ¡æ- 550 ¡æ. Requirements DN15-DN600 of the valve. Connection mode: Flange, welds, female screw thread, external thread, cutting ferrule. Transmission form: Manually, spur gear, bevel gear, pneumatically, electronically. Applicable medium: Water, oil, gas, steam, all kinds of acid. Make the standard: National standard, American mark, Japan mark, mark in Germany.

Contacts: Mr. Shi
Telephone: 86010-57038765
Fax: 86010-51298906
Web site:
Address: Room 102, No. 76 of industrial street of yellow villages and small towns of Daxing District of Beijing


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P16LMU1-1AB Taiwanese DECA enters to unite the button switch P16LMU1-1AB

Type: P16LMU1-1AB(1NO+1NC)

Comments: Round, instantaneous release, enter and unite DECA plastic to surround the water-proof switch

Diameter: 29mm

Capacity: AC250V/5A

Joint: 1AB(1NO+1NC)

End cuckoo dose: Socket type

The products are passed: ROHS, there is UL, CE, VDE, CSA, ENEC, CQC, authorizes

Color: Yellow, green, red, blue, white, orange

Function: There is no lock

Contacts: Li ZhiPing
Telephone: 8613522069945
Fax: 86
Web site:
Address: Flat 1503 1, No. 82 of Chaoyang District E.4th Ring Road Middle Road of Beijing


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