Common electromagnetic valve GDA

Common parameter
Applicable medium: Angry, water, oil, the steam, refrigerant, corrosivity fluid (except cast-iron body)
Applicable pressure: -0.1- 160MPa (in the service pressure 2MPa of cast-iron body)
Medium temperature: -200- +350 ¡æ(cast-iron body is only suitable for – 50 – +200 ¡æ)
The degree of viscosity of medium: Smaller than 50 C S t (need to customize when greater than)
Shielding property: IP65
Unexplosive marks: Exd¢ò CT5
Interstar connection way: The interstar connection is seated; Lead wire type
Valve body material: Stainless steel 304, 316; Casting iron
Control mode: Chang Kai, normally closed
Mains voltage: DC 12- 1 2 7 V ¡¡¡¡AC 24- 3 8 0 V
Connection mode: Female screw thread, external thread, flange
Spillage: Zero
The remarks: Special heavy-calibre valve customizable, maximum requirements can accomplish DN500 (mm) .
The function selects
Coaxiality Function name Functional specification
K Often open the electrovalve to close, it is open to break the electrovalve
E Explosion proof type Unexplosive grade: Ex d¢ò CT4/T5
S Take hand operation Can open or close a valve manually
X1 does not have source signal that feedback the mechanical contact, are suitable for the gas medium
X2 reaction signal feedbacks the active reaction signal, DC6- 24V
V Adopt at the time of the purpose-built erection space limitation, the leading type of the limit
J Mix the energy-conserving module and reduce the temperature rise of the coil and power consumption, lengthen the coil life-span
*The signal feedback device is limited to the occasion at or below 80 ¡æ of the work;
*X1 does not have source signal that feedback the fluid differential pressure of the requirement and is greater than or equal to 1- 3bar;
*The energy-conserving module does not have explosion proof type at the moment;
*The characteristic of the hand gear: Only need to rotate 90 degrees, easy to operate and swift!

Nominal to lead to the foot-path DN3-250
Principle structure Direct type, direct type step by step, leading type
Sealed material NBR, FKM, PTFE, red copper
Valve body material SS304, casting the ball iron smartly is purpose-built (WCB, SS316)
Ambient temperature -30 ¡æ- +60 ¡æ(explosion proof type – 20 ¡æ- +40 ¡æ)
Fluid temperature -120 ¡æ- +250 ¡æ
Applicable fluid Gas, liquid
Degree of viscosity of fluid It is (very purpose-built under 50mm2/S) to less than or equal to 22mm2/S
Connection mode Female screw thread, flange
Installation way is installed horizontally, the coil is up (other ways are customizable)
The general type IP54 of the protection grade, explosion proof type IP65

Electric parameter
Mains voltage 220V 110VAC50/60Hz24V 12VDC
Specially make AC 50/60Hz: 380V110V48V 36V24V; DC: 220V, 110V, 48V, 12V
Power rating See the parameter list of the specification
Public errand of the voltage ¡À 10%
Electrically connected General type: Standard terminal box
Explosion proof type: M16x 1.5 female screw thread, reserves 1.5M wire (customizable G1/2 or NPT1/2)

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Inverter S6000

Product introduction of inverter
As information network technique is developed changing with each passing day, sine wave inverter direct current as being of new generation /last conversion power source last telecommunication already extensively, each field such as moving, UNICOM, Aero-Space, financial management, office automation, industry’s automaticallying control, health care, military scientific research. The sine wave inverter uses direct current of the storage battery as input, export the pure sine wave alternating current after going against and changing, the output voltage and frequency are extremely steady and can work continuously for a long time, dispel, use power interruption, the intersection of voltage and unstable, the intersection of jar and interfere with and the intersection of thunder and lightning and the intersection of person who invade and unfavourable factor that city power bring directly, overcome the time short critical defect of supplying power of small-scale UPS at the same time, guarantee to use the continuously reliable work of the electrical equipment. It is systematic security, best guarantee of reliability service to allocate the sine wave inverter.
Inverter of our company adopts SPWM and CPU control technique, the main circuit adopts and imports the module of power. Can change 12V/24V/48V/110V/220V direct current power supply into 220V, 50Hz steady voltage, little pure sine wave AC supply of frequency stabilization, noise.
The high-frequency inverter is small, light, high in efficiency, easy to operate with it, the advantage such as being pollution-free is well received by the masses of users; And the mains frequency inverter can use under the relative rugged environment, it is strong that have stability, reliability is high, protect the congruent advantage of the function, a very strong one is not the power-handling capability of the linear load at the same time, can make the power of high-power, win the favorable comment from customer deeply.
LXNB-HT high frequency reverses series and LXNB-WT mains frequency and reverses the series to design for the post and telecommunications trade specially, suitable for having 48V ‘ Or – 48V) Direct-flow motive force ( Dc screen) SPC exchange, computer room, network, lasting servering and last lighting place at thing.
LXNB-HD high frequency reverses series and LXNB-WD mains frequency and reverses the series and inputs the direct-current volts as 110V/220VDC, export it as 220VAC/50Hz pure sine wave AC supply, used mainly in important places such as the power plant, electric system, railway,etc..
Electric inverter products characteristic:
The LXNB series sine wave inverter is digitization, ‘smart’ products of new generation of our company, specially design for electric system, vary the direct current into DC/AC power mapping device of the sine wave power.
Adopt the microprocessor of U.S.A. INTEL Company, German Siemens IGBT.
The power adopts U.S.A. IR / specialized power device of Japanese Mitsubishi, the major loop device is large in surplus, all imported internationally famous brands of important components and parts.
The pure wave is exported, the waveform is pure, steady.
The circuit structure of the full-bridge, are suitable for any load.
Exchange the bypass to switch over incessantly.
Software protection and protective compound guard mode of the hardware, reliability is high.
Possess the complete protection function: Have input the opposing connection of polarity, input voltage shortage, outputted pressing, excessive load, shorts out, built-in excessive heating, having soft turn on functions besides.
Adopt the three section to compound and strain and involve the magnetic screen, the ones that have reduced to the input end have irritated the noise voltage instead, the electromagnetic compatibility is fine.
Intelligent fan speed control system.
It is supported (need derating to use) that the connective is purely perceptual .
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Import one grade of whorls check damper of hygiene and import one grade of whorls check damper of hygiene

Import one grade of whorls check damper of hygiene
Britain UK Denis imports one grade of whorls check damper of hygiene and is used mainly in beer, milk industry, beverage, pharmacy, food,etc. to very high place of hygienic requirements. This valve can be according to customer’s request, rigorously enforce it according to sector standards such as ISO, DIN, SMS,etc., full foot working condition demand. Import hygiene grades of whorl the intersection of valve body and whom material use of check damper whether superfine SUS304, SUS316L does not become rusty steel material. According with the hygienic standard, users can rest assured to use.
UK DENIS imports the check damper parameter of one grade of whorls of the hygiene (Valves Parameter) :
Connect size (Connection size) : 1″ – 6″
Industrial standard (Industry standards) : ISO, DIN, SMS
Pressure grade (Pressure grade) : Client requirement
Valve body material (Body material) : SUS304, SUS316L
Connection mode (Connection type) : Whorl
Driving means (Driving manner) : Automatic
Applicable medium (Suitable medium) : Trades such as beer, milk industry, beverage, pharmacy,etc.
Agent in Great Britain UK Denis éyéTëH Co., Ltd.: Skill valve Co., Ltd. of Shanghai of Shanghai
Our aim: Offer to customer ‘ preferably service, optimal products ‘
Great Britain UK Denis éyéT application area: Municipal works( Water supply, air supply, heat supply, blowdown) ; In environment protecting mode a project ‘ Sewage disposal, air cleaning) ; Water treatment project, desulfurization and dusting project; Long-distance pipeline project ( Petroleum and natural gas are exploited and sent) ; Architectural engineering ( Water supply and drainage, fire control, heats, ventilates, air conditioner) ; Energy and electric power engineering ( The electricity generation by thermal power, nuclear power) .

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Battery charging unit KDCA-72V80AKDCA-72V80A of the storage battery car

Power: 380V three phases; Charging voltage: 0-72V; Charging current: 0-80A; Charge the loop: No. 1; Three kinds of charging ways of routine, filling for the first time automatically, automatic replenishment; Sufficient automatic stop of two stages of constant current; Short circuit protection, connecting against the protection, idler protection, open-phase protection function; Soft start function, the impact to battery of the apparatus when can reduce the starting up; The incoming telegram self-recovery charging function of the black out, can guarantee the battery is charged in time;

Chargeable a nominal voltage is 48V, the battery capacity is: The intersection of 550AH and following the intersection of storage battery and forklift truck, flatbed, tour bus,etc.. Charge process automation, can realize the unattended operation is charged. Volume: 550* 400* 1100mm weight: 110Kg

Contacts: Fu TongLing
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Address: Yulan street No. 55 of high and new technology development zone of Zhengzhou of Henan Province


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Lever floating ball type steam dredge butterfly Pu, Shanghai of water valve, dredge the brand S41H of the water valve

The name of product: Lever floating ball type steam dredge water valve [the intersection of Shanghai and butterfly Pu dredge the water valve brand ]
Item Model: S41H
The requirements of the products: DN15-100
The pressure of the products: 1.6-4.0Mpa
Products material: Cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel,etc.

The lever floating ball type steam dredges use and operating range of the water valve:
Used in vaporized apparatus of industries such as petrochemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, food,etc. extensively, drier and various large-scale heat exchanger,etc., suitable for, it condenses water to be specially yard with large displacement and especially.

The lever floating ball type steam dredges water valve structural features and operating principle:
1,Adopt and roll and install valve machinery (new SCCV on-off mode) ,Have fine leak tightness and survivability.
2,Equilibrate one pair of valve seats to design, small and of great more displacement than general dredging the water valve, with large displacement field specially and even more can give play to superiority.
3,Install the air automatic discharge valve of bimentallic strip inside, can prevent the air from being angry and stop up and the vaporized vapour is locked.
4,Adopt the unique U-type bimetallic vent, can shorten the starting time of apparatus greatly.
5,All parts are installed on valve cover, the valve does not need to unload from piping, can maintain, simple and convenient.

Shanghai the intersection of butterfly and valve Pu Co., Ltd. to specialize in the intersection of Shanghai and the intersection of valve and producer to dredge water valve, the main series of products have line of tile that dredge the water valve specializedly, dredge water valve, two-seater while being disk-type floating ball dredge water valve, hang barrel type to dredge water valve and bellows seal dredge water valve, the intersection of perforated plate and lever type dredge water valve,etc., welcome to contact Shanghai Pu’s butterfly’s valve!

Contacts: Chen JunJie
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Electromagnetic valve DSD-G03- 3BL-A220- 82

Seven foreign electromagnetic valves DSD-G03-3BL-A220-82 of Taiwan
1.For the electric quantity and liquid-operated hydraulic valve that jointly controls, the sound is small, longe-lived, the flowrate is large, switch over it fast.
2.The optimization valve plug is designed, reduce the valve to flow motive force is produced.
3.Five slot type valve bodies are designed, can be able to bear high pressure and back pressure.
4.Through 10 million second-class durability test test, guarantee quality stability.
5.Make pilots, superpose on the liquid-operated valve, control the displacement of valve plug with electromagnetic reversal valve, pass the flowrate largely.
6.Can add the pilot pressure of P way to insert one and journey regulating device, improves the characteristic.
7.Suitable for ISO, CETOP, the installation surface of NFPA and DIN international standard

Contacts: Zhao DongBin
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LED brightens the switching power supply 12v15a direct-flow switching power supply 12V15A

This power is applied to fields such as LED display screen, post and telecommunications, communication, electricity, instrument and advertisement,etc. extensively. Have surge protection; High efficiency, rising at low temperature; Overvoltage, over load, overheat protective function; Built-in EMI smoothing circuit, interferes with the characteristic such as being little, product quality is reliable, it is steady to run, unanimous favorable comment of the masses of users deeply. Through operation and development for many years, network on the market has already begun to take shape, has established one’s own system.

Product performance:
1.Adopt puls e-width modulation (PWM) Switch technology, the high fail-safe design of low power consumption, has guaranteed stability and high efficiency of the power; 2.Switch efficiency is up to 85%;
3.There is the power it is protected that the complete one is too warm, overvoltage protection, functions such as short circuit protection, overload protection,etc.;
4. The memory temperature of the products is – 45 to +85 ¡æ;
5.The dynamical response characteristic of the power is excellent, the transient good stability of the power, it is high to output the power of year instant, can adapt to different capacitive loads and support LED application perceptually;
6.The power designs 100% of the redundant interference-free killer circuits;
7.Power has a good adaptability, can meet 110V stability to 220V different areas of supplying power to use, it is the genuine jumbo power. 8.The products look esthetic, adopt the nickel-plated outer cover, oxidation resistance is strong. Small, light, and there is LED to work the pilot lamp.
9.The products adopt the available rain-proof to be designed.
The operating range of products:
Large screen LED faceplate, various advertising signboard lamp decoration, various instrument and equipment which need big Tap of constant voltage,etc..
In addition: We can develop your required products at the request of you

Contacts: Old would rather present with respect
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2CY4.2-2.5 gear pump, lube oil pump, oil burning pump 2CY

Suitable for sending not including solid particle and fiber, without corrosivity, the temperature is not higher than 80 ¡æ, the degree of viscosity is 5* 10-6- 1.5* 10-3m2/s( 5-1500cSt) Lubricating oil or property lubricating oil -like for liquids other and be used for not lasting systemming hydraulic pressure.

2CY gear pump is as another major application: It is used in the jet pump of heavy oil to stir the factory in the pitch, has already disposed large quantities of pitch and stired the factory, get user’s general favorable comment.

Application area

Can be used as transmitting in the oil delivery system, booster pump; Can be used as the oil burning pump that is sent, inflated, sprayed in the fuel system; Can be used as offering the hydraulic dynamic hydraulic pump in the hydraulic power actuating system; In all industrial fields, can use as lube oil pump;

Structural features

This serial gear pumps mainly have gear, axle, pump body, pump covering, the bearing carrier ring, shaft end that are sealed etc. and made up. The gear is has higher hardness and wearability by the V Visualization of nitrogen. Install and operate in the removable shaft sleeve with axle together. The lubrication of all parts in the pump utilizes transporting mediums and reaching automatically when the pump work.

Four bearings are fitted and floated and installed in the pump, self-regulate the interval of end with the magnitude of operating pressure in the pump, so the pressure of the pump is steady, the output flowrate pulses small, it is high in efficiency to dissolve and accumulate.

Look from overhanging end of basic shaft to the pump, in order to run clockwise.

High-pressure gear pump, 2CY gear pump, À‹’s oil pump, oil transfer pump, crude oil pump, the ship gear pump,etc..

Flowrate: 1.1m3/h-600m3/h pressure: 0.28MPa – -2.5MPa

Used mainly in oil delivery of high flux such as the oil field, oil depot, port, quay, vessel, oil discharge!

Q rotational speed
Discharge pressure
Mpa essential vapour
Excess of losing
M efficiency
Electric motor m3/hL/min power KW
The intersection of type and 2CY – 1.08/2.51.081814202.59.5582.2 Y100L1-42CY – 2.1/2.52.13514202.59.5583 Y100L2-42CY – 3/2.535014402.59.5594 Y112M-42CY – 4.2/2.54.27014402.59.5595.5 Y132S-42CY – 7.5/2.57.512514402.59.5637.5 Y132M-42CY – 12/2.51220014602.59.56315 Y160L-4

Contacts: Su JinYu
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Time lock service device DNTS-82-OB of the network

Time lock service device DNTS-8 of the network

Item Model: DNTS-8

The size of the products: 19 inches 1U

1-8 net mouths: The high precision of thermostatical Jingzhen is punctual

Product profile

It is a kind of Hi-Tech intelligence that China and Singapore of Beijing creates the network time lock server DNTS-8 GPS/BD that Science Technologies Co., Ltd. develops, the autonomous working one is basic when obtain the standard from GPS or the Big Dipper geosynchronous satellite with high-accuracy network time lock server DNTS-8 GPS/BD of NTP/SNTP agreement Clock signal information, transmits the information in the network, needs apparatuses such as computers of the time signal in the network, apparatuses such as the control device,etc. can be in pace with standard clock signal. Can define priority at the time of simultaneously using GPS and the Big Dipper receiver, default and set up as the Big Dipper to have priority, GPS is reserve; When two receivers are both no-signal, the network time lock server DNTS-8 uses Built-in: thermostatical Jingzhen punctually, punctual precision reachable 1E-9. The network time lock server DNTS-8 uses canonial clock information to pass TCP/IP network transmission, the network time lock server DNTS-8 GPS/BD supports many kinds of popular time to release the agreement, such as NTP, time/UDP, UDP that it can support to can be set up carries oral China and Singapore and achieves the time that the department defines data packet of the radio. The port numbers of NTP and time/UDP are affixed to 123 and 37 that RFC-123 and RFC-37 appointed respectively. DNTS-8 GPS/BD supports the broadcast work pattern of SNTP agreement at the same time

The time lock server DNTS-8 of the network has three kinds of types at your choice, the time lock server NTS-81 of the D network, in order to have ether net mouth of a 10/100M adaptation, the time lock server DNTS-82 of the network, in order to have the ether net mouths of 2 pieces of 10/100M adaptation, the time lock server DNTS-84 of the network, in order to have the ether net mouths of 4 pieces of 10/100M adaptation, the physical isolate among the net mouths, totally guarantee data security, can set up the same subnet section or different subnet sections completely, redundant, a certain net oral trouble will not influence the normal operation of other net mouths. Each the intersection of ether and mouth must set up the independent IP address.

Detailed parameter

The precision of time service: 1-10ms

Support the agreement: NTP/SNTP V10,V20,V30,V40,SNMP,UDP,Telnet,IP,TCP

The net mouth quantity: 1-810/100M adaptation Ethernet

CPU: Pairs of the intersection of CPU and simultaneous working, 32-bit microcomputer CPU binuclear processor, characteristic and loud to raise

The receiver of the satellite: GPS, the dual system of the Big Dipper, but assigned priority

Punctual function: Precision reachable 1E-9 of permanent steady Jingzhen

Throughput: Satisfiable request of 2000 periods of time per second

Time service record: Keep 300 newly

Report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance here: LED instruction

Output interface: RS232/485,IRIG-B,10M,1PPS,

Contact: Manager 15811237606, 010-62130080-207 QQs Wen: 9552119

Contacts: Wen Xin
Telephone: 86010-62130080-207
Fax: 86010-6230078-204
Web site:
Address: Garden building A304 of grass No. 5 of No. of the temple of Haidian District soap monarch


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Produce the related stabilizator 100KVA producer SBWDS of laser cutting machine of high-power in Guangzhou

Dear customer, thank you for your concern about our products, if you hope to obtain further understanding, for instance more information such as the characteristic price of the specialized stabilizator of 100KVA laser cutting machine, specialized stabilizator characteristic specification type of 100KVA laser cutting machine, welcome you to contact us at any time, invite offering most satisfied services to you sincerely!

Instructions for use of SBW DS intelligent digital stabilizator products main foundation high-power laser cutting machine, current situation, the energy-efficient products developed for stable alternating current voltage specially that our country of recombination supplies power, as the mains ripple of the distribution network or variation on load, can guarantee the stability of the output voltage automatically, have large, high in efficiency capacity, the voltage regulation range is wide, there are no additional wave distortion and phase shift, meet an emergency for time fast, the characteristic such as being steady, as to the capacitive, entering resistance load perceptually can suit, can bear and overload instant another, can work continuously for a long time, there have been pressure flows, open phase, short out, mechanical breakdown,etc. improves and calls the police to protect the function, the volume compactness is small and exquisite at the same time, it is 2/3 of the traditional machine, humanized design, adopt LED number to reveal, easy to use, all operation is very clear on the front panel, can make the stabilizator installed by the wall, reduce the space of installation, it is reliable to run, it is simple and convenient to maintain; Apply to industry extensively, agriculture, military, post and telecommunications, systems such as the broadcasting and TV, scientific research,etc., the computer lab of the computer, imports the apparatus of the assembly line, large-scale printer apparatus, accurate NC machine tool, the laser cutting machine of high-power, the engineering equipment of the building, the lift, automatic control system, recreational facilities, protect ýg’s lane, the stereo set of light, the central air conditioner,etc..

Contacts: Miss Jia
Telephone: 86075589635090
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Address: The intersection of Shenzhen and the intersection of Pingshan and the intersection of newly developed area and green the intersection of mountain range and the intersection of money and green the intersection of road and 543 No. loyal the 6th floor of Scien-tech garden


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