Take care of the beauty machine interface HW-30B text display HW-30B

Take care of the common type text display HW-30B of American science and technology, can carry on the communication with major PLC on the market.

Communication mouth: Bring one 232 and one 485 support and Mei, communication, PLC of Mitsubishi, Gu by oneself

The software for editing: HW40BEditer

Reveal 8 words of 4 lines
Function button: 19 very free definitions

Reveal the size: 68*36mm (can reveal *12 Chinese characters of 4 lines)
External dimension: 134*102*30mm

Make the hole size: 119*93mm

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The cold and hot energy of the central air conditioner counts JN

The cold and hot energy of the central air conditioner is counted
Physical quantity & mdash which it measured through two kinds of sensors; — The flow of hot carriers and temperature of the exit, and then calculate through compensation and total mark of density and hot enthalpy value, could get heat value. It is a kind of integrated products of electromechanics based on microprocessor and high-accuracy sensor. The ultrasonic energy table measures the flow and reveals water flows through the appearance of heat energy that heat exchange system releases or absorbs through the ultrasonic method. One that has gone over with the construction and generally used uses & mdash of volume readout; — Water gauge, ammeter, gas meter are compared, there are more complicated design and higher technological content. The ultrasonic heat table is a kind of high-tech products including machinery, electron and information technology, application that has succeeded in a lot of fields at present.

The cold and hot energy of the central air conditioner is counted in products function and characteristic, we choose the following several points to introduce especially:
First, because development and market of the central air conditioner need in recent years, we increase function of measuring cold quantity of heat tables of each type, enable all products of bore, can both measure heat and measure cold quantity, can also cold heat measures meanwhile;
Second, our lasting research and constant practice of products of the system through heating to our country run; Make us understand the intersection of heating and products and service system need deeply, for can let the intersection of heating and unit convenient going on, controlling and managing to hot the intersection of network and operation conditions effective, we design the heat table as the monitoring node that the hot network operated, transmit information through the public communication network, the hot network operation parameter, for instance: “ Support the return water temperature, support back to strength of water pressure, flow, heat & rdquo; Wait for information and pass the top management room, and & ldquo in the top management room back; Parameter and water pressure picture & rdquo of running of the hot network; Have and reveal various parameters in real time, offer basis for controlling and managing.
Third, it is the problem not good of water quality of the pipe network of solving our country to heat, our products are selected for use and defended stopping up and designing, adopting has no scheme that magnetism transmits the signal, the mechanical table does not have any magnetic components and parts, will not absorb impurity such as the rust; And the flow sensor can be gathered within 12mm to the signal, guarantee signals are not lost, this is only too at present at home;

Fourth, consult the hot network design standard norm of the city, consider heavy-calibre hot table burying impracticably and directly, trench,etc. installs the way, have been done waterproofly and designs for the heavy-calibre table, can work in bubble state;
Fifth, hot products that ran on the net, should run under high temperature, high pressure, consider hot network heats the stress his-and-hers watches ‘ Valve) The swelling thrust of the shell, we have adopted the high strength to be designed, try hard to adopt materials of high intensity such as the copper, stainless steel and cast steel,etc.;

Sixth, consider using the low ambient temperature of the ultrasonic energy table, we adopt the wide warm liquid crystal, guarantee the products can run at the low temperature normally.

Above-mentioned seven series of products, it is nearly one hundred form products altogether, heat functionally from product category and products pipe network solve flow, pressure balancing, implement heat measure, realize power saving offer indispensable terms; Also offered complete auxiliary products for table enterprise of heat.

The cold and hot energy of the central air conditioner is counted Properties of product

1,The law measurement of the ultrasonic time difference, measure high accuracy, measurement does not receive any influence of the magnetic field;

2,Not having the movement part to measure the organization, machinery is not abraded;

3,The acoustic passway of straight formula, the signal is interference-free;

4,Not reflecting the surface in the acoustic passway, will not produce resistance to the rivers; Minimum pressure loss;

5,Especially suitable for the measurement of the abominable water quality of high impurity content, is free of impurity in the medium;

6,Cold and hot applicable scope: Cold, hot and dual-purpose;

7,But the level or vertical arbitrary angle is installed;

The service life of battery: ≥ 8

Protect the grade: IP65

Environmental grade: As

Contacts: Mr. Yang
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CPS tows the chain CPS and tows the chain

The intersection of CPS and corrugated pipe, the intersection of CPS and hose, CPS connect and CPS tow chain / the intersection of CPS and corrugated pipe and the intersection of CPS and hose, CPS connect and CPS delay, the intersection of CPS and corrugated pipe, the intersection of CPS and hose, CPS connect and CPS tow chain, the intersection of CPS and corrugated pipe, the intersection of CPS and hose, CPS connect and CPS delay the chain
Shanghai auspicious hall mechanical & electronic equipment corporation, Ltd. supply corrugated pipe, CPS of South Korean, while being favourable and the intersection of CPS and hose, CPS connect and CPS delay the chain product.
CPS establish on 1993, develop unharmful to human body to combine but material of regeneration, according to ISO 9001 quality administrative system and ISO 14001 (K1356.05) Deal in the system in environment, offers the high-quality products, has not merely won UL, the authentication of VDE, IPA, CE, TUV and ASTM,etc., and the new technology NET of winning the executive of Ministry of Science and Technology of South Korean is authorized. Its main product has CPS to tow the chain, CPS corrugated pipe,etc..
Sabin Chain changes existingly and tows dust and noise that the chain produced, has realized the low dust, with low noise, closer to the strict requirement of cleaning room, is called a new generation and towed the chain. Existing fixing because rubs and prone to dust and noise during operation while deducting the connection way, SABIN CHAIN has adopted the belt knot way, has improved the above-mentioned problems. And already applied for the patents of Germany, China and U.S.A. and other places.
Revolving chain is the apparatus that is suitable for turning machinery of the movement or mechanical hand,etc. round, protect the products of the cable. CPS mainly considers the security of the cable, has designed Revolving chain not hindering the cable from operating. Develop Free Bending Radius way, can adjust the positive radius by oneself and against the radius in CPS individual proprietorship. This way has already won the patent.
Helix chain protect in robot and go back, transform tool instrument,etc. turn back cable on the apparatus of sport, it can protect the cable from the outside, the all right security turns back the angle.
Existing gathering the chlorine hose will produce oxygen Qi of toxicant material two while burning, but CPSFLEX uses high-quality polyamide (nylon) 6 is made, will not produce such toxicant material while burning, so is unharmful to human body, can utilize, is closer to the products in the natural environment. CPSFLEX has already passed UL and VDE test, thus prove its security, can offer various different products (UL-94 V0 HB) of fire-retardant grade according to the request of customer . CPSFIX has outstanding waterproof grades, so can maintain IP67 while combining with CPSFLEX, can use in various trades.

Contacts: Li Sheng
Telephone: 8602151872464
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Web site: http://www.shruitang.com
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MV-E1394 PCI-E 1394A form / one pair of passways is linked to depend on the picture to gather the card MV-E1394

MV-E1394 PCI-E 1394A form / one pair of passways is linked to depend on the picture to gather the card

[About products ]
MV-E1394 the intersection of high speed and digital picture it gathers cards to be whether one professional the intersection of IEEE-1394 and the intersection of high speed and digital picture that is design for and the visual trade high-performance system of the machine specially gather the card, it adopts PCI Express bus structure, no matter in handling up speed or advanced characteristic in data, relatively PCI technology has prominent promotion for even technology each other of such brand-new high speed.
Big the intersection of department and the intersection of PCI and the intersection of bus and the intersection of data and transfer rate of PC, for per second 133Mb, but PCI Express can offer per second 500Mb to bandwidth of 2.5Gb at present, and will not influence the software compatibility of PCI and offer higher bandwidth for transmission of the digital picture signal, cooperate with IEEE-1394 interface at a high speed, the transmission speed is faster, stability is higher.

MV-E1394 can receive the digital picture of the high-speed or big breadth and gather the industry camera, apply to intellectual traffic of the high speed, PCB and measure the machine, encapsulate detection, IC appearance measuring machine, products roll to mark and measure with the visual checkout equipment of AOI machine,etc. extensively.

[Performance characteristic ]

Adopt 1394 pairs of control chip of speciality, a pair of interface of passway IEEE 1394 of independence
Support PCI-E perfectly, the transmission speed is quicker, quality is higher, totally accord with IEEE 1394a standard
Totally support to use simultaneously (PnP) The function is easy to operate and succinct
Every passway up to 400Mb/s of data transmission rate
The serial real-time data of the high speed spread and fail, release the peripheral apparatus latent energy in an all-round way
Can connect many kinds of apparatuses, support heat to be inserted and pulled out, can add or remove the apparatus without cutting out.
6 core interface offers 12V power, save the power attached of the peripheral hardware
The work does not need to take up CPU to intervene, save systematic resources
IEEE 1394A transmits the line to offer power and signal transmission function at the same time
IEEE 1394 transmits the line to offer power and signal transmission function at the same time
Can connect Microvision the whole series and other FireWire 1394 interface industry digital cameras

Developing instrument:

Drive and support: WDM, DirectX, OpenCV, LabView, Halcon, MIL
Developing instrument supported under Windows 2000, XP, Vist and Linux environment and demonstrating procedure and source code
Develop and charter supporting: VC, VB, C ++Builder, Delphi SDK.

Contacts: Visual store
Telephone: 864000-400-816
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Web site: http://www.china-vision.com.cn
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Gu Mei’s touch-sensitive screen PLC integrative machine EX2N-43H-24MRT touch-sensitive screen PLC integrative machine

Reveal: 4.3 inches, 60,000 very colorful resistance touch-sensitive screens, 480*272 picture element of resolution ratio

The memory 64M of the touch-sensitive screen, support U one to store, support WINCE system, available to install port of the network and audio frequency

PLC: Switch quantity enter 12 12 plays, relay / transistor at most /if you can’t mix, export; Analog quantity 4 enter 2 at most, input, input by available various analog quantity or temperature, export available 0-10V/0-20MA to export

Communication mouth: Lead the intersection of 1 and 232 the intersection of programming and mouth by oneself, a touch-sensitive screen downloads the port, one USB mouth; The intersection of touch-sensitive screen and available 1 232 and 1 485, PLC available to install 1 485

Type specification: EX2N-43H-10/16/20/24MT/MR/MRT(-4AD2DA-485/232)

Reveal the size: 97*56mm

External dimension: 134*102*30mm

Make the hole size: 119*93mm

Programming software: PLC: <>Or ” Mitsubishi GX8.86 ”

Touch-sensitive screen: <>

The detailed materials are consulted: <>

” touch-sensitive screen PLC integrative machine user’s manual ”

” CoolMayHMI touch-sensitive screen service manual ”

Contacts: Miss Du
Telephone: 860755-26051858
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MT6043H very colorful touch-sensitive screen MT6043H

1,Product specification:

Reveal: 60,000 very colorful 4.3s ” TFT liquid crystal is rejected, 480*272 picture element

Luminance: 450cd/m2

Consumption: 3W

Communication mouth: Bring 1 232 by oneself, 1 485, 1 touch-sensitive screen download mouth, 1 the intersection of USB and mouth

USB downloads the mouth: Yes

The memory 64M of the touch-sensitive screen, support U one to store, support WINCE system, available to hold the audio frequency

Reveal the size: 97*56mm

External dimension: 134*102*30mm

Make the hole size: 119*93mm

2,The function is introduced:

Offer a large number of vector picture libraries and support the self-built picture library

Touch the panel in resistance type of high-accuracy, high dependability

Support various design static picture and cartoon picture shelf

Support all script that WINDOWS offers

260,000TFT very colorful display

Support the prescription function

Serial communication mouth

Available to hold the audio frequency

Programming software: <>

The detailed materials are consulted: <>

Contacts: Miss Du
Telephone: 860755-26051858
Fax: 860755-26400661
Email: 800053919@b.qq.com
Web site: http://www.coolmay.net
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Liquid crystal display SX-213 of industry of 21.3 inches

21.3 Industry’s liquid crystal display technical parameter

Show the electron scientific and technological &#8226 on Hunan; Product specification:
Structure: Accord with NEMA 4/12 IP65 standard, disposes and plates nickel and zinc-plated to shield the box, armoured conductive glass, adopt internationally advanced antidetonation technology, seal designing dustproofly.
Signal: RGB( VGA) Direct input; AV, TV is available
Touch-sensitive screen: Available, the interface 232 / USB
Control and regulate the panel (OSD) : Leading or trailing is easy to use
Input the power: Built-in power AC160 250V; Or DC12 36V
Consumption: 34W
Install the way: Embedded / the posture of going / user is appointed
Average life span: 50000 hours
Reveal the index:
Reveal 21.3 TFT LCD
Resolution ratio: 1600*1200
The greatest color: 17M
Luminance: 300cd / ©O
Contrast ratio: 600: 1
Visual angle: 70 degrees of left and right sides; Leave 60 degrees
Environmental index:
Working temperature: -From 10 ¡æ to 55 ¡æ
Store the temperature: -From 20 ¡æ to 60 ¡æ
Relative humidity: 5~95% have not condensed
Antidetonation coefficient: 5~7HZ, displacement of 0.1 pairs of angles shakes 1 7

Contacts: Li ShuaiZhong
Telephone: 860731-88051268
Fax: 86
Email: sale@sxlcd.com.cn
Web site: http://www.sxlcd.cn
Address: Taiwan trader’s high-new development zone of Lei Feng main road No. 27 of Wangcheng, Shashi of provincial governor of Hunan


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LFSB weighs the sensor LFSB and weighs the sensor

The a type of U.S.A. Amcells high-accuracy LFSB wheel alloy steel weighs the main technical parameter of the sensor:

Amount loaded Rated load: 25, 50, 60, 100Klb
Sensitivity Sensitivity: 4.0¡À 0.005mV/V
Comprehensive error Total error: ¡À 0.02% F.S; ¡À 0.05% F.S
Creep (30 minutes) Creep(30min) : ¡À 0.02% F.S
Zero point balanced Zero balance: ¡À 1% F.S
The temperature of the zero point influences TCO: ¡À is 0.02% of the F.S/10 ¡æ
The output temperature influences TC SPAN: ¡À is 0.02% of the F.S/10 ¡æ
Input impedance Input reslstance: 400¡À 10¦¸
Export impedance Output reslstance: 352¡À 2¦¸
Insulating resistance Insulation resistance: Greater than or equal to 5000M¦¸
The temperature range Operating Temp Range of job: -30 is +70 ¡æ
Safe overload Safe load limit: 100%F.S
Terminal overload Lateral load limit: 120%F.S
Recommend encouraging the voltage Rec o mmend excitation: 10~12VDC
Encourage the voltage Maximun excitation the most largely: 15VDC
Sealed grade Protection Class: IP67
Material Construction: Alloy steel Alloy Steel
Cable Cable: Length: 12m Diameter: §¶ 5mm
EXC + (red, Red) ; Exc- (black, Black) ; Sig + (green, Green) ; Sig- (white, White)

Contacts: Gao ChangLin
Telephone: 86400-0769-077
Fax: 860769-00000000
Email: 1825301520@qq.com
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Address: Win and the abundant road No. 22 of silver in the south urban area of Dongguan


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The reservoir monitoring system water level rainfall video controls the scheme DATA-9201

—Main function – –
The state, case door turn on or off information such as the state to gather the water level of the reservoir, rainfall and battery voltage of the on-the-spot apparatus, run in real time, and can expand location of floodgate, water quality, flow,etc. and monitor the function.
Reveal the monitoring data live, support to put and count manually, support the local download function of the historical record.
Convey monitoring data and photo long-rangely through GPRS network; Compatible from the newspaper type and inquiring many kinds of data such as replying type,etc. appear in the newspaper in the way, adopt and support to appear in the newspaper at the time of the newspaper type regularly and restrict and add the newspaper function automatically.
Support the function when the line sets up parameter, upgrading online and automatic school.
Can store the not less than one year historical data, lose the electricity and does not lose.
The way of supplying power: Solar energy supply power .
Supply power to the outside: Can output DC12V, DC5V to give to changer and industry camera to the outside. The way of supplying power, as supplying power in the twinkling of an eye when gathering data or photos; Do not supply power when not gathering, reduce the systematic consumption to the greatest extent.
Working environment: Temperature: -40- +85 ? ? ; Humidity: Less than or equal to 95%.
The size of the products: 480*360*200.
Install the way: Set up the installation of pole or hanging to install; Adopt the outdoor rain-proof case, dampproof, dustproof and defending the smog.
—Main characteristic – –
The key monitoring equipment selects the DATA-6311 type low consumption for use and observes and cont rols the terminal station, GPRS real-time online average electric current less than or equal to 10mA, consumption, only for 1/10 of like product, reduce solar energy, supply power equipment cost and reduce the intersection of construction and difficulty greatly.
Monitor the stipulations of data communication and measure through the hydrology of Ministry of Water Resources.
One yard of rate by mistake of data transmission: Less than or equal to 10-6.
Take many stages to isolate, mix many kinds of measures such as the lightning rod outside during installation through outputting t he lead wire in importing, avoid being struck by lightning the damage to the apparatus to the greatest extent.
—Sketch map of operation principle – –

—Type of the products – –

Contacts: Liu XiaoYu
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The groundwater monitors DATA-9201

First, summary

Relatively the water resource in the earth’s surface is complicated on the groundwater resources, because the changes of one’s own quality and quantity of entering the water here and causing transporting and can’t observe to move the law directly of environmental condition and groundwater that the groundwater change, meanwhile, it is slow modification that pollution and groundwater of the groundwater exceed and adopt the surface subsidence caused, once accumulate it to certain extent, become irreversible destruction. So develop and must rely on the long-term groundwater to monitor when protecting the groundwater accurately, grasp the dynamic change in time.

Second, systematic solution

2.1 Systematic summary
The groundwater monitors and relies on the Chinese commmunication company GPRS network, staff members can look over the water level of the groundwater, data of the temperature, conductivity in the monitoring center. The monitoring management software of the groundwater monitoring center can be realized the long-range collection of the data, monitor long-rangely, all data monitored enter the database, produce various report forms and curves.

2.2 The system makes up
The groundwater is monitored and made up of four parts: Monitoring center, communication network, little consumption observe and control terminal, monitor the recording instrument by water level ‘ Fluviograph) .

2.3 Topological picture of system

2.4 Monitoring center
2.4.1 Central software system summary
It is the specialized software of monitoring system of groundwater that the groundwater monitors the software, adopt B/S structure, managed by system manager, leader or other staff members can visit the server on one’s own computer through the LAN after mandate, can carry on the operation in right range. If necessary, this software can be released in INTERNET common network, the grantees can all visit and operate this system on the computer of any place through INTERNET common network.
The groundwater monitors the software and adopts the module structure, mainly include two major module: One is man-machine interface, another one is that the communication is leading. Each module is made up of several small module again. Getting leading communication software responsible for control center and on-the-spot communication of apparatus mainly, it has strong compatibility, can support GPRS, CDMA, MODEM, RS485,etc. communication products that any producer produce, support many kinds of the intersection of communication and way coexist a system. Much content such as the man-machine interface including basic data management, long-range operation, inputting, data inquiry, data report form, data analysis, map management manually, can design making up individualized control and management system software according to different customers’ different demands.

2.4.2 The monitoring center disposes
The centre possesses the broadband network ‘ Type: Optic fibre, network thread, ADSL,etc.) ,And tie fixed IP definitely.
A special-purpose computer, places on the computer lab, as the fixed IP server, the software of controlling server operating system and database software and system holds inside, store the data, guarantee its 24-hour online.
The software of operating system: Recommend Windows 2003 Server with sp2
Database software: Recommend Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP4, as the software platform of backstage supporter’s database of system.
The groundwater monitors the system software: Finish functions such as receiving, revealing, storing and statistical analysis of the long-range data,etc..

2.4.3,The groundwater monitors and manages the function introduction to the system software
Main interface of software
The interface reveals the map to start the machine, each one on the map seat of monitoring point of entering the water reveals with the dot, red represents the trouble, green represents normally, when the mouse puts the position of dot, reveal this examines water level, water temperature,etc. data clicked.

Basic data
The information of monitoring point that basic information fills in for users, including urban information, county’s information, unit information, the information of every monitoring point that get, can upload the picture inside examining some information, regarded as? ? Backup of the surrounding environment of this monitoring point.
Control long-rangely
Click & ldquo; Operate & rdquo long-rangely; Press the button, can enter detailed interface of monitoring point, look over and should examine the detailed data ordered.
Data report form
Users can produce daily sheet, monthly report form, annual report form and water level and temperature contours of arbitrary time slot according to the actual conditions.

2.5 communication networks
GPRS network signal of China Mobile is widely coverd, data transfer rate high and communication quality reliable and yards of low rate by mistake, run stable, data transmission high installing and debugging simply and conveniently in real-time character, security and dependability, charge according to the information flow, user’s use cost is lower.
This systematic communication network adopts Chinese commmunication company GPRS network and Internet common network. Require the control center possess broadband ‘ Type: Optic fibre, network thread, ADSL,etc.) ,And the one that have on a Internet network fixes IP.
The monitoring point observes and controls terminal inside and disposes GPRS wireless data transmission module, installation opens SIM card of the open GPRS function in the module. Observe and control the terminal station through GPRS wireless data transmission module in its inside and control the central server to make up a communication network, long-range data transmission of the implementation system.

The network operates the expenses:
Monitoring center: Need to pay the cost of use of broadband, the concrete expense standard is in the relevant department’s consultation of the locality, please.
Monitoring point scene: Communication expenses (the fee of data communication take Hebei as examples of SIM card of each monitoring point, concrete expenses standard please consult the local commmunication company) — — Per month ( 30M) at 5 yuan . The fee of total communication of every month is the quantity of 5* on-the-spot monitoring points that the son stands.

2.6 The on-the-spot monitoring point water level monitors the terminal station
Because water level the intersection of monitoring point and on-the-spot most, in field, scene supply power power, report the frequency according to the data of the on-the-spot monitoring point, supply power two kinds of schemes are available that the way has solar energy that supply power and supply power with lithium battery. The data use the solar energy to supply power while appearing in the newspaper frequently, the data use lithium battery to supply power when not appearing in the newspaper frequently.

2.6.1 Scheme of supplying power of lithium battery
Suitable for not having the monitoring scene of power, dispose the battery group of a group of lithium as the working power, especially suitable to have on-the-spot environment that external power supplies power, the little consumption is designed, the lithium battery group can work for 1-5 years normally.
Note: The effective life-span of the battery is 5 years, the actual life is greater than wireless communication 10,000 times.

Scheme of supplying power of the solar energy power on 2.6.2

The monitoring scene that is suitable for using solar energy as and supplying power the power, the solar energy power is divided into three parts, the solar energy panel, solar energy charge the controller, lead-acid battery. According to the on-the-spot power consuming apparatus ‘ Include the little consumption and observe and control and gather the apparatus terminally and live) Power with board without being come for size and the capacities of storage battery.
Below is a computing technology.
The solar energy is stiff to formulate the computing technology: The panel disposes the power (W) =Apparatus consumption (W) × Every day working time ( Hour) × 1.2 (safety coefficient) ÷ [5 hours (the valid working time of every day) × 0.6 (charge efficiency) ]
The storage battery disposes the computing technology: The storage battery disposes the capacity (Ah) =Apparatus consumption (W) × Every day working time ( Hour) × It is overcast and rainy (days) ÷ [Voltage (V) that the apparatus supplies power × 0.6 (the efficiency of supplying power) ]

2.7 Fluviograph
One measure, record the instrument of groundwater water level and temperature automatically with LEVEL fluviograph. It is only as big as palm, length is 154 millimetres, the diameter is 22 millimetres, very light, can nearly use in well of any monitoring. Integrated temperature and pressure sensor within the machine, memory and battery, the outside? ? A sealed one become rusty steel material (RVS 316L) ,This makes it totally free of moist or external electric current. Spread a layer of nitrogen pick materials at the same time, is able to bear corrosion, is suitable for sea water and fresh water environment.
LEVEL hangs in monitoring the well through a merchant steel cable, can read the data regularly, or install GPRS online monitoring system, in order to monitor when the trends of carrying on the data in the room are real. The instrument measures temperature and water level of the groundwater automatically, and keep in its memory, the memory can be recorded and kept 2& times; 40,000 data, the life-span of the battery is up to 8- 10 years.
LEVEL measures the absolute pressure ‘ Water pressure + Atmosphere pressure) ,The unit is one centimetre of water columns. In order to receive the accurate water level change, must compensate atmosphere pressure. The most ideal method is to dispose an extra atmospheric pressure and compensate the device, namely Barologger. The software will compensate the atmospheric pressure automatically, in office or the reading fast and accurately, record data of field. Barologger and LEVEL have same specification and working technique, but the price is very low, it is 1.5 meters to regulate the range, used for measuring the atmospheric pressure. Accurate than traditional vent apt to go on air compensate, determine method of cable have, have no time to lag behind.

Contacts: Liu XiaoYu
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