Discharge gate known enterprise Z61Y, Z961Y of discharge gate Shanghai of hydropower station

The name of product: Discharge gate of the hydropower station [Shanghai discharge gate known enterprise ]
Item Model: Z61Y, Z961Y
The requirements of the products: DN10- DN600
The pressure of the products: 1.0-32.0Mpa
Products material: Cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel,etc.

Product introduction:
The hydropower station valve mainly there are special valves such as high-temperature high-pressure hydropower station discharge gate, stop valve of the hydropower station of hydropower stations,etc., the main technical parameter is: PN1.6~32MPa; DIN10~600mm; It is – 29~695 ¡æ to use the temperature; The body material is carbon steel, chrome molybdenum steel, chromium molybdenum-vanadium steel, austenitic stainless steel,etc.; The Applicable medium is water, steam, oil,etc.. The valve products of hydropower station are widely used in the pipe lines of different working conditions of the heat power plant. Operation mode: Manually, electronically, pneumatic, gear drive,etc.. Yongjia valve supplies the network and insists on & ldquo all the time; Science and technology go ahead of the rest the intersection of quality and lead, technological innovation & rdquo; Strategy, the valve products of hydropower station produced are compact and novel, select suitable materials and exquisite and rational, the craft is ripe and advanced, it is user’s credible products of hydropower station valve.

The main pressure grade of discharge gate of hydropower station:
Nominal pressure 200, 250, 320
Operating pressure P55 100V, P55 140V, P55 170V

The discharge gate application area of hydropower station:
The discharge gate of the hydropower station is mainly the open and close device which is regarded as water, steam pipework, used for cutting off or putting through the medium in the pipe line. Or full cut-off that should be wide-open while using, can’t use as controlling valve. The discharge gate operating principle of hydropower station: According to rotating the hand wheel or valve stem nut clockwise, the valve stem drives the damper to descent, make the sealing surface identical, cut the passway, close; On the contrary in order to open.

The discharge gate structural features of hydropower station:
It accords with relevant standards such as relevant domestic GB, JB, DL to design, make, examine, mark, supply etc..
The material accords with domestic and foreign relevant standards such as ASME, JIS, GB, JB, DL,etc..
All the intersection of sealing and pair of valve adopt different Stellite carbide build-up welding of hardness, it is rational to seal pair and mate, it is of good performance to seal: The high temperature resistant, hardness is high, resist and abrades, is able to bear eroding, longe-lived.
The upper sealing surface adopted the carbide build-up welding of austenitic stainless steel or Stellite, seal reliably, is able to bear corrosion, changing the packing can go on in incessant cases, no the influence system runs.
The body overlays and adopts the self-fastening containment structure of the pressure, the higher the pressure is, the better the sealing property is.
The discharge gate adopts a pair of dampers or elastic floodgate plate structures, it is reliable to seal, movements are flexible, it is convenient to maintain.
Valve stem nut and support joint part have installed the thrust ball bearing, the small, opens and closes electric-saving flexibly, saves effort of angular moment.
The electric drive uses leading brand products on a selective basis, have advantage of small, light, reliable performance with complete function, it can carry on the remote operation with the corollary use of the programme-controlled computer.

1.Adopt the pressure to be self-fastening and seal, both ends of branch line of valve body is the welded connection.
2.Valve sit and the intersection of valve clack and sealing surface adopt the intersection of cobalt base and the intersection of carbide and plasma gush out, weld, wear-resisting, resist and abrade and of good performance.
3.Through the nitrogen V Visualization of corrosion resistance, there is good corrosion resistance and resist the abrading in the valve stem.

The discharge gate standard specification of hydropower station:
Design and make the standard: JB/T 3595, GB/T12234, ASME B16.34
Structural length standard: JB/T 3595, GB/T 12221-2005
The size of interface connection: JB/T 3595, GB/T 12224
The temperature grade of the pressure: JB/T3595, GB/T 12224-2005
Experimental test stone: JB/T3595, MSS SP61, GB/T 13927-2008

Like product: The discharge gate of the hydropower station, the hydropower station welds the discharge gate, U.S.A. marks the discharge gate of the hydropower station, the discharge gate of the electronic hydropower station.

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Shanghai the intersection of butterfly and valve Pu Co., Ltd. professional manufacturer which produce Shanghai valve of the discharge gate, the main series of products have flanged gate valve, discharge gate of the hydropower station, high-temperature high-pressure discharge gate, electronic discharge gates, guiding hole discharge gates,etc., welcome to contact Shanghai Pu’s butterfly’s valve!

Contacts: Chen JunJie
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CB-B gear oil pump CB-B gear oil pump

CB-B series gear oil pump

The use explains:
Series CB-B are a kind of volume type internal gear pump, its internal gear is an arcuate tooth profile, the external gear is short epicyclic new gear pumps. The structure of this pump is simple, the noise is low, oil delivery is steady, self-priming and of good performance and working reliably and having long performance life. Used in undervoltage hydraulic power actuating system of the lathe and large-scale mechanical equipment extensively the rare oil station offers the oil, cooling system and lubricating systems of different mechanical equipmented.

Performance parameter:




Rotational speed r/min

Pressure oscillate

Volume efficiency
%’s electronic power
KWCB-B4B42.514500.15800.37CB-B10B102.514500.15800.75CB-B16B162.514500.15901.1CB-B20B202.514500.15901.1CB- B25B252.514500.15901.5CB-B32B322.514500.15902.2CB-B40B402.514500.15942.2CB-B50B502.514500.25943CB-B63B632.514500.25944CB- B80B802.514500.25955.5CB-B100B1002.514500.25955.5CB-B125B1252.514500.25957.5

Contacts: Su JinYu
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Fax: 860317-8311828
Email: btxdglj@yahoo.cn
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Rich generation of general brilliance of the rising sun Roots vacuum pump Puma series ZEPHYR VLR

General brilliance of the rising sun (rich generation) Sliding vane rotary vacuum pump series R5 of oil lubrication
Pumpdown speed: 3- 1600 m3/h (50Hz)
Ultimate pressure: 0.1- 2 hPa (mbar)
General brilliance of the rising sun (rich generation) There is no pole vacuum pump series COBRA of Cymbium melo (sdander)
Type: TC,NC,AC
Pumpdown speed: 70- 770 m3/h (50Hz)
Ultimate pressure: 0.01- 0.3 hPa (mbar)
General brilliance of the rising sun (rich generation) Oilfree pawl type vacuum pump series Mink
Type: MM,MI
Pumpdown speed: 62- 300 m3/h (50Hz)
Ultimate pressure: 20- 150 hPa (mbar)
General brilliance of the rising sun (rich generation) Oil lubrication sliding vane rotary vacuum pump series Huckepack of once
Gettering quantity: 50- 1535m3/hr(50Hz)
Ultimate vacuum: 0.1mbarA
General brilliance of the rising sun (rich generation) Oil-free sliding vane rotary vacuum pump / compressor series Seco
Type: SV,SD
Pumpdown speed: 4- 140 m3/h (50Hz)
Ultimate pressure: 100- 150 hPa (mbar)
Maximum pressure: 0.6-1 bar(g)
General brilliance of the rising sun (rich generation) Roots vacuum pump series Puma
Gettering quantity: 60- 600m3/hr
Ultimate vacuum: 100- 250mbarA
Type: WV,WB
Pumpdown speed: 265- 2140 m3/h (50Hz)
Ultimate pressure: 53 hPa (mbar)

Contacts: Mr. Huang
Telephone: 8605926800154
Fax: 860592-3778298
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AR22&AR30 series button switch pilot lamp beeper series AR DR of Fuji




Contacts: Mr. Lu
Telephone: 8618922983653
Fax: 860769-23396045
Email: lwp210@163.com
Web site: http://martin-lu.taobao.com
Address: Dongguan market Dongcheng District hillock shellfish’s Dongxing garden Saeger Electronic Market 1D085


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VICKERS, Vickers, EATON-VICKERS, the majestic dose of person VICKERS Vickers’ industrial valves of Eton: U.S.A. VICKERS Vickers, hydraulic components such as gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump, pressure valve, flux valve, reversal valve, inserting valve, check valve, proportion valve, servo valve, amplifier,etc. Circle in the air and promote Damien to supply Vickers with hydraulic products at a low price in Wuhan, welcome the incoming telegram to choose.

Contact: Yellow young lady

Tel.: 027-50248579 Mobile: 15527981700

Fax: 027-50248518 QQ: 1371682421

Address: Big hero’s clear main road No. 229 of mountain area of Wuhan

Stock of Vickers





KCG-3-250 DZMUHL110

DG5S-8-3BL-T-M-U-H 5-30


02-178087 DC24
300AA000 85A




































Contacts: Yellow young lady
Telephone: 86027-87298858
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Injection pump S112-105 of chemical reagent

The chemical reagent filling piping system is used in oil exploitation and processing industry of the world extensively. Quantitative in the oil well, gas well and pipeline with the air / gas driving system to annotate chemical medicine, use for unblocking and unfreeze, enable the oil (air) Well resume normal operation, too can used for until high-pressure reaction kettle quantitative to transport to react raw materials.

Application area: Adopt the oil well, adopt the gas well, reaction kettle

The characteristic of the products:

1,Connect the part of the liquid and adopt the stainless steel imported completely, corrosion resistance is strong, are suitable for various chemical reagent; (can choose the gaseous system too)

2,Can choose different one according to the temperature of reagent

3,Can be used in the well heads of various pressure rank, the system possesses the function that the tape presses start;

4,The chemical reagent filling piping system is tall in output pressure, available arbitrarily in 1000-20000PSI, the system possesses the inoperation at the arbitrary pressure that is presumed;

5,The American air-operated pump imported, quality is reliable, have long performance life;

Contacts: Li Hua
Telephone: 8613620202458
Fax: 860755-22658525
Email: 13620202458@163.com
Web site:
Address: Feitian district of Shenzhen gets the mansion 2 13Ds of the southern part of the country of mountain range garden of middle way garden red


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Tin Yat LW42A1Y key selection switch LW42A1Y

LW42 cammingly Wan it transfers switches to to be one the intersection of scientific and technological content and great, compact and reasonable and volume minor changing loud, the intersection of use and leading producting at home wide by function. Appraised as the key new product in Shanghai, the new and high technology of Shanghai transforms the project.

The products are applied to exchanging 50HZ, electric control loops such as voltage 690V and following or direct-current volts 440V and the following numerical control programme-controlled machine tool and electrical apparatus,etc. are controlled, the illumination, protection, signal and program selection, voltage, electric current measurement choose etc. to use, also control used for squirrel cage asynchronous motor of small capacity.

The characteristic of the products:

1. Safe and reliable, the connecting terminal designs finger-touching to be safe, can also prevent the screw from lossing, the joint has allocated the stylus of double break, more reliable;

2. Disassemble/assemble is convenient, has offered the installation of screw, such ways as the centre installs, installs in box installation, guide rail;

3. Flexible and high-efficient, the kind in the joint is nearly limitless, up to 900 commonly used multi-type. Can offer many kinds of solutions;

4. Great variety of goods, the selection switch has 10A, 20A, 25A, 32A; The on/off switch has 10A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 63A, 100A.

Contacts: Miss Wei
Telephone: 8618801636090
Fax: 86021-64129882
Email: 2320047959@qq.com
Web site: http://www.mroe.com.cn/
Address: Shen, district of Minhang, insult the intersection of way and green the intersection of plum and two the intersection of village and 116 No. flat B-205


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Synchronized clock of the Big Dipper

The intersection of the Big Dipper and synchronized clock Use and characteristic
Shanghai it presents the Big Dipper that electric Co., Ltd. produces to be until ” whether East China electric wire netting unifies the technical regulation of the clock system ” in synchronized clock while being sharp, ” technical regulation of the synchronization system of converting station GPS time of electric wire netting of Guangdong ” and time designed of ” technological principle and regulation of running of synchronization system of electric wire netting GPS time of Shanghai ” Synchronization system, it is made up of standard time lock clock body and timing signal extended device, can concentrate or the single group rejects. The extended device of the timing signal includes pulse, time the message and B yard expand module, the extended device can be made up according to the needs of reality. This system utilizes GPS ‘ GPS) Or IRIG-B (DC) Locking signal and time information of a second when send, to various systems and automated assemblies of electric system (such as dispatch automated system, timing relay protective device of the computer, trouble oscillograph, incident order recording device, telemechanical apparatus,etc.) Offer rigorous time information and time locking signal. The apparatus adopts the constructional design of the whole modularization, has not merely realized the full-compatibility of the plate card, have offered abundant signal interface resource and open special interface design platform, possess excellent compatible ability. Can offer the multi-channel pulse signal (1PPS/M/H, TTL, dead contact, differentiating, 24V/110V/220V are active, light) , the time message , IRIG-B signal ( 422, TTL, AC, light) , DCF77 signal, NTP/SNTP agreement network clock locking signal, PTP( IEEE1588) Agreement signal, 10MHz frequency time locking signal, the interface requirement when can meet the school of different apparatuses. The device has already been used in IT extensively, the time service services of fields such as the metallurgy, communication, electricity, finance, broadcasting and TV, safety protection, traffic, water conservancy, national defence, petrochemical industry, medical treatment, government bodies, education,etc..
The characteristic of the synchronized clock of the Big Dipper:
1,The precision is high to in pace with clock signal of external synchronization, the synchronous precision is superior to & plusmn; 0.1μ s. Adopt many Synchronous source adaptation synchronisation techniques, the synchronous precision is superior to & plusmn; 0.1μ s.
2,Adopt the redundant structure
Support one pair of GPS thermal storages and one pair of IRIG-B thermal storages and equip high-accuracy punctual clock. The standard time lock clock body can insert GPS and No. IRIG-B one yard of external synchronization signals 2 at the same time, both as for subsequent use. The timing signal extended device can insert No. IRIG-B one yard of external synchronization signals 2 at the same time, is both as for subsequent use. The main clocks sum signal extended device can all adopt the device redundantly and melt, has guaranteed reliability and stability of synchronization system of GPS time.
3,Modular design, many kinds of output interface, flexible in usage and convenient.
Can export and satisfy IEEE STD 1344-1995 canonial IRIG-B (AM)s Yard, IRIG-B (DC) Yard, the dead contact of the pulse, time message information of second in the time that can be defined, every No. 12 is a series of, but random combination. The device can export 84 routes at most.
Adopt 2U, 19& rdquo; Standard chassis, very single group rejects, has offered the convenience to expansion of GPS time locking signal in future, it is easy to safeguard and manage.
4,One pair of CPU parallel processing time messages exports technology
Time message output, adopt pairs of CPU walk abreast treatment technology, message sending moment along for punctuality of second, the error is not greater than +5& mu; s.
5,High-accuracy pulse output
Pulse output adopts the heavy current of the pulse the circuit takes place, make the photoelectricity isolate the dead contact to output the high-accuracy pulse signal, the error is not greater than 0.5& mu; s.
6,High-accuracy punctual clock
Adopt the high-accuracy punctual clock of punctual technology of close cycle control, punctual precision achievable 1& mu; s/min.
7,Adopting has no overshoot IRIG-B (AM) The technology of code generating, produced high-accuracy IRIG-B (AM) Yard, precision reachable 2& mu; s.
8,Support optic fibre or coaxial grade to connect with import and export.
9,The reliability of signal receive is high, are not limited by region condition of hydropower station.
10,All signal delivery ports pass the photoelectricity and isolate, electromagnetic anti-interference reaches the III grade standard.
11,Have, monitor the intersection of device and the intersection of alarm and joint of running status this, export, including power disappear report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance, the intersection of external synchronization and the intersection of blackout and report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance, and unusual in self test device this? ? ? Alert.
Technical indicator of the synchronized clock of the Big Dipper
A physical parameter
1.1 Chassis
Standard time lock clock bodies and timing signal extended devices adopt standard 19& Prime; Framework type chassis, can install on mast in the distributor firmly, the height is 2U. There are reliable touch-down points in the outer cover of chassis.
Physical dimension: 445mm(W) × 280mm(L) × 89mm(H) ,Or users appoint.
Color: Computer dust ( RAL 7035) Or users appoint.
Weight: 6kg
1.2 Aerial
Receiving antenna and substructure installation form a complete set.
Aerial size: Diameter 93 (mm) × Height 55 (mm)
The base size: Diameter 33 (mm) × Height 84 (mm)
Install the way in the base: Open pipe thread, internal diameter 24 (mm) × Height 60 (mm) ,
The erection site of base: The roof, can be seen in most skies
Weight ( Including substructure installation) : 5 kg
Cable: RG-59 / RG-58 type, full-length 30m, or users appoint.
2 environmental conditions
2.1 Work environment of the host computer
Operating temperature: -From 10 ¡æ to +60 ¡æ
Storage temperature: -From 20 ¡æ to +85 ¡æ
Humidity: 5% ~ 95%, No moisture condensation
2.2 Work environment of the aerial
Operating temperature: -From 40 ¡æ to +70 ¡æ
Storage temperature: -From 40 ¡æ to +85 ¡æ
Humidity: 100%, moisture condensation
3 electromagnetic compatibility
The device can work normally under the circumstances that the converting station protects the electromagnetic field environments of room and control room, accord with & ldquo; GB/T13926-1992 industrial process measurement and electromagnetic compatibility & rdquo of the controlling device; The requirement about regulation of China, reaches one grade of standards.
4 electric power supply
Adopt the public way of the alternating and direct current to supply power.
4.1 AC supply
Nominal voltage: Single-phase 220V, allows to lean towards difference- 20% – +20%;
Frequency: 50Hz, & plusmn of tolerance deviation; 3Hz;
Waveform: Sine, waveform distortion is not greater than 5%.
4.2 Direct current power supply
Nominal voltage: 220V, 110V;
Tolerance deviation: -20% – +20%;
Ripple factor: ≤ 5%.
4.3 Power consumption
Not greater than 15W.
5 has no time between failures MTBF equally
Needn’t be safeguarded under the normal service conditions!
MTBF: Not smaller than 50000h under the normal service conditions
The above is the brief introduction of the synchronized clock of the Big Dipper, consults and presents websites sharp in details: www.ruicheng-china.cn

Contacts: Wei YuanDong
Telephone: 8602151816732
Fax: 86021-51816733
Email: shanghairuicheng@163.com
Web site: http://www.ruicheng-china.cn
Address: Shanghai circles in the air in the national Building of Scien-tech garden 1 of institute of technology of Shanghai of the road No. 128 of the Yin Dynasty


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Agricultural crop greenhouse environment measuring apparatus JUCSAN-NY of vegetables fruit

Intellectual environmental monitor system scheme of greenhouse greenhouse – -Editor: It is strong in Liu the Red Army that nine is pure 15810948051 QQ786765663
First, sketch:
The intellectual greenhouse moves the control system, it is to specially develop the environmental automatic control system of production for the agricultural greenhouse, agricultural environmental control, meteorological observation.
Agricultural environment factors such as the greenhouse greenhouse inner ambient temperature, ambient humidity, illumination intensity, soil temperature, soil moisture, density of carbon dioxide of measurable quantity,etc.,
Grow according to the greenhouse crop and require, environmental control equipments such as the automatic controlled switch window, roll membrane, air blower wet curtain, biological supplemental lighting, irrigating manuring,etc., greenhouse internal environment of the automatic regulating,
Reach the range of suitable plant growth, offer the optimum environment for plant growth. The intellectual greenhouse control system can make the greenhouse run in the energy-conserving state of economy,
Realize the unattended operation automation of the greenhouse runs, lighten personnel’s labor intensity, reduce energy consumption of greenhouse and running cost.
Two: Monitor the function:
1,Monitor the environmental factor:
( 1) Atmospheric environments: Ambient temperature, environmental relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, the amount of precipitation, atmospheric pressure, illumination intensity,etc..
( 2) The soil parameters: Soil temperature, the soil moisture,etc.;
( 3) The ecotopes: CO2 O2 NH3,etc.;
Third, control cabinet / master controller / control device
1: The collection that the main control unit can be serial in 24 hours when the line is real, with recording and monitoring several parameter situations such as the temperature, humidity, wind speed, carbon dioxide, illumination intensity of the position,
Carry on real-time display and recording and storing and monitor information by way of many kinds of figures, and pictures,etc., it is a bit more extendible to monitor the position.
2: The data concentrator offers RS485 interface, is not mixing wirelessly and controlling the computer or controlling the computer to damages, is being paralysed, can connect the computer and derive and shift data to other computers with RS485 at any time.
3: The monitoring software of the humiture adopts standard windows 98/2000 / XP all Chinese GUIs, data value and curvilinear motion of real-time display, record every monitoring point,
Count each machine format historical data, maximum value, minimum and mean value, cumulative data,etc..
4: Data and operational report controlling the end of host computer and utilizing the monitoring software to print every moment at any time.
5: Powerful data processing and communication ability of master controller, adopt the communication technology of the computer conferencing,
The LANs any inner computer can all be visited and controlled the computer, looks over and controls the change of the position online, realize and monitor long-rangely.
The system not only can monitor in the guards’ room, the leader can watch and control in one’s own office very conveniently.
6: The system can expand many kinds of recording data and analyse and process the software, can draw excellent picture, cake picture, deal with curve fit,etc.,
Can be according to TXT form output, the software that can enter office such as EXCEL electronic spreadsheet too carries on data processing.
Fourth, communication way
(1) : Wired transmission mode: Through the communication interface of standard RS232/RS485/USB, it is connected that wired with the monitoring center PC,
Most long wired the intersection of communication and the intersection of distance and reachable 1200, convey, gather data in real time, can also realize one centre to to monitor in real time a plurality of site through network interface;
(2) Wireless transmission mode: The wireless digital transmission way of long distance: Adopt GSM network / GPRS/3G network communication technology, combine Internet network communication agreement,
Allocating the control device of wireless communication can realize the monitoring center monitors each site in real time, control environmental data and control behavior of every greenhouse long-rangely, is not limited by the distance, data transmission is reliable.
3G advantage lies in that it is fast to transmit several times, steady, but the data with bigger transmission capacity, used in image transmission,etc. field extensively, the shortcoming is minor for the coverage rate of the network, this communication way is a development trend in the future.
Fifth, monitoring software control function are sketched
1.Users land
Stipulate user’s usufruct, only if users can’t land the system, guarantee the security of system.
Can set up the authority to revise users and the password. Divide the two-step authority: Watch the authority, parameter and revise the authority in the greenhouse.
2.System supervisory and control
The movements and states of various apparatuses such as the temperature, humidity, illuminance, soil moisture, soil temperature, carbon dioxide, wind speed, sleet while controlling;
Carry on the sound, picture and call the police when becoming abnormal in the greenhouse.
3.Control function
Can realize the changing automatically and manually of the control equipment through the computer screen;
Automatic: Can follow the parameter that users set for ‘ Temperature, time) Sunshade to the trap door, outside, air blower, water pump carry on the thermal insulation, lowers the temperature and controls. Systematic when opening wet curtain and air blower will close the trap door.
Manually: Operate opening, close and start and outage which realizes various control equipments through the mouse, realize that forces manual control operation long-rangely.
4.Parameter setting and having a look around
To realizing the automatically controlled parameter ‘ Humiture, illuminance,etc.) Presume, in order to meet the automatic control request.
5.Real-time curve
The inner data of greenhouse that can gather the system in real-time trend contours reveal by way of real-time curve, so that the viewing system measures the state.
6.Historical curve
Can demonstrate that each measure the day, moon, season, annual parametric variation curve of the parameter in the greenhouse, according to the systematic parameter value of very reasonable arrangement of this curve, and analyze the influence growing to the crop in every parametric variation.
7.Report form
In the report form server that can be sent into to the software the measuring result of the data in the greenhouse, analyze and have a look around every parameter in the form of report form.
Can carry on the printing to historical curve, report form, facilitate data inquiry.

Sixth, product information
. The temperature range of air: -20- 60 ¡æ
. Air humidity range: 0- 100%
. The strength range of the illumination: 0- 20000lux
. The measurement limit of wind speed: 0- 30m/s
. The measurement limit of wind direction: 16 position(360& deg)
. The soil is warm to measure the subject brightness range: -40- 80 ¡æ
. The measurement limit of soil moisture: 0- 100%
. The measurement limit of atmospheric pressure: 50- 110Kpa
. The measurement limit of carbon dioxide: 0- 5000ppm
. Rain sensor range: 0- 4mm/min
. Oxygen density sensor range: 0-30% vol
. Intelligent controller: The control devices of No. 16 export
. Wireless GPRS sends the host computer
Seventh, expand systematically – the tall and erect mobile phone / apple mobile phone / dull and stereotyped computer of Ann controls presuming long-rangely
The mobile phone / dull and stereotyped computer is monitored, inquired, presumed, controlled long-rangely in real time; Through the transmission mode of the network, count all environments in the greenhouse greenhouse
According to upload to dull and stereotyped computer or mobile phone, so long as installation whom our company research and develop independently fit tall and erect the intersection of system and customer end, can be realized. Grasp it in the canopy constantly
Environmental data, control the greenhouse controlled equipment of the greenhouse easily! (The humidifier, moisture separator, intensify, lower the temperature, the automatic control of the air blower, automatic opening
The trap door, draw curtains (the screen) automatically Automatic irrigation system,etc.!

The sensor series have air Temperature Humidity Sensors, soil Temperature Humidity Sensor, mere illumination sensor, infrared intrusion detector, magnetic switch flow sensor of the door, point contact to soak the transducer, the line cable type soaks the transducer, temperature sensor, temperature transmitter, sensor of the wind direction wind speed, photoelectric smoke-sensing probe, ion probe, glass probe, sensor of the carbon dioxide density, ammonia density sensor, products such as oxygen sensor, unexplosive humiture integrative sensor, dew point transducer, absolute humidity transducer, pressure capsule, differential pressure sensor of intrinsically safe,etc.;

: Medical storehouse storehouse thermal insulation humidity control system, the environmental monitoring of the museum, the environmental autonomous system of agricultural greenhouse, the environmental monitor system of the intelligence of the archives, the long-range monitor system of converting station, the long-range monitor system of urban lighting, water pump safety monitoring system, the comprehensive long-range monitor system of electric quantity of electric current of the bank ATM power, the server computer lab of the bank leaks, humiture comprehensive monitoring system, the thermal insulation humidity control of cold coulomb, the environmental test of the humiture of storage storehouse of food, the environmental comprehensive monitoring system of computer lab of motive force, intellectual environmental monitoring, industrial monitor system of the voltage of electric current of the pressure of water treatment such as the environmental monitor system of pig house in the chicken coop of the plant, the environmental monitoring system of mushroom room, the cement maintains the high humidity control of the room, play – warm humidity control,etc. in the drug storage!

Contacts: Liu HongJun
Telephone: 8601057422588
Fax: 86010-64869721
Email: lhj.0215@163.com
Web site: http://www.jucsan.com
Address: Beijing Chaoyang District Ann circles in the air in room 320, Building 1 of institute of A No. 11 in the north


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Vertical check damper H42W-16P-DN100

The name of product: Stainless steel vertical check damper
The products classification: Flange
Item Model: H42W-16P-DN100

Nominal pressure: PN16- PN40
Path range: DN25- DN200
Connect the form: Flange
Operating temperature: Less than or equal to 200 ¡æ
Main material: 304
The form of seal: W
Applicable medium: Apply to the pipe line of corrosivity mediums such as petroleum, chemical industry, water supply and drainage, electricity, metallurgy, pharmacy,etc. extensively.

The description of products:
1,The check damper of the graphic formula has the differences of flange and clash, it is simple in construction that have, there are few spare parts, characteristic such as being light of the weight. The vertical check damper is used mainly for needing to prevent various working condition occasions of the medium backflow.
2,The vertical check damper is use for too vertically to set up the spring while installing, utilize the pressure of autogenous weight and fluid return current of valve clack to play a nonreturn role.

Contacts: Sales department
Telephone: 860577-86877699
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