Intellectual controller DATA-7208/DATA-67218 of the radio frequency card

The radio frequency card intellectual controller adopts the data to gather, transmit the integrated design, have another name called the agricultural controller of motor-pumped well, can realize the wireless communication of the data through GPRS or 433MHz, dispose No. 5A high-capacity DO relay 1, the radio frequency card intellectual controller can insert the water pump and control the return circuit directly, hand in direct current availably, is used in agricultural trades of motor-pumped well,etc. more by way of supplying power.

The function characteristic can carry on logic programming according to user’s request. Support wired, such many kinds of communication wayses as GPRS is wireless, 433M is wireless. Monitor the stipulations of data transmission (SZY206-2012) through the water resource of national Ministry of Water Resources Detection. Pass the water resource watch-dog basic fundamental condition of national Ministry of Water Resources (SL426-2008) Detection. Measure through the hydrology stipulations of national Ministry of Water Resources. Can imbed GPRS data transmission module. Support many kinds of metering methods: Water consumption measure and power consumption measure, irrigate, take, measure. More than calories for a machine, a controller can support user Zhang’s card to use more. The relay is controlled and exported, can insert the contactor directly, does not need switching of middle relay. Adopt the low consumption to be designed: DATA-7208 average job electric current: < 75mA / 12V DC (including GPRS module) ; < 60mA / 12V DC (excluding GPRS module) DATA-7218 average job electric current: < 35mA / 12V DC (including GPRS module) ; < 25mA/12V DC (excluding GPRS module)

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Hydrology telemetering measurement terminal machine DATA-9201

To distribute wide by the intersection of hydrology and some telemetering measurement, have, have power, unsuitable the intersection of person who connect up and characteristic, it is flat that the electron technological Development Co., Ltd. rises in Tangshan to specially develop the hydrology telemetering measurement terminal machine. Hydrology the intersection of telemetering measurement and terminal machine adopt ultralow consumption design, can reduce solar energy, power equipment cost greatly, can dispose different sensors according to monitoring the demand actually, is used in water level, rainfall (snow) extensively Quantity, flow, velocity of flow, evaporation capacity, silt, ice, soil moisture content, water quality,etc. monitor the project.
—Sketch map of terminal operation principle – –

—Function characteristic – —
The key apparatus selects GPRS low consumption for use and observes and controls the terminal station, the electric current of average job is less than or equal to 10mA / 12V under GPRS real-time online work pattern.
Can report telemetric reading to a centre at most at the same time.
Support many kinds of wireless communication ways such as GPRS, short message, the Big Dipper satellite.
Can set for at every telemetric readings, lower limit calling the police value, the data prescribe a time limit and report alert information at once.
Support in situ / presume the working parameter long-rangely, support in situ / upgrade the apparatus procedure long-rangely.
Can export the switch and measure the control signal, realize the long-range control of the apparatus.
Can supply power for the changer regularly.
Can insert the industry camera, realize that takes a picture long-rangely.
Made of iron / the exterior case is available that the stainless steel is protected.
—Type of the products – –
—Reference material – –
Ministry of Water Resources measures the download of certificate
Hydrology monitoring system
The model employs the achievement
The solar energy storage battery disposes the method

Contacts: Liu XiaoYu
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EMERSON frequency converter series EV2000

Excellent performance
Open vectorial PWM modulation of magnetism
Electrical machinery parameter make exactly since ‘ Resting and rotate)
It reaches 1:100 (EV1000 is 1:50) to adjust speed range
180% of the specified torque while starting torque 0.50Hz
(EV1000 1Hz hour 150%)
The torque is promoted with the manual enhanced feature automatically availably

Many kinds of trade special functions
PI course closes the ring, multistage speed, simple and easy PLC, textile is put frequently
Control long definitely, running time adds up to the function
The high-speed pulse inputs and outputs the function
The specialty adds the time of moderating function

Fine environmental adaptive capacity
Professional & ldquo; Whether & rdquo stop in wink; The algorithm, should shake the electricity to the electric wire netting
Technology, automatic frequency flow to regulate technology in the automatic limit, should be to supporting sudden change
All single-boards carry on & ldquo; Defend painting & rdquo three times; Protect, improve the frequency converter and defend the humidity,
Dust and greasy dirt ability
The independent tunnel is designed, improve and resist the dust environment
The tone adjusts technology, improve the noise in an all-round way

Abundant standard configuration
Encoder interface of built-in pulse
RS232/RS485 standard communication interface, supports MODBUS agreement
The whole series EV1000 mark and formulate and move the unit, under EV2000 7.5kW
Unit that the disposition applies the brake

Series EV2000G (three phases, 380V, permanent torque frequency converter)
Type power (KW)
EV2000-4S0055G/0075P 5.5/7.5
EV2000-4S0075G/0110P 7.5/11
EV2000-4T0110G/0150P 11/15
EV2000-4T0150G/0185P 15/18.5
EV2000-4T0185G/0220P 18.5/22
EV2000-4T0220G/0300P 22/30
EV2000-4T0300G/0370P 30/37
EV2000-4T0370G/0450P 37/45
EV2000-4T0450G/0550P 45/55
EV2000-4T0550G 55
EV2000-4T0750G 75
EV2000-4T0900G 90
EV2000-4T1100G 110
EV2000-4T1320G 132
EV2000-4T1600G 160
EV2000-4T2000G 200
EV2000-4T2200G 220

Series EV2000P (three phases, 380V, air blower, pumps are specialized)
Type Power (KW)
EV2000-4T0750P 75
EV2000-4T0900P 90
EV2000-4T1100P 110
EV2000-4T1320P 132
EV2000-4T1600P 160
EV2000-4T2000P 200
EV2000-4T2200P 220
EV2000-4T2500P 250

Contacts: Cao WenYan
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SLT-GT serial pneumatic shaking device GT-48s

The products classification: Pneumatic shaking device
The name of product: GT-48
The type of the products: GT-48
The place of production of the products: Guangdong
The description of products: Does not need to lubricate, only need clean air, high temperature resistant 120& deg; C; Noise range 60-75 Decibel (dBA) . Products adopt shoulder positive pole, oxidize the intersection of end and build and the intersection of off-centre and runner, shake force to be loud. 1.The volume is little, troubles are less 2. Start-stop and fast. 3.Shake the strength, vibration frequency and amplitude, adjust when can move at will. 4.The type is employed more widely: Electroplating device; Plastic apparatus; Body apparatus of the powder; Ceramic apparatus; Powder body project; Chemical industry equipment; Circuit board trade; Food apparatus; Pharmacy apparatus & hellip; … Wait a moment.

Contacts: Zhang Wen
Telephone: 8602023344188
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Address: Money flat mansion Block A 502 No. 418 of road of Xihua of Li Gulf district of Guangzhou


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The power distribution box uses and installs the socket multi-type

Supply 16A/32A industrial plug, 16A/32A cable protects a set of plugs and sockets, 63A/ 125A plugs and sockets, 16A/32A industrial connector, 16A/32A industrial connector, 63A/ 125A connector, hold the straight seat industrially secretly, 63A, 125A holds the straight seat secretly, hold the oblique seat industrially secretly, 16A/32A holds the straight seat secretly, second brought the protection plug, second tape protects the coupler, second tape protect, install socket, second, install socket, the intersection of moderate breeze and plugs and sockets, rubbery waterproof plugs and sockets, connector, multi-functional socket, the intersection of construction site and power distribution box,etc. secretly tomorrow.

Contacts: Li Yang
Telephone: 86010-51806963
Fax: 86010-57202547
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Address: Small side door No. 48 South Road of Fengtai district


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SCB10-500/10 voltage transformer core structure SCB10-500/10-0.4

SCB10-500/10-0.4 dry voltage transformer carries out the standard:

GB1094.11-2007 dry electric voltage transformer
GB/T10228-2008 dry electric voltage transformer technical parameter and requirement

The part of GB1094.10-2003 electric voltage transformer the third: Insulating level, insulating to test and insulating the intersection of air and interval outside

JB/T10008-2004 6~500KV grade voltage transformer sound level

JB/T56009-1998 dry electric voltage transformer product quality grades SCB10-500/10-0.4 dry voltage transformer and SCB10 serial dry voltage transformer technical parameters:

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Tel.: 010-57112076

Mobile: 18801320667

Fax: 010-87572077

QQ: 2668948097

SCB10-500/10-0.4 dry voltage transformer technical parameter is as follows:

Name of product

Dry voltage transformer

Type of the products



Permanent Anyuan

Shape of the core


Cooling form


Cooling way


Dampproof way

Solid pouring type

Specified capacity


Voltage than


Bind the group to mark
Yyn0 or Dyn11

Rated power


Impedance of short circuit


Empty load losses


Support and loss




Gross weight


SCB10 series 10KV/6KV-0.4KV voltage transformer technical parameter picture:

Note: Weight and external dimension data are only for reference in the table, if there is the alteration, forgive me for not issuing a separate notice.

SCB10-500/10-0.4 dry voltage transformer service condition:

1.Ambient temperature: -From 50 ¡æ to +50 ¡æ

2.& lt of height above sea level; =1000m

3.The content that other technological conditions of going beyond this stipulate, is handled through consultation by user and our company technology department, and mark out during order.
Company’s quality guarantees grade after sale is promised:

1. Our company implements & ldquo to all products produced; & rdquo of three guarantees; ,Guarantee the products adopt the best material and first-class craft, accord with the quality of the contract regulation. Stipulate with the performance requirement. Guarantee its apparatus of contract through installing correctly. Operate and safeguard and maintain, operate well within apparatus service time of contract rationally, within fixed warranty period, to the defect of the craft or material because of designing and the trouble caused is responsible for, responsible for repairing or changing the defective electric apparatus component free.

2. Warranty period of apparatus debug for installation qualified to get up one year, offer technology service all the life products, if the quality problem appears, our company guarantees to appoint the technical staff to catch up with solving live in time.

3. The apparatus of the contract is before the quality is protected and expired, the quality problem substantially as causing because of seller, the seller should repair free. Change, the question substantially as causing because of buyer, the seller should repair and change in time too, but the expenses are undertaken by the buyer. The apparatus of the contract after the quality is protected and expired, if go wrong, the seller should repair in time. Change, and only collect costs.

4. Outside the quality duration of insurance, the seller should provide for buyer in time too. Of fine quality. Technological service and repair piece of favourable price. The supply of the spare part, and implement the scheduled maintenance. Maintenance.

5. Our company offers technical data, catalogue and drawing to user, can also coordinate the work with the relevant functional department with users.

6. Instruct, coordinate users and install, debug, and the training technique attenbant of users free.

7. In 18 months, operate and does not exceed 12 months continuously, damage and can’t work normally because of making badly from the day of delivering, our factory changes and the repaired item or part for users free, implement & ldquo to the products; & rdquo of three guarantees; ,Quick-wear part. It is not subject to the limits to abrade one. Guarantee to find that makes the handling suggestion in time after the quality problem, send the technical staff in agreeing time, make sure the problem is not solved, the technical staff does not withdraw from the scene, the satisfying customer rate reaches 100.

Contacts: Zhang Guang will come
Telephone: 8601057112076
Fax: 86010-87572077
Web site:
Address: In the Beijing Chaoyang District 18 the intersection of shop and the intersection of township and the intersection of the west and frank the intersection of river and village ‘ 5-1)Building 7


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Take care of American scientific and technological text PLC integrative machine 30A 40A 50A

Take care of American the intersection of science and technology and A series the intersection of text and software for editing, divide the intersection of 30A and the intersection of 40A and three of 50A into, than to abundant B series function have old style

1) Editor simple,not support to cancel, not repeat, select mouse frame, across duplication of project, paste

2) Support the script to be chosen the function, the register figure, text Chinese character reveal that can all choose various script freely

3) Reveal the amount of information is large, the size of the characters, the script can be chosen.

4) The indicator lamp ON/OFF picture can be changed into an arbitrary picture even more

5) Support many kinds of form picture files, the dynamic picture function can realize 16 pictures switch over revealing

6) Support the straight line, rectangular and round input to reveal

7) Pursuing yuan reveals that there is level attribute, upper and lower overlap will not be interfered with to pursue the display of yuan each other

L LCD reveals: 30A128 * 64 picture element; 40A192 * 64 picture element; 50A240 * 128 picture element; LCD life-span can up to 2 hour Wan. The routine is rejected for being blue, the dust rejects sum yellowish green to reject availably.

L picture memory capacity is 256KB FlashROM

L function key have 18 (40A and 50A have 19 function key, many first CLR key) ,The function can be appointed freely

Contacts: Miss Du
Telephone: 860755-26051858
Fax: 860755-26400661
Web site:
Address: The mere No. resurgence of the south of Nanshan District is industrial city 1 605


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Shenzhen takes care of the programmable controller CX2N-64M serial programmable control devices CX2N-64M of American science and technology

The intersection of switch and quantity 32 enter 32 at most, analog quantity 8 enter 4 at most

It is available that analog quantity inputs the temperature, electric current, voltage or phenotype, it is available to export 0-10V, 0-20mA or phenotype

Communication mouth: Bring 1 232 the intersection of programming and mouth by oneself, available to hold 1 485, 1 232 or 2 485 times

The count inputs 2 routes of routine single-phasely to count (X0/X3) at a high speed Or AB of No. 2 counts (X0-X1/X3-X4) 10KHz; At most can make 6 single-phase to count No. definitely while being special ‘ 100KHz, 10KHz of No. 2) of No. 4 Or AB of No. 3 counts ‘ 100KHz, 10KHz of No. 1) of No. 2 Or ABZ of No. 2 counts (100KHz, 5-10KHz of No. 1 of No. 1)

The high-speed pulse exports Y0/Y1/Y6/Y7 regular 20KHz, can make specially into 200KHz of No. 5 definitely at most

Type specification:


External dimension: 240*90*36mm

Make the hole size: 232*99mm

Install the way: DIN guide is (35mm wide) Install, fix the hole to install

Programming software: <>Or ” Mitsubishi GX8.86 ”

The detailed materials are consulted: <>

” CX2N series PLC user’s manual V5.61 ”

Contacts: Miss Du
Telephone: 860755-26051858
Fax: 860755-26400661
Web site:
Address: The mere No. resurgence of the south of Nanshan District is industrial city 1 605


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Coolmay common type fast-selling text display HW-40BHW-40B

Communication port: Take 232 and 485 by oneself

Support varied PLC, possession 232, 485 communication on the market

Reveal 12 words of 4 lines

The software for editing: HW40BEditer
Function button: 19 very free definitions

Reveal the size: 101 * 36 mm
External dimension: 175* 90 * 26mm

Make the hole size: 165 * 78 mm

Contacts: Miss Du
Telephone: 860755-26051858
Fax: 860755-26400661
Web site:
Address: The mere No. resurgence of the south of Nanshan District is industrial city 1 605


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Hydrology observes and controls the terminal station DATA-6311

—The type of the products: —

DATA-6301 has not revealed

DATA-6311 liquid crystal reveals

—Products summary —

Hydrology observes and controls the terminal station and incorporates gathering, transmitting, storing the function in data into an organic whole, adopt the low consumption to be designed, it is especially suitable for the monitoring scene where the solar energy supplies power that hydrology is observed and controlled terminally, hydrology observe and control terminal station can reduce solar energy, power cost and reduce the difficulty of construction greatly, hydrology is observed and controlled terminally and applied to trades such as meteorological phenomena, hydrology water conservancy, geology,etc. extensively.

—Products function —

Communication function: Support many kinds of communication ways such as GPRS, short message, satellite;
Support to carry on data communication with many centres;
Support real-timely to wake two kinds of work patterns up onlinely and regularly.

Gather the function: Gather the standard signals of the water level, rainfall changer;
Gather the flow data of the flow meter, pulse table;
The state, apparatus supply power state and case door turn on or off the state to gather the water pump or valve and run.

The function that the picture takes a candid photograph: Can connect the industry camera, carry on the picture and take a candid photograph.

Control the function: Support to automatically control, control water pump, valve,etc. to control the apparatus long-rangely.

The long-range function of management: Support the long-range parameter to set up, the procedure to upgrade.

Warning function: The monitoring data restrict, report alert information immediately.

Store the function: This machine circulates and stores the monitoring data, lose the electricity and does not lose.

—Characteristic of the products —

Gather, transmit the integrated design in data.

GPRS real-time online low power dissipation, online average electric current & le; 10mA.

But the apolegamy water resource monitors the stipulations of data transmission, hydrology to monitor the stipulations of data communication etc..

Support the domain name mapping function.

Support every configuration software and user to develop the software system by oneself.

—Technical parameter —

Hardware disposition: PI, DI, AI of No. 4, DO of No. 3, one bunch of mouths of No. 2 of No. 4 of No. 6.

Memory capacity: 4M.

Power supply power: 10V- 30V DC.

Consumption: Await the opportune moment in the electric current & lt; 0.1mA/12V;

Online electric current & le; 6mA/12V;

Send & le of electric current; 60mA/12V;

Real-time online average electric current & le; 10mA /12V.

Working environment: Temperature: -40- +85 ¡æ; Humidity: ≤ 95%.

Install the way: Guide type.

External dimension: 145x100x65mm.

—Observe and control the comparison of the cost of supplying power of the apparatus in the solar energy with GPRS of the general consumption —

The solar energy panel compares with cost of the storage battery

The on-the-spot apparatus overcast and rainy is supplied power by the solar energy panel + storage battery way continuously according to two weeks, as follows:

Select observing and controlling the apparatus of general consumption for use: Can charge the intersection of storage battery and capacity, choose & gt as; 65AH; The solar energy panel is chosen the power as & gt; 50W.

Select GPRS low consumption for use and observe and control the terminal station: Can charge the intersection of storage battery and capacity, choose & lt as; 12AH; The solar energy panel is chosen the power as & lt; 10W.

Other respects

The ordinary one observes and controls the apparatus, because the consumption is great, while choosing the storage battery that solar energy panel and high capacity, volume of high-power are being bigger, still know

Cause the cost-push of auxiliary equipment such as the solar energy panel support, peripheral body of shelter case, improved the difficulty of construction at the same time.

Contacts: Liu XiaoYu
Telephone: 8615930449090,13703241269, 15930953399
Fax: 860315-7746232
Web site:
Address: The national high and new technology development zone of Tangshan starts an undertaking in the centre


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