Specialized switching power supply 12v15a switching power supply 12V15A of LED bill-board

Type YXW-12V15A 180W size is 198*98*42 weight 543G

Exchange the input voltage: 110/220mc± 15%
The frequency of ac input: 47- 63Hz
Input and start the impulse current (cool hour) : 15A/230V
Input the leakage current: < 0.5mA / exchange 230V
Electric wire netting regulation factor ( When fully loaded with) : ≤ 0.5%
Load regulation: ≤ 1%
Output stability: 0.5% of the representative values
Output voltage fine setting range: ± 10%
Export the ripple ‘ At the time of resistance load) : 100mVp-p representative value
Have exported year protection: 115- 150%
Insulating strength: Input the over the ground- 1500VAC/1min
Input it to exporting- 1500VAC/1min
Export the over the ground- 500VAC/1min
Insulation resistance: >50MΩ
Holding time: The representative value is 20ms at the time of full load
The duration of ascent: The representative value is 50ms at the time of full load
Temperature coefficient: 0.02- 0.05% / ¡æ
Working ambient temperature: -10 ¡æ- + 50 ¡æ, 20%- 95% RH (have no condensation)
Store the ambient temperature: -20 ¡æ- + 85 ¡æ, 20%- 95% RH (have no condensation)
Time to failure (MTBF) : 100,000 hours
Safety standard: It accords with GB4943, UL1950, EN60950 to design
EMC standard: It accords with GB9254, EN55022 to design
Cooling form: Natural cooling
Weight: 585g

The use of the products:

Products very applicable street lamp, daylight lamp, air cleaner, LED light source lighting source, liquid crystal display, LED lamps and lanterns, lamp strip, display screen, computer chassis, safety protection, electromechanical device, digital products and instruments,etc. products, in quality guarantee period of one year, can follow the customer, the current characteristic of the voltage demands to manufacture.
Our company products find a good sale at: Lamp decoration of Taiwan, American electromechanical device, Japanese advertising lamp, LED lamp, South Korean safety and defense equipment,etc..
This power is applied to fields such as LED display screen, post and telecommunications, communication, electricity, instrument and advertisement,etc. extensively. Have surge protection; High efficiency, rising at low temperature; Overvoltage, over load, overheat protective function; Built-in EMI smoothing circuit, interferes with the characteristic such as being little, product quality is reliable, it is steady to run, unanimous favorable comment of the masses of users deeply. Through operation and development for many years, network on the market has already begun to take shape, has established one’s own system.

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Import and take the breather valve QIG of take over

Import and take the breather valve of take over
Strange to preceded Germany QIG bring take over breather valve by practitioner ordinary in skill of Chinese Shenzhen the intersection of valve and the intersection of Co., Ltd. and general agent
The research and development of Germany QIG valve produces the imported valve and standardizes standard size: DN15 is pressure grade 2000: ANSI 150lb is 2500lb Applicable temperature: -290~800 ¡æ, valve body material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, the material of internal use only: Carbon steel, stainless steel, valve seat material: PTFE, RTFE, HF operation mode: Manually, pneumatically, electronically, sell and technology serve the integrative fluid control enterprises, its product and service are in the chemical industry, markets of domain such as Shi Hua, petroleum, papermaking, steam, natural gas, mining, electricity, liquefied gas, food, pharmacy, water supply and drainage,etc. are in leading position, make the standard: National standard, morality is marked, mark in U.S.A..
Take the tube breather valve, Shenzhen takes the breather valve of take over, Germany takes the breather valve of take over, the high temperature brought the breather valve of take over, the flange brought the breather valve of take over
German QIG is strange to preceded the breather valve fixes the ventilating device on the top of the storage tank, in order to guarantee the normal state of the internal pressure of pot, prevent the inner excess pressure of the pot or ultra vacuum from making the storage tank sustain damages, can reduce the inner liquid of the pot to volatilize and loss. According to the country ” fire prevention code of petrochemical industry ” (GB50160-92) Regulation: “ The fixing of the liquid of class AB carries the pot, should set up flame damper and breather valve & rdquo; ,And the products type of our country is single, can’t also meet demands of a department of petrochemical industry, for solving problems above-mentioned, our factory and in if you can’t persuade by Beijing designing institute on head office, last new products HX series jointly. This product has the type more, complete in specifications, compact, light, ventilation is great, let out the characteristic such as being little. The products have single call valves, single-suction valve, breather valve, various structural styles can make the structure up with the fire barrier, can also formulate the required take over. This product is the outstanding one on the domestic breather valve at present, the recommended products of engineering construction of Petro-Chemical Corporation while already becoming in fact. First, coaxiality explain 1. The breather valve coaxiality is represented with HX, QIGHXF is a breather valve coaxiality of the fire retardant. 2. Classification by having take overs to suck and breathe out the mouth of type coaxiality of the breather valve
The place of production: Germany
Products brand: Germany strange to preceded & lt; QIG>
The main achievement of this kind of products: Shanghai imperial crown holiday inn, the Inner Mongol Datang Togtoh power generating Co., Ltd., the road rich Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. of Qingdao of Shandong, Yuxi cigar mill, Zhejiang Beilun harbour power plant.

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Intellectual vacuum pump

Intellectual vacuum pump (intellectual vacuscope) | Desk-top vacuum pump | Automatic vacuum pump | A vacuum pump & mdash of laboratory; — (series ANB)
Type: ANB2005
Flowrate: 0~5L/Min
Vacuum degree: 100~20KPa (absolute pressure)
Negative pressure: 0~ -80KPa
1.Integrated & ldquo; Low electromagnetic disturbance & rdquo; , & ldquo; & rdquo of long-service-life type; Parts such as miniature vacuum pump, Panel, accurate controlling circuit,etc., make up real & ldquo; Intellectual vacuum pump & rdquo; ;
2.There is & ldquo alone; Regular & rdquo; , & ldquo; Terminal & rdquo; , & ldquo; Section & rdquo; Three kinds of intellectual modes, really realize the miniature vacuum pump intellectuality, automize;
3.Vacuum degree (negative pressure) Can regulate, and pass the real-time display of liquid crystal screen in real time; The flowrate can be realized from & ldquo; 0- Instrument & rdquo of peak rate of flow; Regulate, does not need to add the valve, controlling circuit,etc. time-consumingly and strenuously again, through the long process of the test, may achieve the goal of controlling the vacuum degree, flowrate.
4.Vacuum degree (negative pressure) Variable range: 0- -80kPa (the real-time display of digitizing tablet) ; The variable range of flowrate: 0- 5L/MIN;
5.It is transmitted that pollution-free, non-maintaining; It is all right to operate continuously in 24 hours;
6.Allow medium rich moisture vapour, low energy consumption;
7.220V AC (exchange) Supply power, does not need the voltage transformer, use directly;
8.Work exquisitely, the air intake and exhaut port adopts the exquisite brass of protruding type of antiskid to connect, it is high to be able to bear the corrosion, intensity, the high, reliability of the grade is high, longe-lived;
9.Think about the customer wholeheartedly, the fittings are complete: Built-in mute, presenting 5 filters and 2 meters of silicon rubber tubes with machine, namely it is instant using to buy, it is very convenient.
10.Target: Scientific research, gas sampling, the instrument, the chemical industry analyzes, the medical treatment and health care, medical and health, biotechnology, automatically control, the customers of numerous fields such as environmental protection, water treatment.
11 miniature vacuum pumps, miniature air pump, miniature water pump, it is the sincere brand to be new, the products quality are protected for one year, and offer the after service consulted and improved before specialized selling to you.
12.Small flowrate vacuum pump | Oil-free gas sampling pump | Circulating pump of miniature gas | Walkie vacuum pump | Miniature suction pump | Miniature aspirator pump, more detailed parameter please visit website:


Consult immediately on the net:
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Online customer service, if reveal & quot; Online & quot; ,Click to can talk with we at once!
If reveal & quot; Message & quot; ,Can leave a message or send E-Mail, thanks!

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Limit location switch box ALS-500ML of the straight journey

The intersection of Wuxi and angstroms of Fils of the intersection of fluid and Intelligent controllable the intersection of instrument and frank the intersection of journey and serial the intersection of limit switch and the intersection of box and SDS series limit location switch box (the transporter of valve position) that Co., Ltd. produce ,Adopt British Sanders Company (saunders) Technology makes, but direct mount is on the angle journey or straight range selector valve, measure and reveal opening and off position of the valve through the computer or on-the-spot pilot lamp, have opening with the valve and synchronous adjustable function of off position at the same time. This product has single channels that is outputted and outputted two kinds of control types in the double-channel, adopt the microswitch that Japanese Omron OMRON Company produced, have good technical feature, quality and higher control accuracy.
The outer cover of products adopts the grade for the designing dustproofly and waterproofly of IP76. It is simple in construction and adjusting the convenient, easy characteristic of installing, handsome in appearance etc..

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Time server of the Big Dipper network

Time server of the Big Dipper network (synchronization system of the Big Dipper clock, redundant time service, hour device of GPS school) Receive outside time reference signals such as the Big Dipper satellite, GPS satellite, CDMA, SDH, PTP, IRIG-B yard, serial port,etc., through the control algorithm of the source of intellectual time, realize the intellectual switch of many time source, output the locking signal and time information of the standard of high-accuracy, high-reliability time.
The Big Dipper network time server utilizes the two-way time service function of satellites, the time synchronisation network of the whole network that it is convenient to construct the electric system, realize the time lock of the whole network, utilize the two-way communication function of satellites, can construct centralized monitoring and remote maintenance of central every factory station time synchronization system of system pair of main website, improve the operational reliability of the apparatus.
The products adopt SMT surface coating technique to produce, control with the high speed chip, have hard disk and fan design, precision high and good stability, function strong, have accumulated error and restriction, full automaticity intelligent to run the intersection of region and the intersection of climate,etc. and environmental condition, avoid operation maintenance, is suitable for the unattended operation.
Such interface forms as this product has standard RS232, RS422/485, 1PPS/PPM/PPH, IRIG-B, IEEE1588, NTP/SNTP networks that correct time, need when can meet the schools of different apparatuses, apply to fields such as electricity, finance, communication, traffic, broadcasting and TV, safety protection, petrochemical industry, water conservancy, national defence, government bodies, IT,etc. extensively.
Leading particulars of the server of time of the Big Dipper network
1,The time precision is high, reach 30nS.
2,Many kinds of satellites receive system time, two-way time service way.
3,The two-way short message communication of the satellite, the status information of running of transmitting equipment of main website centrad.
4,Redundant to receive multi-channel time such as GPS, the Big Dipper, IRIG-B yard, PTP source.
5,Modular design, the electrical isolation of the outcoming signal.
6,The device has not only realized the full-compatibility of the plate card, has offered abundant signal interface resource and open special interface design platform, possess excellent compatible ability. Can offer multi-channel pulse signal, IRIG-B signal, DCF77 signal, time the message, NTP/SNTP, PTP network time signal, meet the power plant / time service interface requirement for different apparatuses in the converting station.
7,The characteristics of complete the Big Dipper and GPS signal are monitored, chooses the primary satellite signal automatically or manually. Support the local and long-range network management, carry on remote management to the apparatus through WEB way, finish receiving messages such as the state, working condition of the apparatus, parameter setting,etc. to manage the satellite of the apparatus.
Main technical indicator of the server of time of the Big Dipper network
1,GPS receiving antenna
The aerial environment is required:
Operating temperature: -45 ¡æ- 85 ¡æ;
Store the temperature: -50 ¡æ- 90 ¡æ;
Humidity: 100%, moisture condensation;
Volume: φ 96× 126mm.
2,GPS receiver
Receiving frequency: 1575.42MHz (L1 signal) .
Receiving sensitivity: Catch <- 130dBm, tracing <- 133dBm.
The tracing at the same time: Under normal state can while tracing 8- 12 drop GPS satellite;
Not smaller than 4 satellites at the time of the cold starting of the device;
Not smaller than a satellite at the time of the hot start of the device.
Capture time: Smaller than 5min at the time of the cold starting of the device, is smaller than 1min at the time of the hot start of the device.
Internal battery: Battery type: Lithium cell;
Battery life-span: ¡Ú 25000h.
3,Power consumption: ≤ 15W.
4,Have no time between failures (MTBF) equally ≥ 70000 hours; Mean time-to-repair (MTTR) : Is not generally greater than 30 fen, life time is no less than 10 years. Needn’t be safeguarded under the normal service conditions!
5,Output time and coordinating universal time (UTC) The accuracy grade of the time lock: ≤ 0.1μ S.
6,Time keeps the punctual precision of the unit: Time keeps the crystal oscillator of unit choosing OCXO, the punctual precision is superior to 7*10-9 (0.42& mu; S/min) .
Been struck by lightning voltage, once back to dataway operation, switching field trouble, two-shot back to dataway operation and other strong interference effect, the device no faulty action.
Electrostatic discharge interference test of the device, electricity turn the intersection of impulse train and interference test, high-frequency interference test, the intersection of radiation and the intersection of electromagnetic field and interference test, damping into, shake the intersection of wave and interference test, surging wink fast ‘ Assault) The interference test accords with standard GB/T17626-1998 (testing and measurement technique of electromagnetic compatibility) And GB/T15153.1-1998 (telecontrol apparatus and the second part of system: The first of working condition: Power and electromagnetic compatibility) ,And reach grade and the above standard.
The Big Dipper network time server quotes the standard
Time synchronization system of DL/T electric system ¢ñ part : Technical regulation
Technical regulation of the synchronization system of time of electric wire netting of QB/HD01-2002 East China
Technical regulation of the synchronization system of converting station GPS time of the electric wire netting of Q/GD001.1154.3-2005 Guangdong
Common norm of the interconnected system apparatus of GJB2242-1994 hour
GJB2715-1996 national defence measures the generic term
GB/T15527-1995 ship global positioning system (GPS) Common technical condition of the receiver
Electric property of digital interface circuit of GB/T11014-1989 balanced voltages
GB/T14429-2005 telecontrol apparatus and system term (IEC TR 3 60870-1-3: 1997)
GB/T16435-1996 telecontrol apparatus and system interface (electric property)
GB/T17463-1998 telecontrol apparatus and system performance requirement
Test and measurement technique in GB/T17626-1998 electromagnetic compatibility
GB/T13926-1992 industrial process measurement and electromagnetic compatibility of controlling device
Want to understand more contents please visit company’s websiteshttp://www.tongbushizhong.com
The producer sells the time server of the Big Dipper network directly to households, the price is low, high quality! The sector application case is up to more than 10,000, choose Shanghai to present sharp, can not be wrong!

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The liquid quantitative control system Quantitative controller ORBMC51-A of the liquid

The quantitative controller product function of the liquid:
The intellectual flowrate controller is a new control instrument based on microprocessor. Instrument Yes and various digital quantity signal transducers ‘ For instance the turbine, whirlpool street, electromagnetic when flow indicator) Corollary use. Can carry on dead reckoning, quantitative control to the flowrate. Electromagnetic valve or electrical machinery in the signal control pipe line of output switch. The function can choose to presume, convenient and ocular through the key set of the faceplate.
Because has carried on the special design to the software and hardware of the instrument, has adopted the double protection measure of the software and hardware, make the instrument have very strong antijamming capability, the reliability, stability of the instrument are improved greatly.
Controller display mode: The touch-sensitive screen PLC reveals; The number reveals; Liquid crystal display
Second, technical indicator:
1, precision of the instrument: Accumulative total amount precision: ± 0.2%.
Instant amount precision: ± 1.0%.
2. Maximum reveals totally: 99999999kg ( Nm 3 , m 3 )
3 . Input signal: The pulse voltage signal of the flowrate: 1 – 5000Hz .
The impulse current signal of the flowrate: 4 – 20mA .
5. Support the power outside: A group of 12V, maximum output current 50mA
6. Electric power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, maximum work consumes 12W
7 . Work environment: Temperature: -10 – 55 ¡æ, humidity & le; 85%RH
8 . Appearance size: 300 * 400 *140

Third, LWGY liquid turbine flow transducer
Suitable for use in the pure liquid ‘ Do not include grain and string belt impurity) ,The liquid that the fluidity is good, the corrosivity is not very strong is measured, the precision is high, it is accurate to measure, also can be used for quantifying control.
Diesel oil turbine flowmeter, liquid turbine flowmeter, petrol turbine flowmeter, kerosene turbine flowmeter, liquid turbine flowmeter, lwgy series turbine flowmeter
The turbine flowmeter measures the instrument most practical in fluid-flow. Unless there are high precision on it, good stability, simple to use.,it so apply by flow measurement of every profession and trade to extensively, such as petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research field and food drinks beverage trade. Especially suitable for measuring the low-viscosity medium, such as water, petrol, diesel oil,etc.. Can be used for measuring the instant of the liquid and adding up to the flowrate with corresponding two-shot display instrument corollary use. Can also realize the quantitative Restricted Use of the industrial liquid with the corollary use of the quantitative controller. Minimum can make into DN2mm one, liquid turbine flow transducer and sum up the turbine flowmeter (the sensor) Nominal size, nominal pressure, Max pressure loss, flow-rate range,etc. technical feature last Table 1. Unit of Table 1: m3 /h Nominal Lead to foot-path Dn (mm)
Flow-rate range
Nominal Pressure PN (Mpa)
Maximum Pressure Lose ( Mpa)

Limit & plusmn of elementary error; 0.2%
Limit of intrinsic error 0.5%
Limit of intrinsic error 1.0%
Lower limit
Lower limit
Lower limit








6.3 16* 25* 25 40*







2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5

Instrument requirements and connection mode
2,4,6,10,15,20,25,32,40 adopts the screw joint; (15, 20, 25, 32, 40)50,65,80,100,125,150,200 adopts flange coupling
Accuracy class & plusmn; 0.2% R, & plusmn; 0.5% R, 1.0%
The quantum to 1:10; 1:15; 1:20
Instrument material 304 stainless steel, 316 (L) Stainless steel,etc.
Measured meidum temperature ( ¡æ) -20- + 120 ¡æ
Temperature of environmental condition – 10 – +55 ¡æ, relative humidity is 5%- 90%, atmospheric pressure 86- 106Kpa
Output the frequency signal of the signal impulse, 4-20Ma
Power supply power 3.6V lithium cell; +12VDC, +24VDC are (available)
Transmit the distance & le; 1000m

Contacts: Lu ZhaoEn
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Online humiture monitor system in Dongxing

24V AC 50/60Hz
0… 50° C (32… 122° F)
2 connect NTC temperature sensor to input
3 AI 0-10V or 4-20mA
2 AO 0-10V or 4-20mA

RS485 bus line communication, has terminal station OPA2-VC of remote operation.
Common PID control and on-off controller, can apply to any simulation, digital signal and range
Many kinds of auxiliary functions: Heating- Refrigerate in auto-switch, activates automatically, the set point and compensate etc.
Heat or refrigerate freedom according to the enthalpy value or energy-conserving function of the temperature
Many kinds of auxiliary functions: Heating- Refrigerate in auto-switch, activates automatically, the set point and compensate etc.
8 warning conditions that can be presumed freely, can choose the output state under the warning condition.
The transmission functions of input signal and set point
Cascade control
Dehumidify the function, the set point is deflected
Users have programmable parameter and control parameter to and have cryptographic protection
The electric capacity of the power backup protects the real time clock to have 48 hours
Configuration software

Heat exchanger
Fan coil unit
Turn into the flow control of wind
Air processing unit & bull;
Radiation heats
Pressure control
Constant temperature and humidity
Air blower, pump control of water
Ventilation facilities

Contacts: Mr. Shao
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Operating principle NYP of highly viscous pump of concentric type in NYP

The tooth pump is according to the demands of trades such as petroleum, chemical industry, coating, oil, medicine, dyestuffs, food,etc. in series NYP, the new displacement pump developed, because this product can choose different materials and its unique structure, so apply to different properties extensively, the medium of different degree of viscosity is sent.
The temperature of Applicable medium: -10 ¡æ- 200 ¡æ(the Applicable temperature between NYPO.78 and NYP2.3 is – 10 ¡æ- 80 ¡æ) .
The degree of viscosity of Applicable medium: 1.0cSt- 300,000cSt (the applicable degree of viscosity of NYPO.78 and NYP2.3 is 1.0cSt- 10,000cSt) .

( 1) Transport the liquid steadily, has not pulsed, it is small to shake, the noise is low.
( 2) There are very strong self-priming characteristics.
( 3) Choose the intersection of part and material correctly, can send, have caustic medium, use the temperature but 200 ¡æ while being many kinds of.
( 4) It is the same that internal and external trochanters change direction, it is small to abrade, have long performance life.
( 5) The rotational speed of the pump presents linear functional relation with the flowrate, but change and transfer appropriately to and still come to change the flowrate of the pump.
( 6) Transport of very applicable highly viscous consistency medium.

Contacts: Su JinYu
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METALWORK air cylinder / ISO6431 VDMA series series ISO6431 VDMA

METALWORK air cylinder / series ISO6431 VDMA
1.Piston rod: C45 steel or stainless steel, plate thick layer chromium
2.End cap: Press cast aluminium, cutting
3.The seal ring of piston rod: Polyurethane, NBR or FKM/FPM
4.Guide sleeve: Blue and green copper bus steel collar, embedded PTFE material
5.Shell: Aluminium alloy section, surface anodising
6.Half a piston: The self-lubrication macromolecule gets materials together, buffer the small piston, the header is the olive shape (aluminium, take PTFE seal liner, used in the bore 80-100-125)
7.Piston seal ring: Polyurethane, NBR or FKM/FPM
8.Magnetic ring: Plastic magnetic stripe
9.Static O-shape ring: NBR or FKM/FPM
10.Buffer the gasket: Polyurethane, NBR or FKM/FPM
11.Buffer the controlling valve: OT58, buffers the throttle valves to all open, can also guarantee safely
12.Screw: Tap Tite assembly

Series of products type: Whorl air cylinder of Model MICRO; The air cylinder of short runs, series SSCY; The playing air cylinder closely, series CMPC; Air cylinder series ISO6431 VDMA, A type; Defend turning back the air cylinder; There is no air cylinder of pole; There are not air cylinder of pole, piston series dual; Without air cylinder of pole, take the guide mechanism; The magnetic coupling type does not have air cylinder of pole; MINI air cylinder, stainless steel series ISO6432; Air cylinder stainless steel series ISO6431 VDMA; Circular air cylinder, stainless steel series RNDC; Playing air cylinder of belt guiding closely; The air cylinder of one pair of piston rods, series TWNC; Hydraulic retainer; Guiding mechanism; Mechanical piston rod latching unit.

Contacts: Zhang Wen
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Valve YX741 of the steady voltage that the YX741 -type variable type reduces pressure

YX741X diaphragm variable type reduces pressure the voltage regulation valve relies on one’s own energy to make outlet pressure remain stable to presume and plant, namely outlet pressure change because of inlet pressure and change of flowrate, and the intersection of valve and entrance of control system contain one clean filter screen since, utilize the fluid property, make proportion bigger having a bigger diameter suspended particle not enter the control system, guarantee the system circulates unblockedly, makes YX741X diaphragm variable type reduce pressure the voltage regulation valve can run safely and reliably.

Contacts: Ma Chao
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